How to choose a gyro scooter for a child 10 years old – the benefits and harms of a hoverboard for children, safety issues

How to choose a gyro scooter for children 10 years old correctlyThe modern, fashionable today device for movement “gyro scooter” has become extremely popular in many countries of the world. It is convenient to move around the city on business, ride for a walk in the park, and so on.

What is this device, what is the principle of operation, and what to consider when choosing a gyro scooter for your child?


The content of the article:

  1. A hoverboard and segway – what’s the difference?
  2. The principle of operation of a gyroscooter, pros and cons
  3. Types of hoverboards
  4. How to choose a gyro scooter by technical parameters
  5. Choice of hoverboards by material and options
  6. Basic rules for child safety

A hoverboard and segway – what’s the difference?

In fact, the hoverboard and the previously fashionable segway are, one might say, relatives. The hoverboard has become one of the steps in the evolution of the segway.

What are the main differences between the devices?

Segway …

  • It resembles a “cart” on wheels with a long handle for control.
  • Requires balance.
  • Has large wheels.
  • Massive and inconvenient, troublesome to store and transport.
  • Expensive (almost like a budget car).
  • Higher level of carrying capacity. You can even carry bags from the store on a segway, and only yourself on a hoverboard.

Giroskuter …

  • Smaller platform area – exactly for two feet.
  • Has no steering wheel.
  • Keeps balance on its own.
  • Has small wheels.
  • Lightweight, does not take up much space, you can take with you to the subway, car, to study / work (in a case).
  • More agile than segway.
  • More affordable.

In fact, the creators of the hoverboard simply removed everything unnecessary from the segway – and replaced it with a more relevant and convenient one.

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The principle of operation of a gyroscooter – the pros and cons of transport for a child

No matter who and whoever says about the hoverboard, children are delighted with it. And adults too.

The mobile gyro board has fulfilled the dream of many children, including those who have not yet mastered the skateboard. The gyro scooter is controlled by an internal balance control system and gyroscopic sensors.

What’s inside the hoverboard and what is the principle of operation?

The fashionable “board” consists of a pair of wheels and a case with a working platform, 1-2 batteries, a pair of independent motors, a processor and 3 boards.

As for the principle of operation of the device, the work of the board is carried out as follows:

  1. From the moment a person stands on the platform, the information is read by gyroscopic sensors (approx. – with a liquid base), which send the received data to the processor through the entire board system.
  2. After processing the data, the processor sends a command to the motors – at what speed the movement should start.
  3. Maintaining the balance happens automatically, so you don’t have to balance like on a segway. Comfortable riding is provided without a steering wheel and additional devices.
  4. Thanks to the electronic filling, the movement occurs due to the tilt of the body forward or backward, and the speed of the board depends on the strength of the tilt. As for the turns, they are carried out by transferring weight to the desired leg.

It takes no more than 5 minutes even for a small child to master a gyro scooter.

The main advantages of a gyro scooter for a child:

  • A great pastime that will easily tear your child away from the computer.
  • Active recreation is good for your health.
  • Riding a hoverboard is easier than skating, rollerblading and cycling.
  • A children’s gyro board weighs less than an adult, and its riding speed is lower (about 5-7 km / h).
  • A fully charged hoverboard can travel up to 10 km.
  • A high-quality gyro scooter can withstand up to 60 kg of weight and can last longer than ordinary children’s ones. That is, soon you won’t have to buy an adult.
  • The device is extremely beneficial for health: it improves the functioning of the vestibular apparatus and coordination of movements, as well as contributes to overall physical development.
  • The hoverboard is not traumatic if the rules and safety precautions are followed. Unlike the same skateboard and rollers, falls from which are very painful.
  • This board does not require long training (like on a skateboard and a bicycle) – it is easy to operate it even for a 5-year-old kid.
  • Many models for children are equipped with a special “parental” remote control to expand the control of mom and dad over the movement of the baby.

Among the shortcomings, it can be noted:

  1. Lack of the necessary load on the muscles of the legs. Still, despite the benefits for the body, the mini-segway does not provide such a load on the muscles as, for example, a skateboard or bicycle. That is, riding a gyro scooter still needs to be alternated with walking or physical training. For overweight children, a bicycle is more suitable, while a gyro scooter does not contribute to the fight against extra pounds.
  2. You won’t be able to charge the device along the way. And if your “board” is one of the inexpensive models with a charge for 1.5-2 hours, then you will have to go home with your feet.
  3. Not every surface is suitable for riding on this board. You cannot ride a gyroboard on pits / potholes and grass.
  4. Despite the appearance of waterproof models, the bulk of mini-segways can lose their performance from operation in rain and snow, from rolling in puddles and from washing in the shower.

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Types of hoverboards

If for children under 7 years old it is recommended to buy only children’s models, then from 8-12 years old it is already possible to entrust the child with an older hoverboard, and if the child observes all the rules – and with a high cross-country class.

