How to choose a lipstick color – and not be mistaken?

How to choose your lipstick color correctly?Using lipstick, girls try to stand out, create a unique image, or simply decorate their appearance. Choosing a lipstick shade is very important. It will help to focus on the lips, give them sensuality, expressiveness. A bad color can add extra years, age and even change the shade of the face.

Let’s reveal the secrets of choosing a lipstick shade.

The content of the article:

  1. Basic lipstick colors to face parameters
  2. Choosing a lipstick for the occasion
  3. Choosing a lipstick color for makeup
  4. Lipstick color – to match the color of the eyes, hair and skin tone
  5. Lipstick selection test

The main colors of lipstick and the parameters of the face to which they are matched

There are several types of lipsticks that differ in shape and structure. When choosing cosmetics, pay attention to the types.

Determine which lipstick you want to purchase:

  1. Cylindrical, classic. This is the most comfortable and up-to-date lipstick in the shape of a cylinder, packed in a case. It is easy to use thanks to the retractable rod.
  2. Liquid. This product is usually applied with a brush and packaged in a special tube or bottle. These lipsticks can perfectly moisturize the lips, but the texture makes it clear that they will wear off quickly and the lips may lose their shape. A pencil is most often used with this lipstick.
  3. Dry. This lipstick is not suitable for everyone, as it can dry out the soft and delicate skin of the lips. In addition, such cosmetics contain a lot of dyes that can lead to an allergic reaction. But, the biggest plus from such a lipstick is that it is very persistent and lasts longer than its predecessors.
  4. Pencil. This is a variation on the classic lipstick. It is simple and convenient to use. It can stay on the lips for a long time without drying them out.
  5. Creamy. This lipstick can be applied to the lips with a brush or finger. As a rule, dyes are not added to the composition of the product. The disadvantage of this lipstick is quick erasure and minimal durability.

Do not forget that there are several more types of lipsticks according to the texture. Choose which one is right for you – matte, glossy or pearlescent… The texture greatly affects the appearance of the lips.

Lipsticks can also be divided into groups, depending on their shade.

There are four main color types:

  1. Warm. These include peach, coral, orange shades.
  2. Cold. These are all pink tones or their varieties.

Cold and warm lipstick shades

  1. Nude… These shades are close to skin color.

Lipstick in nude shades

  1. Neutral. There can be a wide variety of colors. For example, brown, green, purple, etc.

Each color type indicated above can be strongly pronounced – dark, or mild – bright

Compare the color types of lipsticks with some of your parameters – then you can definitely choose the right shade:

  • Facial skin tone.
  • The color of your eyes.
  • Hair tone.
  • Tooth enamel shade.
  • Your age.
  • Lip shape.
  • Illumination, time of day.

Lipstick should be combined, in harmony with any of this indicator. Below we take a closer look at each choice.

Remember, only with the right shade of lipstick, you can create a flawless and effective makeup.

Choosing a lipstick for the occasion (as intended)

Choose a shade of lipstick should be based on other indicators, depending on the case.

Consider what circumstances affect the choice of shade:

  • Daytime, everyday option. It can be expressed in lipsticks of light colors, restrained. Some people use a transparent shine during the day.
  • Evening. Of course, bright or dark lipstick is suitable for the evening.
  • Lighting of the room where you will spend the evening. In warm light, a neutral lipstick of a cold shade is suitable, and in cold light, on the contrary, warm lipstick tones.
  • Clothing and its color. You should not choose a shade that will expressively and will not at all harmonize with the color palette of things. Usually, the same shade of lipstick is selected for warm shades.
  • The season is winter. When going outside in winter, you should choose a nourishing, protective lipstick. The shade should not be selected bright, since it is in winter, against the background of white snow, all colors will already stand out.
  • Summer. Opt for moisturizing lipsticks this time of year. Shades can be very different.
  • Autumn. At this time of the year, lipsticks are selected in dark shades that match the color of the clothes, the autumn nature and the surroundings.
  • Spring. The awakening time of nature gives girls the opportunity to freshen up their makeup using both cold and warm shades of lipstick.

The main rule is not to overdo it with cosmetics! If you are going to an evening event, then even then you should not do too defiant make-up.

Makeup should be used in moderation on the face, lipstick should accentuate the lips.

Choosing a lipstick color for makeup

Let’s reveal the secrets of choosing a lipstick shade for makeup.

Matching a shade of lipstick to blush

First of all, it is worth knowing that the color should match the color of the blush… Then your face will be young and expressive.

You can buy lipstick and blush in the same color scheme, but if this did not work out, you need to pay attention to the palette. For warm shades of blush, choose a warm shade of lipstick, for cold shades – correspondingly cold.

