How to care for lips in winter – 10 beautician tips

In winter, the lips need to be looked after more thoroughly than in summer. In cold weather, the delicate skin of the lips is prone to dryness, cracking, irritation, peeling, which, of course, affects the general appearance of a woman, her mood and well-being.

How should you care for your lips in winter to avoid the above problems? By the beautician COLADY.

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The skin on the lips, as well as on the eyelids, is very thin, delicate and easily vulnerable. Due to the fact that it does not have any subcutaneous fatty tissue, it can dry out very quickly and, as a result, age.

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General rules for lip skin care in winter

  1. High quality hygienic lipstick lipstick or lip balm should always be with you – use them even at home to moisturize the delicate skin of your lips. It is advisable to choose a lipstick with SPF protection, even in the winter season.
  2. It is not recommended to use lip gloss and liquid lipsticks in cold weather.… In its composition, it has a wax or a gel base, capable of hardening very quickly in cold air, and as a result – dry the skin of the lips, tighten it and intensify the formation of wrinkles.
  3. Contrary to popular advice – when brushing your teeth, massage your lips with a brush – don’t do it… The skin of the lips is very delicate, and the brush is too rough and can easily injure it.
  4. There is a special lip diet. For lips to maintain their tone and natural moisture, it is necessary to eat foods rich in fiber. Nutritionists recommend figs, pumpkin, and avocado.
  5. To maintain the tone of the skin of the lips – as well as for the tone of the skin of the whole body – it is necessary to observe the drinking regime even in winter. That is, drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.
  6. The bad habit of smoking does not paint your lips… Not only does the skin of the lips turn yellow and dry under the influence of harmful substances and smoke, varicose nodules can appear on it, or, even worse, a tumor.
  7. Avoid super long-lasting lipsticks in winter. – they contain substances that contribute to dry lips.
  8. It is necessary to take care of the lips every day, several times a day, in summer and winter.… In winter, lip care should be more thorough and include products that resist frost.
  9. For daily lip care, you can use brewed green tea bag… Cool the bag to room temperature and rub your lips with it, while the tea dries on your lips by itself. This will return a bright color to the lips, improve their blood circulation and give hydration and elasticity to delicate skin.
  10. Even after your lipstick disappears from your lips with daily makeup, you should cleanse the skin of the lips from lipstick residues. It is better to do this with a cotton pad coated with olive or castor oil.

If your chapstick or lip balm can’t deal with the problems you experience on your lips on cold days, it’s time to use stronger products.

Chapped lips in winter – what to do, how to quickly heal chapped lips?

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  • Lip balm. Melt the beeswax in a water bath – 1 teaspoon. Add a tablespoon of chamomile broth, a teaspoon of petroleum jelly and cocoa butter each. Stir well, remove from water bath and beat until mixture turns into a thick ointment. This homemade balm can be used to lubricate lips at night, as well as before going out into the cold and after returning from the street.
  • With strong weathering, more often lubricate your lips with greasy sour cream or cream.
  • Curd mask will help relieve inflammation on the skin of the lips, eliminate dryness. For the mask, mash soft cottage cheese (preferably fatty) with a fork, add vegetable oil to make a gruel, and apply on lips for 10 minutes.
  • Apple Lip Balm. Mix a teaspoon of applesauce with the same amount of butter (melt in a water bath). Store the mixture in the refrigerator. Use as a lip balm during the day and at night.
  • A good result gives paraffin lip mask… To do this, melt some cosmetic pure paraffin in a water bath, check if it is hot. Lubricate lips with sesame oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, then apply paraffin wax with a brush. Paraffin wax can be applied in two to three coats. Cover your lips with a warm napkin or towel and lie down for 15-20 minutes, then remove the paraffin and rinse your lips with warm water without soap.