Apart from differences in color, manufacturer and design, hoverboards differ in wheel size:

  • 4.5-5.5-inch “kids”. Carrying capacity: 20-60 kg. Weight – about 5 kg. Age: 5-9 years old. The speed is about 5-7 km / h. Naturally, such wheels will only ride on a perfectly flat surface. Option for the smallest.
  • 6.5-inch hard rubber. Carrying capacity – up to 100 kg. Weight – about 12 kg. Speed ​​- up to 10 km / h. Sensitivity to surface quality is present: uneven asphalt quickly spoil the device.
  • 7-8 inches. A kind of “update” of the previous version: a wider platform, more comfort while riding, a clearance raised by 1.5 cm, a more powerful engine. The wheels are still the same – hard. Availability of new models – with additional options such as lighting and speakers (it will be more expensive and fashionable). Speed ​​- up to 10 km / h.
  • 10 inch inflatable. The most modern and comfortable devices: enlarged wheels, comfortable ride on different surfaces, shock absorption. Carrying capacity increased to 120 kg, and ground clearance – up to 6 cm. Speed ​​- up to 15 km / h. A good option for a teenager.

How to choose a gyro scooter for a child according to the parameters of technology?

When choosing a gyroboard for your child, you should pay attention to the following characteristics of the device:

  1. Wheel diameter. Rely on the above specifications.
  2. Maximum load. Of course, a child needs a children’s board model. But even children’s models can withstand increased stress. The more this parameter, the later you will have to fork out for a new gyro scooter.
  3. Minimum load… This parameter is more important than the maximum lifting capacity. If the baby’s weight is too low, the board simply will not feel the baby and, accordingly, will not budge.
  4. Power. As a rule, a mini-segway has a pair of motors, the power of which determines the speed, and cross-country ability, and the ease of overcoming obstacles, and the price. For a beginner gyroscourist (kid), choose a low-power model (2 x 250 watts), but for a teenager – a more serious one (2 x 350 watts).
  5. Battery capacity. Samsung and LG are considered to be the best quality batteries, while economy-class models will most likely have cheap Chinese batteries. The quality of the battery will determine the distance that can be traveled on the board without recharging.
  6. Electronic stuffing of the device. Usually, 3 boards are placed in a gyro scooter, of which 2 are responsible for the wheels, and the third is for control. Unscrupulous manufacturers install only 2 boards, which, of course, affects the maneuverability, lifespan and overall reliability of the device. 2-pay devices junk and slow down when turned on. Tao-Tao is considered the best company among board manufacturers.
  7. Charger. The ideal option is a long wire, compactness, more solid weight in comparison with the rest, UL, RoHS and FCC certification, as well as the CE mark (approx. – Euro / conformity).

Choice of gyro scooters by body material and additional options

On the domestic market, there are many options for the design of gyroboards: from smooth with rounded bends – to sharp and “chopped”.

Unfortunately, not all designers understand the connection between design and the vulnerability of the device.

For instance…

  • Long arches. This model is beautiful, but vulnerable: the arches quickly break on the asphalt.
  • Side lighting. The lack of backlight protection ensures its quick failure, vulnerability to pebbles, etc.
  • Wheels without corner protectors – a sign of cheap rubber.

As for the material from which the case is made, polystyrene is usually used here, but different – both in strength and quality.

  1. PS – for cheap gyroboards. Brittle and brittle material.
  2. HIPS – high-quality material, chip-resistant, shock-resistant.

Modern board models may have additional options. For instance…

  • LED backlight.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Built-in speakers and Bluetooth-control.
  • Display.
  • Remote control (approx. – remote control).
  • Parking lights.
  • Fast charging function.
  • Vertical obstacle sensors.


Be sure to check certificates and sales license gyroboards. Remember that a quality product is always sold with a guarantee.

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Basic child safety rules to consider when choosing a hoverboard

Of course, a hoverboard is a safer transport than rollerblades and a bicycle.

But complete safety can only be ensured by compliance with safety rules. Moreover, when the child controls the gyro board.

  1. Small children must ride in gear – knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet will not interfere if the child is not confident on the platform. The protection of the palms, on which young riders most often land, does not hurt.
  2. Do not buy a model that develops high (for a gyroboard) speed. 10 km / h is enough for a child.
  3. Check the availability of the UL 2272 safety certificate! Such a certificate is your guarantee that the device will not light up while charging, in the middle of the night, or even under the feet of a child. Remember that even a Chinese board with UL certification will be better than a US hoverboard without this certification.
  4. Make sure that all components are from a reliable manufacturer (talking about batteries, motors, etc.).
  5. Choose a model with the ability to limit the maximum speed and remote controlso that parents can insure their child for a walk.
  6. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the case, filling, wheel diameter.
  7. Explore the assortment before buyingor even better – try out different gyro scooters in practice through rental services.
  8. Check how the device works: there should be no crackling and other extraneous sounds, the board should not slow down and junk, “hang”.
  9. An official service guarantee must be present. Remember that Electrosmart is the official service center in Russia. When buying a board, ask for a branded service book from this particular company.

Before using the hoverboard, do not forget to repeat the rules for driving with your child!

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