How to Become Queen for Husband – Secrets of a Married Woman

Cool statement of the question: how to become a queen for your man? If she responded to you, you are on the way to getting the formula for an ideal union, since along with the answer to the question posed, you will receive one more: how to make your man a king, well, or at least a millionaire (if this, of course, fits into your painting “ideal”)?

The fact is that the road towards each other is always with a reverse movement. It would seem that in this situation we should both strive for the same goal in order to achieve it, but in life it happens so often that not everyone in a pair looks in the same direction. And I’ll make a reservation right away that this is absolutely normal. You don’t have to look like Siamese twins. If this is the case, you will most likely need the help of a specialist, since any deviation from the intended path will be perceived by you as painful, as a betrayal.

The good news is that you don’t have to be moving in one direction at all to be happy and successful. The short algorithm of actions is as follows: you change – your environment changes. You become a queen – your spouse is also pulled up to the level of a king. Isn’t it inspiring? Let’s sort it out in order.

All women are like women, and I am a queen

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With this status, it is important that the crown does not sting you. This is about inflated self-esteem or perfectionism. The opposite extreme is the fear, in principle, to think about trying on this crown. And what about the crown? Let’s think and decide right here and now: what kind of queen does your husband need? And if this thought is not yet inspiring, because the other half itself does not reach the king: what kind of queen do you want to be yourself?

Make yourself comfortable: inhale, exhale, internal attitude to relaxation and immersion in the world of dreams and fantasies. Allow yourself everything that is impossible, imagine yourself to be perfect in the smallest detail: your appearance, clothing, style, image, thinking, environment, etc. Allow yourself to get closer to this fictional character and even merge with him, feel how comfortable or uncomfortable you are in this new role. This is an important point – to understand how much it is yours or imposed from the outside. Very often we cannot do this due to internal resistance. More on this later.

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And I want and inject

The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, was the first to talk about the so-called psychological defense mechanisms (MPS), which are turned on at the most inopportune moment when we want changes for the better, but in fact we ourselves sabotage them. Why?

Because that’s how our brains work. In short and clear, he tries to maintain the comfort zone in which we are (even if it is a swamp with a bog) and to convince us that this is exactly what we need, if only because it is familiar and safe.

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Resistance to therapy is a tipping point. You don’t need to be afraid of him, he needs to rejoice like a prenatal contraction, sorry for naturalism. We all know that the most valuable thing is born in fights and struggles – a child. A qualitatively new life is born in the throes or labors of resistance. Having climbed to the top of resistance and overcoming this pass, it will be easier for you to move towards achieving your goal, if only because it is conditional, following the image, downhill, down.

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I’m ready, what’s next?

Oh, how you want to play along in this paragraph and write down the points: to become a queen for your husband, you need the first, second, third and voila. But alas. Easy ways are only in Insta-lure, and if you count how much time and money women spend on it, it’s worth thinking about. I’ll answer right away – why marathons and programs do not always work with everyone or have a short-term effect. This is a mass product; it cannot take into account your individual characteristics and control the very inventories that are included in this work.

An individual approach is much more effective, but even here you need to understand that even working in tandem with a specialist, you work on your own, on your own.

To turn from a Cinderella into a princess, it is not enough to change a dress – this, by the way, is one of the key thoughts of the tale of the same name by S. Perrot. At midnight, all this ostentatious beauty will turn into rags. Not just like that. In addition to appearance, you need to change your thinking, grow to that level of self-awareness in order to feel your I, your boundaries, grow up enough to come into opposition with the evil stepmother-fate, who deprived you of the right to happiness and defend it.

We draw conclusions. Your happiness, like the royal crown, is also in your hands, or rather, your brains. Turn them on and, for a start, more often reconcile the crown, straighten your posture and do not knock out corners in the direction of travel.

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The most important parting word

What is the most important word in the question “How to become queen for your husband?“. If you thought well and answered correctly, then this is the possessive pronoun “your”, or in this case “your”. Do not forget about this and remember more often: you were already a queen for your husband, because once he chose you for this very reason.

Men listen to the same fairy tales in childhood as we do, so your prince probably also subconsciously saved you from a villain or conquered you in a knightly tournament before putting on a wedding tiara on his head. Do so, create such conditions that he conquers you always, every day. For boys, this is important, but we remember that inside any large alpha male there is a small boy. You will find an approach to it, and it is yours forever inside and outside.

Another thing is that all fairy tales end with the words “and they lived happily ever after,” without revealing the essence of real survival in everyday life, including royalty.

It is obvious, however, that if you plan to maintain your status under the king, it is important for you to live up to it and understand how to preserve and support your marriage. A bundle on the head, elongated knees on the pants and a sullen face are not the most inspiring image, which, alas, accompanies us more often through life than we would like. I am not suggesting that you get up at 5 in the morning to be at the parade when your husband wakes up, although I personally know such “royals” and this is also a working scheme. For starters, try to wear at least a smile instead of make-up and outfits. This is already a huge step towards a family idyll. Adherents of smile therapy, by the way, assure that even an artificial, but long-lasting smile deceives the brain and improves the mood of its owner. What can we say about those to whom she is addressed. They won’t resist.

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What does happiness and royal status have to do with it? Indeed, not all kings and queens are happy from history. But you write your own, so down with outdated beliefs! Burn them and rewrite them again, in a positive way: I allow myself to be a queen, rich and happy, inspiring my knight to feats for my sake, the salvation of the world and our common good.

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