How to choose a multicooker for your home correctly – expert advice and reviews from housewives

The multicooker is a useful and convenient home assistant. It was invented not so long ago, but this saucepan managed to win the hearts of compatriots. After all, such a device can cook without human intervention. In a container heated from all sides, food is languished, fried, steamed or baked. Thus, a variety of dishes can be created.

A multicooker can be of the ordinary type and work like an electric saucepan, and like a pressure cooker, where food is cooked much faster in a sealed space.

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How to choose a multicooker

Selecting a multicooker by heating elements

Multicooker It is a large bowl located in a sturdy case on a heating element that is responsible for cooking.

The programmed programs set the cooking time and temperature. A additional function – Multi-cook allows you to independently create programs by manually setting important parameters.

The main part of the device is a heating element that can be located:

  • Only from below.
  • Bottom and sides.
  • Bottom, top and sides.

The last option location is considered the most efficient. As the bowl heats up more evenly, cooking takes less time and energy is more economical.
How to choose a multicooker

Mechanical, electronic, touch type of multicooker control

The electronic pan can only be presented in the form of a bowl and two leversthat determine the temperature and cooking time. Moreover, this simplicity will not affect the quality of cooking. But for the convenience of the housewives, special control mechanisms were invented.

Most often presented on the counters of our multicooker stores with touch control panel, LCD display and indicator lights, and the simplest models, equipped with only two or three buttons and a rotary switch.

All types of control have their own disadvantages and advantages:

  • Ordinary mechanical switch is reliable, but not intricate and not particularly handsome.
  • How LCDs tend to breakand the touch panel may become unresponsive to touch. But this is more a rarity than a rule.

How to choose a multicooker

How to choose a multicooker by bowl coverage and volume?

To prepare dishes of varying complexity in a multicooker, one bowl is used, which has universal properties. It warms up evenly, food does not stick to it, it is easy to care for and use.

The most common bowls are made from steel and aluminum, covered with a layer of Teflon or heavy-duty ceramics. And multicooker – pressure cookers are characterized by heavy-duty metal bowls.

Teflon coated bowls lose their non-stick properties over time, especially if handled carelessly.
How to choose a multicooker
Ceramic bowls more resistant to cleaning powders. They are hygienic, durable and do not absorb odors and juices. Even after making cherry jam, such a bowl will not change its color. But unfortunately, ceramic coating may crackif you drop the bowl to the floor.

A rather important fact is the volume of the bowl. A 2 liter saucepan is also suitable for a small family. But for a family of 4 or for very hospitable hosts, it is worth advising a large 5-6 liter a slow cooker that will feed all family and friends.

Choosing a multicooker by power – expert advice

It is a known fact that a multicooker is twice as economical as an electric stove.

The power consumption of these devices can be from 490 to 1500kW… Moreover, the multicooker of the upper limit of consumption will be useful only for huge families of 10 people or very busy people. After all, such a device cooks very quickly.

Best Multicooker Power Consumption 600-800W… Such a device cooks at an optimal speed and does not burn too much electricity, which does not hit the wallet.
How to choose a multicooker

Do you need all the functions in a multicooker?

Modern multicooker replace not only pots and pans, but also a double boiler, pressure cooker, bread machine, yogurt maker, rustic oven and much more. In addition, the multi-cook function allows you to create programs yourself.

But often a fair question arises, are all these functions necessary? Maybe a few of the most needed ones are enough. Everyone will answer this question for themselves. Someone does not want to bake bread at home, while someone dreams of homemade yogurt and healthy steamed food.

In addition to a variety of programs, the electronic pan has such advantages as additional functions.

  • Timer or delayed start. A very convenient addition that will allow you to cook milk porridge for awakening. In the morning, you don’t have to rush around the stove, urge the kids on, or have breakfast with sandwiches. It is enough just to put in the ingredients in the evening, choose a program and set a timer.
  • Automatic heating Once cooked, your food will stay warm until you arrive home from work. It will be warmed up while waiting for dinner. This is a very useful feature, as some dishes literally need to be darkened a little before serving.
  • End of cooking signal will notify you that it’s time for lunch.
  • For people with poor eyesight, the voice guide function will be useful… It duplicates all information messages on the display, notifies about the beginning and end of cooking, prompts which button to press in one case or another.
  • Thermal protection protects the device from overheating. For example, if the bowl runs out of water while steaming. This way the appliance will not burn itself out.

How to choose a multicooker
The multicooker is a unique device that frees the hands of many women. The first users of this kitchen gadget were mothers of young children, working and busy natures, but today almost every family has an assistant – a multicooker, which saves a lot of time for favorite hobbies and loved ones.

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