How to Attract Money into Your Life – 8 Psychological Techniques

Raising money is what the universe needs to voice for in order for it to send you abundance. But can you do it convincingly? First of all, you need to declare that you believe in yourself, and you can earn as much as you need.

That’s right: you first have to believe yourself that you will achieve financial success before you start attracting money.

According to Christine Hurd, a success and leadership coach, attracting money to oneself requires a change in mindset: you should not think about what you are missing, but appreciate what is in your life.

“When you write a list of five things to be grateful for every day, you begin to see more opportunities to raise money,” explains Christine. “You will be surprised, but you will really see how people are drawn to you, and money seems to appear out of nowhere.”

COLADY invites you to familiarize yourself with 8 techniques for attracting money. They really work!

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1. The law of attraction

The Law of Attraction is your inner belief that you can get more money, and then projecting that belief from the inside out into the outside world.

First step Is giving up limiting beliefs. Forget the popular adage that money can’t buy happiness or that it doesn’t grow on trees. Instead, look at money from a different angle. It is an affordable and unlimited wealth that you can use however you want.

Second step – you need to visualize money as if you already have it, which will help you form a positive attitude and vividly imagine what your life will look like when you achieve your goals.

Last step in the law of attraction, it is the belief that the universe will give you everything you need if you learn to be grateful. In other words, you will be rewarded by the Universe for your gratitude and positive thinking.

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2. Method 333

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Ronnie Ryan, a psychologist coach for women seeking confidence and success, says her favorite way to raise money is a three-day process called Method 333.

“You write down what you want in the form of a positive affirmation in the present tense, as if it is happening now or has already happened,” says Ronnie Ryan. – For example, if you have $ 500 in debt, you can write:

“I am grateful for the extra $ 500 that allows me to pay off debt, experience abundance and relieve stress.”

Once you create your affirmation, get a feel for what your success will be. Feeling is the fuel for raising money. “

But that’s not all

“Write this affirmation 33 times a day for three days in a row, and be sure to feel your success as you do this exercise,” Ronnie explains. – I recommend starting with a smaller amount and then increasing it. For example, try attracting $ 100 or $ 500, and then announce more amounts. When it starts to work, you will believe that attraction is possible! “

The most important part of this method is to write the affirmation in the present tense (as if it has already happened and is a fait accompli) and express gratitude.

3. Natural stones

Natural stones have special properties that protect, heal, or attract love, money and happiness into your life. Orange citrine and pyrite are commonly used to raise money.

Keia Murthy, a hypnotherapist and spiritual guru, advises placing eight stones in a circle like a clock face. In the center of the circle, place a picture or handwritten letter that says what you need the money for. Such a circle of stones should be kept in a closed place, away from prying eyes.

“Approach this circle as often as you see fit. Meditate in front of him. Bring flowers and incense to the stones and treat them with respect and love, says Keia Murti. “Gradually, your request will begin to come true.”

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Be sure to rinse the stones under running water and remember to recharge them every month, preferably at new moon, to increase their strength and energy.

4. Say monetary affirmations

This, by the way, is a powerful way to convince the Universe that you will definitely get money and find prosperity. Again, you must first change your mindset and believe that you are worthy of success and wealth.

Then you must visualize money and adopt the abundance mindset, which is the mindset of a happy and contented person.

Here are some examples of the most powerful and effective affirmations:

  • Wealth constantly comes into my life.
  • I’m a money magnet.
  • There is no limit to the money I can earn.
  • I raise money every day.
  • I am financially secure.

According to Stacy BremnerAs a marriage counselor, focusing on your mental health and feeling happy and fulfilled every day should also be part of your practice.

“Believing that our wishes are heard and are being worked on is key because sometimes results can appear months later,” says Stacey. – An unexpected gift is great too! The universe never ceases to amaze me with its creative approaches to my requests. “

5. Method 369

This method is based on the so-called sacred numbers 3, 6 and 9, which are considered the key to the universe. It consists of three simple steps:

  1. Write your goal (or focus) 3 times.
  2. Write your intention 6 times.
  3. Write the specific action you want to take 9 times.
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Your focus will be on the money, your intention is to get more, and the action is to put money in your bank account, for example.

6. Method 5 × 55

The 5×55 technique works similarly to the previous methods. You should focus only on your request (attract money into your life) and focus exclusively on it. Write down what you want to get 55 times within 5 days.

If during these five days, you also constantly see the numbers of angels around you, such as 111, 222, 333 or 1111 (say, on the clock), then the fulfillment of your request is already very close.

7. Water method

This technique is based on the energy of water and is believed to help attract money, career, success, health and healing. You will need two glasses to complete this ritual.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Fill the first glass with water and write your current reality on it with a marker (or stick a sticker to the glass). If you want to raise money, write down how much money you currently have in your bank account.

The second glass is empty and you can mark it as “desired reality” (what amount are you aiming for).

  1. Take a glass of current reality and hold it in your hand. Concentrate for a while on the feeling that your wish has already been fulfilled.
  2. Then pour the contents of this glass into the glass of the desired reality and drink the water while thinking about your desire.

The whole process takes about three minutes and really works wonders. At least you can check it for yourself.

8. Method 10-10-10

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This ritual will give you back a positive attitude and help you focus on your goals for the future.

You will need to perform a number of the following actions:

  1. Take a pen and a piece of paper and make three lists, numbered 1 through 10.
  2. On the first list, write the 10 things you need the most.
  3. On the second list, write down 10 things you have and are grateful for.
  4. On the third list, write down 10 of your favorite activities, and they can be anything from hobbies to daily activities.

You can use this method to awaken a positive and optimistic attitude towards money in yourself, and then the Universe will help you with your request and send it to you.

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