How to celebrate the New Year with your beloved man

New Year is a magical holiday that should be celebrated only with loved ones. Your beloved man will never forget this night. Therefore, it is important to organize it correctly.

Bologny’s editors offer the best options for celebrating the New Year with someone you love.

Ski resort

Many travel companies offer weekend tours to various ski resorts that cater to different budgets. What awaits you there? It can be a house in the woods with a fireplace, you will sit on the floor by the fireplace with sparkling champagne and light snacks and spend an unforgettable romantic night. Many young people come to such resorts, you can join them in a cafe, where contests with Santa Claus and Snegurochka and the obligatory New Year’s fireworks will be organized.

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Home Sweet Home

In order not to be bored at home and to have something to remember and to want to repeat this again, you will have to think over self-organization well.

You can organize the evening in some special style, for example, it can be Japanese or Chinese, with appropriate costumes. The food can be prepared by you or ordered at the restaurant.

You can fill the bathroom, light the candles, fill the glasses with champagne. Of course, you are not ichthyandras, you won’t sit there for a long time, so think of something else that would entertain you on New Year’s Eve.

A restaurant

In this case, you need to choose an institution, inquire about the New Year’s program. A table must be booked in advance.

Night club

The most danceable new year is waiting for you. New Year’s dance music, jokes, contests, dancing until you drop. This New Year promises to be very fun.

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Walking through the city at night

Some couples prefer to celebrate the New Year in the city square, near the main tree, where a lot of people gather. A New Year’s program is being held with various contests and sweepstakes. The only thing that is needed is to dress warmly, and to prefer hot tea from strong drinks. A big plus in this meeting of the New Year, you like no one else will enjoy the most beautiful New Year’s fireworks.

Water New Year

It might look like this: a pool, candles are burning around the pool, and a tray of champagne and fruits is floating on the water. Or a sauna, a set table, a steam room and a cool pool. You can also order various spa treatments as a gift.

Country style holiday

If you have the opportunity to go to the village, you will enjoy carols, various rituals, sledding. It will be unusual and fabulous. Something like “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka.”


According to statistics, 2% of those wishing to spend the New Year away from home fall into this category, if you are one of them, you have a great opportunity to plunge into other people’s traditions, see them with your own eyes, and experience them. Before you is a huge selection of countries: Eastern, warm and European countries. Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, China, Cyprus and many, many others. This will definitely be unforgettable, impressionable and will have something to tell your friends. Read more about how interesting it is to celebrate the New Year in Egypt or the New Year in Thailand if you like hot countries.

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Motor ship

New Year’s Eve cruise is an exciting boat trip. Chimes chime under splashing waves. Separate cabin, restaurant, live music. Just choose where you want to travel by rivers or seas, domestic cities or other countries.

A train

If someone likes to travel by train, you can spend this night in a warm carriage with the sound of wheels. With a beautiful snowy landscape outside the window. To do this, buy two tickets in a double compartment in the SV carriage. Bring everything you need with you: fruit, champagne and something from New Year’s accessories to decorate the compartment and go – what else can you think of more romantic.

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