How to breathe correctly to lose weight in the abdomen and hips

At the age of 40, I decided to start losing weight, as my whole life was full and ashamed of my body. Now I am 58 and 15 of them I teach and help women to become slim, energetic and attractive.

I have a story to tell. I became three sizes smaller and 12 kg less than when I was young. How to breathe correctly to lose weight in the abdomen and hips, I will describe below.

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Everything that burns is considered fuel

In the human body, the highest quality fuel is fat (or lipids). The extra oxygen that my clients put into their bodies through aerobic respiration helps them oxidize or burn this premium fuel.

Yes, during the sessions, lipids are broken down and fat deposits are eliminated in those places where they have accumulated the most.

Doctors have long discovered that on stomach, thighs, buttocks and the upper part of the legs lie two, and sometimes three layers of fat!

The most annoying thing is that each of them has different metabolic properties, and therefore losing weight in such places is very difficult.

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And with diets, these three levels of fat are nearly impossible to remove. I already wrote in one of the articles about the types of fat and the reasons for its appearance.

But here’s what’s interesting. The conclusions reached by Australian scientists from New South Wales will certainly delight those who dream of being slim, but do not want to play sports and diet. Losing pounds, it turns out, is as natural for us as, for example, breathing.

People lose weight by breathing!

Australian scientists argue that the lungs are the main internal organ through which we lose weight, and that more than 80% of fat leaves our body due to the fact that we breathe.

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In the presence of oxygen, fat “burns” well

What else happens in the body when exposed to oxygen? There, for example, arteries, veins and capillaries are strengthened, nerve fibers, muscles and blood vessels become healthier and stronger.

In other words, with each lesson, a woman becomes healthier, sturdier and more energetic.

Let’s talk about what interests you the most – a thin waist, a flat tummy, strong hips and buttocks.

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In terms of fat management, proper breathing with the ElenaBodyFlex method gives excellent results. Many women share their achievements and victories because they got what they dreamed of.

For a long time, no one could figure out the secret of how to get rid of fatty deposits and cellulite in “problem areas” (we do not take into account surgical methods).

We are very lucky! We have a real way that gives one hundred percent results in “burning” fat and eliminating cellulite.

What exactly happens in diaphragmatic breathing time?

And the following happens. Enriching “problem areas” with oxygen in combination with isometric, isotonic and stretching postures helps to gradually “melt” fat accumulations.

Clients receive confirmation of all this in practice – when they become slimmer right before their eyes.

You, too, can get rid of excess fat well and beautifully by doing the exercises that I gave in the articles for only 20 minutes! No strict diets and hours of training.

5 main mistakes that prevent you from losing weight while playing sports

I am sometimes approached by women who bought a gym membership in order to lose weight, but in fact they only increase their size and weight.

Why is this happening?

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Today I will tell you in detail about 5 main mistakes:

  1. The key word in weight loss is metabolism. In order to start losing weight, you need to speed it up. In gyms, people breathe anaerobically. When you have shallow breathing, you don’t get enough oxygen into your bloodstream. And he, as you know, “burns” fat.
  2. Therefore, by exercising vigorously, people build muscle under a layer of fat. In this case, the fat itself goes away slowly. Exercising, you can build muscles, increase their volume. In this case, the body also becomes wider and heavier. People don’t pay attention to metabolism.
  3. Not enough time for stretching. In order to become slim, sometimes you just need to stretch the inflated, thick muscles. They will get longer, which means you will wear smaller clothes.
  4. Sports activities after 12.00 noon are three times less effective. If you go in for sports, say, at 7 pm, it means that until that time nothing happened to the body. The whole day it was in a “sleepy” state and only in the evening “woke up”. This does not work for weight loss.
  5. They forget about the stomach and appetite. Nobody pays attention to the fact that with any physical activity it is important to reduce the volume of the stomach. Unfortunately, people forget about this important condition for losing weight. After all, people go to the gym several times a week, and eat several times a day.

How to start breathing correctly? Practical advice for every morning

  • 30 minutes before breakfast, sit on the edge of a chair, lower your shoulders, place one palm on your chest and the other on your lower abdomen.
  • Take 10 calm deep breaths in and out so that the hand on the chest does not move, and only the muscles of the lower abdomen are working.
  • Try diaphragmatic breathing to relax and reduce appetite with me.

If you live an incomplete life: when your mind, your breath and your body are beyond your control – what kind of success in life can we talk about? “ – Sadhguru.

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