How to choose a scarf and shoes for a classic black coat

Versatility is the trump card of any product. This unique feature is inherent in the black coat. An elegant piece looks great in the company of hundreds of shades, both bright and nondescript. All kinds of outfits and accessories are amazingly suitable for him.

The graphite undertones of clothes serve as an excellent canvas for creating fashionable masterpieces. Yet in any art there are eternal legends. We should also refer to such exhibits or combinations.

Accessories for a classic black coat

Black Coat Scarves Auction

Accessories in neutral shades will be the first to go under the hammer. Nothing looks more luxurious with a black coat than a gray, white and beige scarf. Since the trend of the season is fringe, products in this design will take first place in the rating of the fashionista.

Accessories for a classic black coat1

The next “partners” of the black coat will be scarves of a rich tone:

  • palette of red (ruby, burning red, pomegranate, cherry, burgundy, wine);

Accessories for a classic black coat2

  • orange-yellow spectrum (gold, fiery, mustard, amber, peach, saffron, turmeric);
  • gamut of pink (gum, flamingos, fuchsia, rose, strawberry, coral pink, salmon, raspberry).

Accessories for a classic black coat3

The “cherry on the cake” will be a luxurious scarf print. An exquisite check with a thin stripe in a contrasting shade will significantly diversify the outfit. At the same time, the elegant berberi check will be an exclusive touch to the royal bow. A red accessory will add originality to the outfit. Against a scarlet background, black and burgundy stripes can play in a completely special way.

Accessories for a classic black coat4

Important! The way the scarf is tied will double the rate of the look. On a black canvas, bright shades look madly impressive. Therefore, you will need to twist a luxurious knot or shape from a contrasting scarf.

Accessories for a classic black coat5

Scarves are a separate item in the image. Bright abstract prints are perfectly combined with a strict black coat. They may contain shades of yellow and orange. Brown or chocolate color will add aristocratic notes to the image. An ornament in a similar performance has those around it. Undoubtedly, you also have creative ideas in this regard. Then share your thoughts with us.

Accessories for a classic black coat6

The right shoes for a black coat – and the whole world is at your feet

It is necessary to go to the top of fashion success in comfortable shoes. In addition, it should be stylish and unique. Under a black coat, fashion experts suggest choosing classic models of boots or boots to match the outerwear.

Fashionable women will make a splash in society:

Accessories for a classic black coat7

  • oxfords;
  • martins;

Accessories for a classic black coat8

  • ankle boots;
  • timberlands;

Accessories for a classic black coat9

  • knee-high boots;
  • boots;

Accessories for a classic black coat10

Accessories for a classic black coat11

Important! The sporty style that is gaining popularity is also applicable to the black coat. Sneakers, moccasins, sneakers or slip-ons will add lightness to the girl’s gait and softness to her style.

Accessories for a classic black coat12

The style of the shoe is determined by the cut of the black coat. Short pieces work well with tall models. If a fashionista wants to wear a mini skirt, then jackboots are appropriate in her cases. But then the girl will have to go with her coat unbuttoned. Models of monks, ankle boots, derbies and chelsea do not require special treatment, therefore they are suitable for everything. But ankle boots, timberlands and martins are relevant only in casual or street style.

Accessories for a classic black coat13

Of course, a black coat cannot be imagined without a headdress. At the peak of fame is the federation hat, which allows you to categorically fit it into fashionable outfits. A beanie hat, snood and a jockey hat are also indispensable in winter 2020 lookbooks. In addition, do not forget about the beret if a girl wants to feel like a Frenchwoman.

But your vision of style may be completely different. Therefore, write your suggestions in the comments.

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