How to become attractive to men – advice from a psychologist

“Belief in yourself is your trump card. Shine with happiness and you will be irresistible! Fill your soul with joy and you will become damn attractive. Trust me, kindness and benevolence sparkle brighter than the most precious jewels! “ – Rafaella Giordano.

What is attractiveness in terms of psychology?

In terms of terminology, attractiveness means a set of properties and qualities that attract positive attention and form the desire for contact.

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Attractiveness creates a fertile ground for acquaintance and communication and largely shapes social success. There are two types of attractiveness:

  • general;
  • individual.

The general attractiveness includes what is relevant at the moment in terms of:

  • fashion;
  • demeanor;
  • speech;
  • communication style;
  • appearance.

Individual attractiveness is the “set of qualities” that is valuable for each individual person. Hence, the variety of tastes and preferences forms a unique image of a person attractive to you personally.

Are they born or become attractive?

Nature arranged it so that a child, being born, becomes an object of attraction for his parents. He constantly attracts their attention, although objectively parents cannot explain why they so want to kiss his little heels and be around all the time.

This natural attractiveness of the child to the parents ensures his survival and is an important mechanism for adapting to the environment.

How to become attractive to men - advice from a psychologist
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As he grows and develops, a person is formed as a person, and unique traits of his character and appearance appear in him. Here already begins the area of ​​responsibility of the person himself: whether he will become attractive to others and to himself.

Female attractiveness – myths and reality

There is a persistent stereotype that female attractiveness is long hair and a short skirt. This image, of course, has its own charm, but this is rather one of the possible options for how a woman can attract attention to herself.

An important point is the quality of attention itself, its duration and intensity. A short skirt will draw attention for a short moment. The question is – what’s next?

It seems that female attractiveness is something more complex and deeper than external attributes. This:

  • sight;
  • smile;
  • gait;
  • mood;
  • openness;
  • kindness;
  • sincerity;
  • sensuality, etc.

All this forms an object of attraction in a woman.

Laws of attraction

How to activate sensuality and attractiveness in yourself without understanding the energy component of the image “Woman magnet”?

No way. Everything is energy. Hence the conclusion: in order to change something, you need to know where to start. And you need to start, of course, with energy. What is a woman filled with? What is she broadcasting to the world? How she sees herself and others?

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Take a close look at yourself and ask yourself the following questions:

  • “What am I feeling now? “
  • What i want now? “

Be honest, the quality of your changes depends on it. Sincerity is not only useful, it is also very attractive.

Begin to admit to yourself everything that you are experiencing, and if you find shame and guilt in yourself, distance yourself from them, because these emotions are dysfunctional.

Behind them is toxic criticism from others and self-criticism. Give yourself the right to be imperfect, wrong, alive, real, not glossy mannequins.

It is here that your naturalness will manifest itself – that magnet that attracts people close to you in spirit.

Sensuality manifests itself on the foundation of sincerity and naturalness. Sensuality is the free expression of one’s emotions, acceptance of oneself and others, it is freedom of self-expression, not in spite of something and not as a protest.

There is no love without sensuality. We can show sensuality through the body:

  • gait;
  • gestures;
  • facial expressions.
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It is a strong flow of energy that can be blocked by pinching and stiffness in parts of the body.

Dances do a great job with this. It is not at all necessary to sign up for group classes; you can get into the habit of dancing every morning after waking up in front of the mirror. For yourself.

Observe your movements, allow emotions that may arise during dance movements. Free improvisation is at the heart of Body Oriented Therapy, which is beautifully liberating and teaches a person to respect their feelings and their body.

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