how to behave in the cinema and what clothes to choose

Despite the appearance of television, cassettes, discs and the Internet, going to the cinema is still a common form of leisure, because it is not easy watching a movie on the big screen, but also a kind of “going out to people”.

And of course, like any appearance in a public place, going to the cinema requires us to observe certain rules of decency. Do you remember all the subtleties and nuances of behavior in the cinema? We talked about this with etiquette expert Albina Kholgova and figured out how to behave in the cinema and what clothes to choose.

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Basic rules of conduct in cinema

The first thing we come across when we come to the cinema is the nearby cafes offering food and drinks. The temptation to crunch popcorn in the hall is very great, but is it worth doing?

Bologny: Albina, is it allowed by etiquette to take any food, drinks to eat during the session. If so, what exactly?

Albina: According to the science of good taste, you can eat as much candy as possible in a movie theater. There should be no chips, popcorn, or hamburgers in the cinema. All these products (their crunch, smell) cause discomfort to others. From drinks, ideally – water.

Bologny: What are the basic rules of behavior of a cultured person while watching a movie?

Albina: Sitting in the hall, you should go to your seats facing the seated. Do not chatter or whisper. A well-mannered person always cares about the comfort of others.

Bologny: We almost always take our phone with us. And what about him at the cinema? Is it ok to use gadgets while watching movies or answering calls?

Albina: In the movies, you need to put the phone in a completely silent mode so that it does not even buzz. Set the screen brightness to a minimum so that the display of the gadget does not distract anyone from the screen.

Thus, the basic principle of behavior in cinema is to try to cause as little inconvenience to others as possible, to remember that you are not alone. And even when going to watch a movie with your friends or a loved one, you cannot arrange noisy fun in the hall that interferes with the rest of the audience. It is better to leave all comments and discussion of the picture for later.

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What clothes are suitable for going to the movies

What we are wearing plays an equally important role. Despite the fact that it is dark in the hall, do not forget that you are going to a public place, which means that the rules of etiquette must be observed. We talked about this with our expert stylist Julia Klyukvina.

Bologny: What is the etiquette for a girl to dress for a movie to make a good impression on a date?

Julia: If we are talking about etiquette, then a girl, of course, should dress elegantly. It is better to prefer an extreme mini a skirt or dress, ten centimeters above the knee, or a midi. A win-win heel is seven centimeters, but not twelve. On the latter, there is a risk of becoming vulgar. Decollete etiquette does not prohibit, but still, when we go to the cinema, it should not be very deep.

Another important nuance regarding clothing – it should be as comfortable as possible, so as not to interfere with you while watching a movie, and also should not rustle and shine, that is, in any way interfere with other viewers.

Image 1. Reformation skirt, Ba & Sh, Michael Michael Kors, ROTATE top, Pinko, Fendi handbag, NEOUS sandals, Brinker & Eliza necklace, Laura Lombardi earrings.

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Image 2. GANNI dresses, Luisa Cerano sweater, Jimmy Choo boots, Coup De Coeur and Dsquared2 chokers.

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Image 3. Hudson jeans, Pinko blouse, Totême shirt, Just Cavalli top.

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Image 4. Denimist jeans, Forte Forte pants, Etro shirt, Nk blouse, ballet flats, bag, Emilio Pucci belt.

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Image 5. Skirts, T-shirts, GANNI shirt, Converse sneakers, Marsèll boots.

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