How to become a queen: the habits of royalty

They say that if you practice this or that new action for 21 days, it will turn into a habit. That, in turn, becomes “second nature”, that is, it is capable of radically changing life. What needs to be done to feel like no less – a queen? And try to introduce into your life the habits that were possessed by the most real persons of royal blood.

Bologny magazine has prepared 3 of the most interesting and completely feasible options for becoming a queen.

1. Forbearance and discipline are the keys to the success of Catherine II

Catherine II
Catherine II
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Perhaps thanks to the popular television series, many people think that success came to our empress as a result of the correct choice of favorites. Well, worthy and powerful, these men really played an important role both in the life of the woman herself and on the scale of the whole state.

However, the key to the personal success of Matushka Catherine, who allowed her to attract strong and worthy personalities, I would call her character. The Empress did not allow herself to bask in bed until noon. According to the memoirs of contemporaries, Her Majesty got up early in the morning, at about 5 or 6 o’clock. An exceptionally healthy habit that gives time for a good breakfast, sports exercises (they were also not alien to the empress) and provides increased performance. Most likely, Catherine fell asleep, barely touching the floor with her head – so the problems with high-quality and sound sleep were solved by themselves.

The empress’s taste preferences were reasonable and, perhaps, would deserve the approval of modern nutritionists. So, Catherine II loved boiled beef, jelly and fruit drink with currants. An abundance of “non-dietary” dishes appeared on the table only for guests – well, position and imperial prestige obliged.

But let others mindlessly fill their stomachs, becoming heavier in figure and overgrown with numerous sores. Catherine observed a clear daily routine, practiced sensible nutrition, was a fan of walking and horseback riding, and dancing.

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2. Sport is no stranger to the crown

Yes, exercise in one form or another is loved by many royalty. For example, Jetsun Pema Wangchuk, Queen of Bhutan – a country located between India and Tibet – prefers basketball. During her school years, she was even the captain of the school sports team.

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle regularly practices yoga and meditation. They say that the Queen of England received Megan quite warmly – despite the critical attitude of many people towards her. Maybe you felt a kindred spirit in her? Elizabeth II the second herself is very fond of sports, she is engaged in horse riding. Do not rush to grimace with displeasure with the reproachful “have you seen the prices for horseback riding?” It’s not about a specific sport, but about the attitude towards life as such.

Just imagine – the queen is 95 years old! But she overcomes fatigue, sends away ailments with a majestic gesture – and over and over again sits in the saddle. Think about this when you start thinking about whether to go for your morning run today or skip it. And don’t think that running is unaristocratic. Beatrice of York ran a marathon, sending the proceeds to a charitable foundation.

Horseback Riding
Elizabeth II with US President Ronald Reagan, June 8, 1982
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About Cale Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, The Daily Mail wrote that her athletic training is “almost army”. But the woman does not like horse riding, however, she completely replaces horses with tennis, water polo and other “activities”.

3. Gratitude and a sense of humor are the basics of peace of mind

Not only the body should work, but also the soul – then the development of a person will be harmonious, and the forward movement will be unchanged. The age of the internet and social media has been overshadowed by the unfortunate phenomenon of cheating. Many people are genuinely upset when criticized, but the Queen of England is having fun.

Yes, Elizabeth II with great humor and self-irony refers to all those cartoons and caricatures of her and the entire royal family, which the Internet space is full of. She does not waste time in anger, preferring to channel it into gratitude. Every evening Her Majesty writes letters to people who have done something nice for her. By the way, even science has proven that gratitude can reduce stress, improve sleep and health, and increase life expectancy.

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