How to become a real estate agent

A real estate agent is a specialist who picks up and buys real estate and then sells or exchanges it. The real estate agent’s job is not easy. Consider what it takes to become a professional in your field.

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How and where real estate agents work – professional responsibilities

Most real estate agents are in private practice and work for themselves in a private company. They also have to be entrepreneurs. Less often, but still, there are specialists whose place of work is a real estate agency, or an investment company, or any other organization whose activities are related to real estate transactions.

To imagine who an agent is, you need to know what he does.

The duties of a realtor include:

  1. Collecting information about real estate that is rented or sold.
  2. Studying the real estate market, determining the demand for certain housing.
  3. On behalf of clients, negotiates the sale, purchase, lease.
  4. Conducts a survey of sites where ads can be located.
  5. Registers offers that may come from customers.
  6. Looking for buyers for a specific
  7. He is also looking for tenants for any real estate.
  8. Introduces clients to the proposals, offers them the most profitable and most suitable option.
  9. Concludes contracts with homeowners and formalizes all transactions with real estate.
  10. Consults clients on all issues that have arisen.
  11. Represents the interests of clients, stores documents submitted for the transaction, ensures the safety and confidentiality of data.
  12. Is engaged in drawing up reports on the work done.

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The pros and cons of being a real estate agent today

In the modern world, the profession of a real estate agent is widespread.

The thing is that it has many advantages:

  1. Free work schedule. As a rule, specialists can start their working day at lunchtime or even in the evening, because many meetings with clients take place after 17-18 hours. Such work is especially suitable for mothers with children. They can plan the day to spend time with family and work.
  2. High wages. The salary does not depend on the employer, who can find an argument and underpay the money you owe, but on you, on the number of transactions made.
  3. The ability to organize a workplace close to home.
  4. Lack of routine. Each specialist will be able to draw up an agreement and conduct a deal.
  5. New acquaintances and contacts will appear.
  6. Communication with people.
  7. There are no age restrictions for the employee – pensioners can also engage in real estate.
  8. The opportunity to become a real estate professional.
  9. Possibility of taking advanced training courses.
  10. You can retrain as a realtor to a specialist in any other field.

There are also downsides to being a real estate agent:

  1. There is no fixed salary.
  2. The search for clients is done with great difficulty.
  3. Earnings from the first or second transaction do not come immediately – after a month.
  4. Negative attitude from clients, as if realtors can cheat.
  5. There is no mark in the work book.

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Perhaps the specialists who were able to go through the first six months of difficult work can confirm that it will be easier further. As the contact database will expand over time, there will be more clients, and some deals will fall on you.

How to Become a Real Estate Agent – Training or Courses?

In order to become a specialist in the field of sales, rental, exchange of real estate, one should undergo training.

What kind of education does a realtor need?

  • Higher education

Of course, Russia is full of universities that teach the skill of a real estate agent, but not everyone can have a higher education. There are many reasons, lack of funds, lack of time, etc. Having a higher education diploma for a realtor is cool, but the main thing is to remember that you can sit at your desk for a couple of years and never learn anything. A diploma in private practice is not important for an agent.

  • Secondary education

The same as the highest. If you have the money and time to complete your studies, you can devote a few years to college.

  • Distance learning in institutes, colleges, technical schools

Once again, after completing the training, you will receive a diploma.

  • Agency courses

Many real estate agencies run courses on their own and even free of charge, in which you can study. As a rule, successful candidates will be able to get a job in the future in the same agency and not worry about employment.

  • Courses, seminars, trainings in companies, corporations and organizations dealing with real estate operations

As a rule, they are taught by knowledgeable people who have achieved success in this area. Companies run courses to educate newcomers and at the same time raise the qualifications of seasoned employees. Many trainings and seminars are paid, but after listening to them you will receive a certificate confirming your skills and abilities.

  • Training centers

After completing paid courses, you will become the owner of a certificate, which will indicate that you have been assigned the profession of a realtor or real estate agent.


Summarize: education is not important for a real estate specialist. You can work without it. The main thing is to show yourself in practice, to recommend yourself as a professional. The above organizations will help you to develop your skills and abilities. Focus on such courses, seminars, trainings, the topics of which you do not know. So you can not only get a crust of a specialist, but also really learn the skill of this difficult business.

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Professional qualities and skills of a successful real estate agent

A realtor must be a versatile person.

He must be and be able to:

  1. As a lawyer – to resolve legal issues related to the correct execution of documents and transactions.
  2. An economist – to predict the rate of growth in the cost of housing, to consider offers on the real estate market, to determine the demand for any object.
  3. A psychologist – to be able to find a common language with clients, to determine the needs of each person, as well as to convince him and be able to defend his point of view.
  4. An advertiser – to sell a property to a specific buyer, create and write exclusive ads, determine the type of advertising required for the audience (outdoor advertising, in the media, on the Internet, etc.).

Additional, but still important, are the following skills:

  • Organization of work on the computer.
  • Ability to use technology – printer, scanner, fax.
  • Know foreign languages.
  • Have a car and know how to drive it.

To determine if you can handle the job of a real estate agent, take a look at personal qualities that a specialist in this field should have:

  1. Responsible.
  2. Organized.
  3. Well-mannered.
  4. Persevering.
  5. Sociable.
  6. Resistant to stress.
  7. Purposeful.
  8. Operational.
  9. Persistent, but in moderation.
  10. Creative and creative.

Real estate agent career, how much does he earn

A realtor’s career directly depends on your own ambitions and aspirations. There are no promotions here. But there is a definition of “horizontal career”, which means not only professional and personal growth, but also financial and reputation.

As you rise above the competitive real estate companies, you will see not only the number of clients grow, but also your income. Typically, if you work for an agency, then you get paid a certain percentage of the deals you make. In the event that you are a private entrepreneur, you can earn more – your profit will only be yours.

The average salary of a real estate agent in Russia is 50-60 thousand rubles. This is the minimum that good specialists can get. Statistics show that realtors in St. Petersburg earn about 66 thousand rubles a month, and Muscovites – 57 thousand rubles. There are also record figures in the regions. For example, real estate agents in the Rostov region and the Khabarovsk Territory receive 90-93 thousand rubles each. monthly.

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