How to calculate the number of life paths in numerology

The ancient sages said: “Not knowing yourself, you are doomed to further suffering in the material world, which is a prison for the soul.“.

This dictum is the best fit for our topic – “Destination”.

Now they talk and write a lot on this topic. There are many different interpretations and concepts, but they all boil down to the fact that this is a person’s path, the very correct one, when his soul develops and becomes full.

What is the purpose of a person

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Purpose is the strategic tasks for which a person was born in order to walk the most correct path in life. This is a kind of compass that shows the correct direction vector of the path. Each person has his own – the only and correct one.

This is also the level of the soul, and it has nothing to do with the choice of profession. Your soul has come to this world with its own task, the ultimate goal of which is to find unconditional and supreme love.

The purpose does not need to be looked for far away. It is there as long as you exist.

You were already born with your programs and past experiences. Therefore, you will not be able to do it any other way.

However, can you say for sure that you are fulfilling your destiny?

Signs that you are on the right track

Times have changed. More and more people are not just asking themselves a question “Who I am and what I am for”, but they are also actively trying to find their place in life. They try themselves in a new profession, get a new education, start life from scratch.

And someone goes through a hobby and their hobbies through trial and error, filling their bumps.

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If you go according to your destination, then you will not confuse it with anything, since it has the following signs:

  1. You can do your job both in sorrow and in joy. And you always enjoy it.
  2. You will constantly develop in your favorite area. You will always want to find something new.
  3. You will want to connect with people of your kind and similar interests.
  4. You will be happy to share your knowledge and work results with people. It would never occur to you to envy those who have become richer or smarter than you.
  5. What you do will never get bored. The mere thought of him gives you strength and your arms are already stretching out by themselves. Your passion infects and energizes. Your business is like a drug that you want more and more over time.
  6. It always brings income, because people are intuitively drawn to the “Master”.

The moment you realize that you have found what you were looking for, you will become whole, having found the meaning of life. You stop being a grain of sand in a huge desert and start creating yourself, your story.

You may feel at this moment that someone took you by the hand and led you from action to action, from action to action, from result to result.

You will no longer have a question of choice – you will simply know and realize with your heart and soul that you are walking the right path, which was shown to you by your compass.

How to find out your destination thanks to numerology

There is a calculation by date of birth about a person’s purpose. To do this, add up all the numbers in the date of birth and reduce the amount to one-digit number.

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For instance:

  1. 2 + 3 + 0 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 5 = 34
  2. 3 + 4 = 7

7 – will be your destination number.

It is also called Life Path Number (Zhp), Space Passport.

Interpretation of the Life Path Number

Now let’s look at small interpretations of the meaning of each of the NPLs.

ZHP 1… Self-confidence will be the key to the success of this number. The main task is self-control, initiative, independence, to attract people to oneself, self-confidence, to be a leader, leader, manager.

ZHP 2. The main task is to learn how to cooperate, since you are a team player and you cannot cope alone, find harmony in yourself and in the environment, be punctual in everything, smooth out conflicts.

ZHP 3… They are creative people, they do everything with love, they love fun. The main task is not to be scattered over trifles, to learn heartfelt communication, not to be lonely, since you are a team player.

ZHP 4… The main task is to learn to live in the material world, to accept it and not to struggle with its framework, to bring your affairs to the end (these are strong workaholics, conservatives), to live according to a plan, thought out, correctly and orderly. You make good managers and politicians.

ZHP 5. These are very freedom-loving people and they cannot be limited by frames. Movement is life for you. The main task is to bring the work started to the end, since everything is interesting to you, and you are always looking for something new, forgetting about the old. The most dangerous thing for you is to waste your inner potential.

ZHP 6… The main task is service, balance, responsibility, love for one’s neighbor, having a family (this is very important!), Helping other people (an innate ability).

PNP 7. The main task is to learn to trust your intuition and develop to the highest wisdom, learn to be alone with yourself, calm your mind, always learn something, learn new things, as they can go into depression.

ZHP 8… The main task is to learn and live in harmony of the material and spiritual world, to learn to respect money, to be responsible to oneself and to relatives, to help people. It will be good if you go all the way from the bottom line to the manager, since a lot has been given to you and a lot is asked.

ChGP 9. The main task is to develop benevolence, to be able to serve others and learn to help people, to be compassionate and merciful. You are one of those people who seek and know themselves and serve others through help. There are a lot of esotericists, psychologists.

This is only part of what a person needs for his journey through life, destiny. And this is just the way, and all the nuances will be shown by the full date of birth, full name, birthday itself.

There is a main point: if you have a health situation for the worse, it means that everything is not so smooth with your purpose.

If you want to know more about yourself and fully understand who you are and why you came to this land, then I invite you for a consultation.

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