How to choose a crib for a newborn

Choosing a crib for a newbornWith the appearance of a baby in the house, many new problems are brewing for parents. One of them, in particular, is the equipment of a room for a new family member. Of course, of all pieces of furniture, the main thing for a child is his crib, because it is in it that he spends most of his time. In addition, his peace of mind, and, consequently, health, will depend on how comfortable his crib is for the baby. Among the variety and the widest choice, we will try to figure out what is right for you.

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Types of baby cots

Conventionally, all cribs can be divided into four types: classic, cradle, transformer, playpen. Let’s talk in more detail about each of them:

  • Choosing a crib for a newbornClassic baby cots. The most common type of crib. As a rule, children up to a maximum of three years old sleep in them. In the modern market, the choice of such beds is very large, they are also on ordinary legs, and on casters, and on runners with which the crib can be rocked. Russian manufacturers adhere to a standard size – the stock should be 120 × 60 cm, imported manufacturers do not have such standards.
  • Choosing a crib for a newbornCradle bed. These beds are designed for the smallest, or rather, for children up to six months. In terms of comfort, the cradle is very useful, it provides a small space around the baby, thereby creating a familiar environment for him. After all, he was just as comfortable there as it was 9 months in his mother’s tummy. However, the lifespan of the cradle is very short, and besides, different children grow up differently. Therefore, in order to save money, many mothers have adapted to use a stroller or a cradle from it instead of a cradle.
  • Choosing a crib for a newbornConvertible bed. At the moment, a very popular type of crib among young parents. In fact, these are the most ordinary beds, which are complemented by all sorts of shelves, a changing table or a baby chest of drawers. When the baby grows up, you can remove the walls and thus get a regular bed. It all depends, in principle, on the type of bed you have chosen. The transforming bed is very convenient in that the sleeping place, toys and things of the child, hygiene products, a changing table are placed in one place.
  • Choosing a crib for a newbornPlaypen crib. Depending on the model, these beds are designed for babies from birth to 2-4 years old. This kind of purchase would be the perfect purchase for a family that often moves with their little one. This bed can be easily folded and packed in a specially designed bag. The bag can be rolled with you on wheels or carried by the handle, as it is more convenient for you. The big disadvantage of the playpen is that the bottom is too low, almost at the very floor. Bending over to your child several times during the night can be quite tiring. In addition, in a crib of this type, the child will not have the opportunity to learn to rise, due to the lack of rigid rods to which the baby could hold on.

How to choose the right one and what to look for?

When buying a crib, the main selection criterion is not to make the price and appearance. There are many important factors that will help you navigate and make the right choice among all today’s diversity:

  • Crib must be natural… For many pieces of furniture, wood was considered the best material for all centuries, and cots are no exception. Wood breathes well and gives the same to your baby’s body. Some parts can be made of metal or plastic – the main thing is that there are not many of them, because the child can accidentally hit or do some other harm to himself. The best materials for a crib are birch, alder and maple, but they are quite expensive. Pine will cost less, but its structure is much softer, so impressive dents and marks can remain on the furniture.
  • Crib must be sustainable… The cradle and the rocking bed are convenient for very young children, when they are not yet spinning and cannot rock the bed. But be prepared for the fact that by 3-4 months your baby will begin to show great physical activity. Choose a crib from which the child cannot accidentally fall out or rock to such an extent that it overturns it along with him.
  • Bottom cribs should be rack and pinion… As a rule, cribs with a solid bottom are much cheaper, but the mattress does not “breathe” in them. Take note that this aspect is very important, because it is almost impossible to protect yourself from nighttime surprises, but an unpleasant consequence of insufficient drying of the mattress can be the appearance of fungi.
  • The depth of the bottom of the crib. Typically in many cribs the possibility of adjusting the bottom height is provided. The fact is that when the baby does not sit down or get up yet, the depth of the crib may not be very large. This will make it easier for parents to pick up the baby and put it back. However, when the child grows up a little and begins active physical activity, the depth of the crib should be at least 60-65 centimeters. So, your baby will not be able to fall out in a fit of curiosity.
  • Distance between planks lattice should be about 5-6 centimeters… The fact is that no part of the child’s body should get stuck between the planks. The distance between the planks is an important factor in keeping your child safe. Therefore, when buying a crib, do not be too lazy to arm yourself with a tape measure or ruler, and measure everything yourself.
  • Life time your chosen bed. Nowadays on the market you are offered a wide variety of options. Some cribs are designed for up to two years, after which it will be impossible to do anything with them, some can move apart and lengthen, turn into children’s couches. In the future, they can be used up to 8-10 years. It is up to you to decide how much your budget is calculated and whether you will then have a desire to choose something new for your child in a couple of years.

The approximate cost of a baby cot

Crib prices can range from 1,000 rubles. If your budget is limited, then do not worry, you can easily buy a good baby bed within one or two thousand and it will not necessarily be something bad. The most expensive cribs can cost from 30 thousand and higher, here, as they say, there is no limit to perfection. For such a price, you can purchase the most comfortable transforming bed, or, for example, a white wooden bed, decorated with stucco molding. However, do not exaggerate too much when choosing a crib. Generally, prices for cribs range from 3 before 6-7 thousand rubles.

Parents’ comments:


Hello! I would like to say that a crib playpen for a newborn is categorically not suitable! There is a very soft bottom, which will most likely affect the child’s spine. I agree that such a bed is very convenient for parents – you can take it with you, folds, etc. But the baby cannot be in it all the time.


And we have a transforming bed. I really like it because there is a changing table, diapers are always at hand, there are special compartments, it is wide, two-tier. When the baby is a little older, he will be able to safely climb out of the crib and climb back in. And the changing table is removable, when we no longer need it, it can be removed.


We have a metal crib, it is designed for children up to 7 years old. Until 2 months, the child slept peacefully in it, and then nothing at all, only with his parents. I had to clean the bed, and after 1 year they put it back. During the day, the truth still sleeps on the parent’s bed, and at night at home. Each bed has its own pros and cons. The bottom does not collapse, everything is held firmly, on screws, the sides are long on both sides, they are quickly removed and rise back. There is a minus, although there is a cradle in the bed, we have never slept in it. One wheel broke, but we can’t find a replacement. The rest of the wheels are not removable.


We bought a playpen crib. Very beautiful, functional, cool, but terribly uncomfortable! Through the net, the baby does not see the parents and the surroundings well, and the hole is only from the end. The sides are not retracted. When we were buying, our eyes lit up and did not even think about all this. Now it’s a shame somehow.

If you are thinking about buying a baby cot or this stage in your life has already passed, share your experience with us! We need to know your opinion!

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