Lips dry and flaky – home care for dry lips in winter

  • To eliminate flaky lips it is necessary to do a peeling mask… For this mask, mix a teaspoon of applesauce, a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of olive (or any other – sesame, grape seed, castor) oil, a teaspoon of powdered sugar or oatmeal. Mix all the ingredients, apply the mask on the lips (the remainder on the skin around the lips), keep for 15 minutes. Then wash off the mask with warm water without soap.
  • With severe peeling of the skin of the lips never peel your skin! Will help to cope with this problem simple peeling: Mix equal parts fine sugar and vegetable oil or sour cream. Massage lips gently, then rinse with water without soap. Can be performed several times until dryness and peeling disappear.
  • Lip peeling should be done two to three times a week., or – when you feel that the skin is peeling. However, rough peels with a brush or salt are not suitable for this purpose. To perform a gentle exfoliation, eliminating peeling, and at the same time nourishing the skin of the lips, mix equal parts yogurt with oatmeal or bran and gently massage your lips until they redden, and then rinse with water.
10 beautician tips on how to care for your lips in winter so they don't crack
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  • To exfoliate the skin on the lips, you can use slightly candied honey. Instead of honey, you can also use coffee or cinnamon powder mixed with cream and a drop of olive, sesame oil.
  • To accelerate the regeneration and renewal of the skin on the lips it is useful to do acid peeling once a week – wipe your lips with a slice of tomato, grape, a slice of apple. Do not use citrus fruits, however – they are very acidic and can dry out the skin on the lips even more, causing irritation.
  • To nourish the skin of the lips in winter, you can use grape seed oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, macadamia oil – they can be purchased at pharmacies or specialized organic cosmetics departments in supermarkets. These oils are absorbed into the skin of the lips better, moisturizing it and nourishing it for a long time. One thing – do not use these oils immediately before going out into the cold air, let them soak into the skin of the lips at home, and on top apply a special protective balm or hygienic lipstick for cold weather (you can from the children’s series).

Chapped lips – what to do if lips dry and chapped in winter?

  • Lubricate the skin of the lips with sea buckthorn oil, or rosehip oil… Caution – on contact with the skin near the lips, these oils may stain them a little yellow. These oils heal and heal the skin of the lips well and can be added to all homemade lip balms.
  • If your lips are cracked, buy balms and chapsticks that claim the effect of “restoring the skin of the lips” – they will help the skin to regenerate and heal quickly. Pay attention to the baby series of lip products, as well as baby creams with a skin regenerating effect.
  • Melt lard in a water bath, mix with honey in equal proportions. Cool down, use like lip balm, during the day as well as at night.

Cosmetologist’s comment

10 beautician tips on how to care for your lips in winter so they don't crack
Ksenia Mironova – cosmetologist, developer of natural cosmetics

The skin of the lips is very thin and delicate and needs special care in winter. The wind and cold dry out the skin of the lips, make it rough, the makeup is uneven.

For, to relieve dryness and flaking, it is important to take care of both the hydration and the nourishing protection of the skin. Moisturizing can be given by a cream: when applying a face cream, pamper your lips with it, she will really like it. The moisturizing properties of the cream are given by hyaluronic acid, glycerin, urea (a component of a natural moisturizing factor), sorbitol, collagen. Cosmetics with cocoa and shea butter (shea butter) in the composition will give the desired nutrition and recovery.

For, to protect lips from cold, use beeswax or vegetable wax (such as avocado or rice bran wax). The skin of the lips renews itself quite quickly, but if you want to add exfoliation, then you can use scrubs. Just check that there are no too traumatic abrasive particles: sugar, coffee, ground nut shells – they cause microdamage and only aggravate the skin condition. The scrub should be very soft, fine and round.

You can do this yourself: just mix a drop of liquid honey and soda on the tip of a knife to a single consistency and apply in a circular motion to your lips. Rinse off and protect lips with balm. Scrubbing can be done no more than once a week.

These simple rules will help keep your lip skin soft and beautiful even in the coldest weather.

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