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Apart from professional athletes, few women wear special workout underwear. But a sports bra is as essential as running shoes. Therefore, today we will talk specifically about the necessary lingerie for sports. Bologny’s editors will tell you how to choose the right sports bra.

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Who needs a sports bra? The benefits of a sports bra

During sports, a special bra is not just a beautiful accessory, but a vital necessity, because it allows you to preserve the beauty and health of the female breast.

Active sports such as aerobics, running, equestrian sports, classes on the step platform – can adversely affect women’s health, and in particular the shape of the female breast. The explanation is simple. The chest has one anatomical feature – it does not consist of muscles, but of glandular and adipose tissue. Therefore, going in for sports without reliable fixation of the chest, after a while you will notice that the chest has sagged, lost its elasticity, and stretch marks have appeared in some places.

This applies not only to active sports training, but also doing yoga, ballet or gymnastics… In order to protect the breasts from negative influences, it is necessary to wear a sports bra during training.

Such underwear is sewn using a special technology, taking into account all the needs during intense workouts. Protection from unnecessary irritation is provided by lack of seams, the reproduction of microorganisms is prevented special fibers – in this way, the absence of unpleasant odors is ensured. And your body protects against allergic reactions special hypoallergenic fabric

How to choose the right sports bra – detailed recommendations for choosing a sports bra

Sports bra: how to choose a sports bra - reviews
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Of course, it’s not easy to go out and buy a sports bra. Therefore, below we will talk about all the intricacies of choosing a bra for training, as well as about the individual characteristics of the selection.

  1. When choosing a sports bra, be sure to look at the label. There are sportswear for women, designed for different loads:
    • Weak impact (bicycle, walking on a treadmill, strength training);
    • Medium impact (skating, skiing);
    • Strong impact (running, aerobics, fitness).
  2. Pay attention to the markings that characterize the comfort of the laundry:
    • Moisture wicking – the bra is made of moisture-absorbent material. Perfect for any physical activity, especially intense;
    • Anti-Microbial – underwear made from fabrics impregnated with an antibacterial substance. If you sweat profusely, this bra will prevent bad odors from appearing. It can be worn during any workout;
    • Compression Is a lingerie with a strong tightening effect. Typically, this mark is found on oversized sports bras. If you are the owner of a bust up to the third size, the presence of this inscription is optional;
    • Off-Set Seams – bras with this marker have no inner seams. Such underwear is perfect for sensitive skin, as it does not leave marks or chafe;
    • Molded cups – This bra is ideal for aerobics or jogging as it prevents your breasts from swinging from side to side as you move.
  3. Before buying a bra, be sure to try it on.… Jump in it simulating a workout. The bra should fix the chest well, so during active movements it should remain at rest.
  4. Choose the right cup size that is equal to the circumference of your chest:
    • AA – 10 cm;
    • A – 12.5 cm;
    • B – 15 cm;
    • C – 17.5 cm;
    • D – 20 cm;
    • E – 22.5 cm.
  5. When buying sportswear in a specialized store do not hesitate to ask a sales assistant for help… He will help you choose the perfect bra for you.
  6. Sports bras wear out very quickly. Therefore, with regular training, they must be changed every six months.

What secrets do you know about choosing a sports bra? Share your opinion with us!

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