To choose lip cosmetics for blush, follow these tips:

  • Pink lipstick with a light blue undertone go well with light, light blush. This option makes the face more feminine and “fresh”.
  • Standard, matte pink blush and lipstick tones will give your look a vintage look.
  • The red, scarlet color of lipstick is in harmony with bright blush. The image turns out to be romantic, evening, slightly shocking.
  • When choosing a wine shade of lipstick the blush should be a little lighter, but the shade should also be dark.
  • To create a calm, feminine, delicate look, you can choose nude lipstick shade with peach blush. This option will look great in the summer or in daylight.
  • You can give “freshness” to the face with the help lipsticks from a red-purple palette or a plum shade. A color from this range will be combined with blush of the same tone.

How to choose the right and with what to wear red lipstick in makeup?

Matching the color of lipstick to the shade of the eyeshadow

The choice of these two cosmetics should be based on the principle of the unity of the color palette… Cold shades of eyeshadow are suitable for cold shades of lipsticks, warm colors are suitable for warm ones.

Here are some recommendations from makeup artists about combining lipstick and eyeshadow shades:

  • The pink tone of the lipstick is ideally combined with the shades of pastel, cold tones. The arrows are also in perfect harmony with the pink tint, but without shadows.
  • The red tint should be combined with the natural colors of the eyeshadow – peach, beige.
  • Wine lipstick or plum tone goes well with nude shades cosmetics for eyes.
  • Coral color looks harmonious with warm shades of shadows, for example – cream, beige, brown.
  • The natural shade of lipstick is best used in contrast with bright shadows., focus only on the look.

Do not forget one more important point – the emphasis should be on either the eyes or the lips… Therefore, choose a lipstick color with this nuance in mind.

Choosing a lipstick color to match your eyes, hair and skin tone

There are some more nuances that you should pay attention to when choosing a lipstick shade.

  1. Complexion

How to choose the right lipstick shade?

Remember that choosing your lipstick is best as advised by makeup artists. Choose a warm shade of lipstick for a warm skin tone, and a cold one for a cold one.

Of course, you can experiment, but not everyone succeeds in combining lipstick with a skin tone.

  1. The tint of your eyes

Follow these tips:

  • Brown-eyed girls can safely use bright red, brown, or pale pink shades.
  • Girls with blue eyes usually choose cherry or scarlet lipstick.
  • Green eyes accentuate lips with terracotta color, pink.
  • Owners of gray eyes use nude shades or plum.

How to match your eye color with lipstick?

  1. Shade and shape of teeth

Pay attention to several color types:

  • Snow white. You can match any lipstick color.
  • With yellowness. Eliminate purple, brown, or bright scarlet, red hues. Give preference to pink, light orange, light red tones.

If you have jagged teeth, you shouldn’t highlight your smile. Choose light lipsticks of any shade. They are not eye-catching.

  1. Lip size and shape

Remember, that:

  • Light shade will accentuate the shape of the lips.
  • Dark tone will reduce them, make them less voluminous.
  • Pearlescent colors emphasize imperfections, enlarge lips.
  • Matte shade will remove swelling.
  • Gloss suitable for evening make-up, gives shine.

With lipstick, you can achieve a volumetric effect – it is enough to apply a dark shade along the contour, and add a light or even transparent shade in the middle.

How to apply lipstick for lip augmentation visually?

All ways lip augmentation without surgery – how to get Jolie lips?

  1. Age features

Young girls are recommended to use light shades. And for older women – bright, dark colors, but not too expressive.

Notice how the pastel colors accentuate the wrinkles.

Features and all the secrets of age-related makeup – beauty at any age!

Lipstick selection test

We suggest taking a test and, as a result, determine which lipstick you should choose.

Answer options
How does your skin react to the sun?
I tan quickly, the tan looks attractive. A couple of days in the sun – and my skin takes on a golden-carrot tint.
In general, I do not experience any difficulties with tanning. As a result, the skin color becomes olive.
I often do not sunbathe, but rather burn, and therefore, I do not go out into the sun without a product with a high protective factor. Active sun can lead to severe redness of the skin.
The sunburn is disgusting on my skin. Often, after a rest, I am asked the question: “Where is your tan?”
Do you have freckles?
Yes, golden brown.
There are, however, there are very few of them, and they are practically invisible.
Bright spots are initially my highlight.
What color are your eyes?
Turquoise, bright green, blue
Calm color: gray-green, gray, gray-blue
Eyes with golden flecks
Intense shade – dark brown, emerald, blue
Which blouse do you like the most?
Creamy white
Which of the fairy-tale characters do you look like in appearance?
Peppy Long Stocking
Snow White
Results. Count the answers you have the most
You need to choose coral red, terracotta, beige lipstick color. Try to avoid cold colors. An alternative option would be a simple transparent sheen.
To look great, you should choose raspberry, pale purple, cherry and fuchsia lipsticks. Avoid a bright red shade, as it will make your makeup look provocative.
You should choose an orange, deep salmon, copper, warm red lipstick tone. Light shades will not work because they will make your face look dull.
You can choose aggressive cold colors – dark purple, burgundy, purplish pink. Avoid only light pearlescent tones. website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your experience or the results of your favorite makeup tricks!

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