How to choose a name for a child and not be mistaken – the basic rules for choosing a name

Choosing a name for a childAfter birth, or even before the birth of a baby, moms and dads are worried about one of the main questions – how to name your baby. Of course, this is a personal matter for every parent, but you should choose a name very carefully and carefully so as not to accidentally break the baby’s future life with an imprudent choice. What do you need to know when choosing a name for a newborn?

  • Remember responsibilitywhich you carry for choosing a name. The principle “my child, my business” does not apply here. The kid will grow up, and he will have exclusively his own life. And in this life there will be enough experiences, to which it is absolutely not necessary to add complexes about the name.
  • Choosing a non-standard name – take your time, think well. The child can emphasize his originality not only with the name – be prudent. Of course, an unusual name invariably attracts attention, but, in addition, it also becomes a serious moral stress. Moreover, children (and the child will not become an adult right away) tend to tease such names rather than faint with admiration. Many as a result, growing up, are forced to change the names with which their parents were wise at birth.
    Choosing a name for a child
  • You can express your affection for the baby by simply changing the name. – this is not difficult. Any parent will always find an affectionate derivative of even the strictest name. But choosing a name that is too affectionate for a metric can, again, cause discomfort in the child in the future. This is a baby for you – “sweet little baby”, but for a very indifferent and cold world outside the window – just a person. And the name, for example, “Motya” in the passport is unlikely to cause puppy delight in those around him and the child himself.
  • When choosing a name, you do not need to rely solely on its sound. Because it will sound beautiful and tender only from your lips. And a stranger will pronounce and perceive it all the same in his own way.
  • Remember that one of the selection rules is harmonious combination of the found first name with the last name and patronymic… That is, with the patronymic “Aristarkhovich”, for example, the name “Christopher” will interfere with all pronunciation. And the name “Raphael” will be simply ridiculous next to the surname “Poltorabatko”.
  • No need to chase fashion. This is pointless and fraught with the fact that the child will change his name at the first receipt of the passport.
  • The name is also part of the nature that the baby acquires along with the metric… A lot has been written about the history, the nature of the name – inquire about the meaning of the name, read about people with this name, listen to the energy of the name – you yourself will understand what is worth giving up and what will suit your baby.
    Choosing a name for a child
  • Do not forget about the emotional coloring of the name.… If the name “Alexander” always sounds proudly and carries a certain charge of confidence and victory, then “Paramon” immediately evokes associations – a village, cows, haymaking.
  • You probably already have a list of names that you like. Try them on not only for the baby, but also for someone else. You will immediately feel if the name causes rejection.
  • Refer to the church calendar. You can choose the name of the saint on whose day the baby was born.

And, of course, do not rush to name the baby after great people, relatives etc. There is a belief that a child named after someone repeats his fate. Of course, there is no evidence of this, but you should not rush – at least analyze how successful the person was (is) after whom you suddenly decided to name your child.

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