How to choose a quality fur coat? How to choose a quality mink coat?

What woman does not dream of the appearance in the wardrobe of such a piece of clothing as a fur coat. A fur coat not only warms up perfectly in the cold, but also speaks about the taste of its owner and about her status in society. Therefore, the choice of a fur coat should be approached quite responsibly, because you will spend a considerable amount of money on purchasing a fur coat and of course I would like it to last longer and at the same time always look good.

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What should you look for when choosing a fur coat?

We check the quality of the fur coat.  Valuable advice!The first and most important thing in choosing a fur coat is choice of fur… All types of fur can be conditionally divided into categories:

Fur with a long pile. This is the fur of a fox, polar fox, raccoon, wolverine, wolf, badger.

Short pile fur. Mink, ermine, chinchilla, sable.

Pet fur. Sheepskin, pony, rabbit, astrakhan.

Fur of aquatic animals. Beaver, nutria, seal, muskrat.

The second issue that should be given due attention is the quality of the fur. Tips and tricks:

  • Remember that the fur should be winter: dense and with a thick down.
  • Pay attention to the flip side of the hide, it should be soft and elastic and always white, yellow fur indicates that the fur coat is old.
  • For some types of fur, it is very important in what conditions the animal lived, as a rule, a fur coat made from the skins of wild animals is more durable.
  • We check the quality of the fur coat.  Valuable advice!Before trying on a fur coat, pull it by the nap.… If you have some lint left in your hands, then the fur is most likely of poor quality. Crumple the fur in your fistif it is good fur, it quickly returns to its original state.
  • How the animal was killed is also very important. If the skin was torn off from a half-dead or still living animal, then it will carry a huge charge of horror and pain. Of course, handicraft fur coats are very dubious, but cheaper than others. But remember that by purchasing such a fur coat, you get all that negative charge of pain that the animal experienced before death. Together with such a coat, you acquire anxiety and neuroses.
  • While trying on a fur coat pay attention to the seam… The lining should not be sewn on tightly, as this indicates that the product is glued. Such a fur coat will fall apart after a pair of socks.
  • Before buying a fur coat, think about where you will wear it. If you will drive a car in it, then a short fur coat or short fur coat will suit you best. If you plan to wear it for long walks along the street, then it is better to choose a longer fur coat.

A fur coat or a sheepskin coat – which is better to choose?

EWe check the quality of the fur coat.  Valuable advice!If you cannot choose what to buy – a fur coat or a sheepskin coat – then appreciate all the advantages and disadvantages of these products.

Sheepskin coat more practical to wear, but does not tolerate slush and dirt, a fur coat is not afraid of rain and snow, and the fashion for a fur coat is quite conservative, while the fashion for sheepskin coats changes quite often.

Fur coat can be vilified for several seasons.

How to determine the quality of different types of fur coats?

Choosing a quality mink coat

  • We check the quality of the fur coat.  Valuable advice!In addition to the general points that you should pay attention to when buying a mink coat check the quality of its painting… To do this, take a white handkerchief and fold it together with the nap. If the scarf gets dyed, then most likely you are dealing with a low-quality product.
  • If the fur coat is natural, then check it for faded fur and traces of rust
  • The surface of the fur coat should be flat, without bald patches. If the surface of the fur coat is uneven, then this indicates that the animal scraped its fur and left teeth marks. If this is not important for you, then you can simply ask for a discount on such a fur coat.
  • Pay attention to the lining… The bottom of the lining of a long fur coat should not be stitched. This is considered good practice in the fur business.
  • Mink coats are often faked using marmot or rabbit fur, usually softer and shorter nap.

Choosing a quality fox fur coat

We check the quality of the fur coat.  Valuable advice!A polar fox fur coat always looks majestic and elegant. But she is moody enough in the sock.

When choosing such a fur coat, you should remember some points.

  • Think ten times before buying a white fur coat, especially if you are going to wear it for more than one season, remember that fur turns yellow over time, so consider choosing a gray or smoky arctic fox coat.
  • Also remember that a captive Arctic fox fur coat will be less durable than a wild animal fur coat.
  • Remember also that you can buy a dyed fox fur coat, but certain colors will soon go out of fashion. A classic fur coat will always be relevant.

Choosing a quality beaver coat

We check the quality of the fur coat.  Valuable advice!Beaver fur is fluffy and soft, and it is also considered the warmest.

  • A beaver coat is very easy to check for quality. The fur of a beaver fur coat, if you stroke it on the wool, is soft, and against the grain of the prickly
  • They often try to pass nutria as a beaver, but nutria does not have fluff, which keeps it warm.

Choosing a high-quality muton fur coat

Mouton is a French word, translated as a ram. This fur is very wearable, it doesn’t care about slush and bad weather.

  • Such a fur coat often has seams under the fur, but this does not indicate marriage. In the process of processing, thinner places are stitched.
  • Pay attention to the lining. It must be of high quality. Good manufacturers usually don’t skimp on the quality of the lining.

Choosing a quality sable fur coat

They are rightfully considered one of the most expensive. Sable is also called “soft gold”. Sable fur is considered the most unique in the world by its color, brilliance, tone and density.

  • When sewing a fur coat, the fur is preserved in its natural, original form. Sable fur is not only lined, but also durable, so sable products can be passed on from generation to generation.

Sable is rightfully considered an indicator of both elegance and wealth of its owner.

Choosing a quality fox fur coat

A fox fur coat can be confused with a fox fur coat. But, to prevent this from happening, you need to know several distinctive features of a fox fur coat.

  • Remember that the guard hair of the fox is hard and tall, while that of the arctic fox is lower and softer.
  • A fox fur coat is very wearable, it can last you 4-5 seasons and, moreover, it keeps you warm
  • The choice of a fox fur coat is distinguished by a wide variety of models, and a democratic price.

In addition to the fox fur coats themselves, they make a variety of accessories: hats, muffs, scarves, collars, thanks to which you can always bring elegance and luxury to your image.

Choosing a quality rabbit fur coat

Rabbit fur coats are usually distinguished by their democratic prices. But among all other types of fur, rabbit fur is the least durable.

  • When choosing a rabbit fur coat, you should pay attention to sheared fur if you want the fur coat you choose to last longer.
  • To make your fur coat last longer, you need care and timely repairs for it.

Where is the best place to buy a fur coat?

It is best to buy a fur coat in a fur store or a fur salon. Only there you can get a warranty card and, if a defect is found, return the product and exchange it for money or choose another fur coat.

In most cases, the warranty card is given for a year.

Buying a fur coat in the salon, you reduce the risk of buying a fake or poor-quality handicraft product.

Recommendations and tips for choosing fur coats from the forums


First of all, you need to look at the appearance, the fur should shine, the undercoat should be thick, then you need to look under the lining, it should not be sewn to the fur coat, this lining should be lifted and the fur coat turned inside out, the skins should be examined so that they are white, not dyed, sewn well, soft, not hard, and there should be a computer screed, then the fur coat is worn much longer.


The quality of the fur can only be determined by a specialist, because all “folk” methods of checking are valid only when the fur is full of g … You cannot distinguish a stretched and bleached skin from a normal one. Therefore, go to a fur shop, pay the master and go with him to the store.


First you need to decide on the amount that you are ready to spend, and then with the fur. I myself had only two furs – nutria (plucked) and mink. (I forgot the rabbit) Nutria is a wearable fur, but the mink looks cooler. If you still decide on a burrow, buy dark colors “black diamond”, for example, it is better in a sock, it has been checked, the fur is better not long. And yet, the lining of a fur coat should not be sewn to the hem, so you can look at the quality of the hide. Then the length of the fur coat, it all depends on what you are driving.

Can you advise something on the choice and purchase of fur coats?

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