How to choose a walker for a child – types of walkers, reviews

Best baby walkers Every year modern technologies make life easier for young mothers. There is practically no time left for household chores with the birth of a baby, and the mother is forced to look for opportunities to occupy her baby at least for a short time in order to free up 10-15 useful minutes for herself. If the child has already celebrated six months, then a walker can help the mother. Read: At what age and whether walkers are harmful – the opinion of experts. How to choose the right walker for your baby?

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Types of baby walkers – photos, features of baby walker models

Probably everyone knows what a walker looks like: a special frame on wheels, a seat for a baby, the ability to independently move around the apartment. These devices differ in design, in the presence of additional parts (toys, for example), color, etc. What types of walkers are offered today?

How to choose a walker for your baby – choosing the right walker

All the nuances of such a purchase should be thought out by you in advance, because the safety and health of your baby depends on a competent choice. Unfortunately, low-quality products are also found among children’s products, therefore, in order to avoid injury to the child, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Compliance with the design of the age, body weight and height of the baby.
    For example, if walkers are recommended for crumbs whose height does not exceed 85 cm, then, of course, you cannot put a child with a height higher than the indicated one in them – there is a risk of the baby falling out of the walker.
  • The basis of the design.
    Usually the base of the walker is round or rectangular. The second option is safer. And the first is less stable. The base must be larger than the table top of the walker.
  • Wheels.
    This moment should excite parents more than toys on the panel. The number of wheels is usually from 4 to 10. The ideal option is 6-8 wheels. The more of them, the less risks that the crumb will turn over. It is advisable that the wheels are removed (so it will be easier to wash them).
  • Stopper on wheels.
    Such a retainer will be useful during the stopping of the baby.
  • Wheel material.
    The least noisy and excluding damage to the flooring are silicone wheels.
  • Seat.
    Contrary to stereotypes, the seats are not only different in color. Pay attention to the compliance of the backrest with the established norms – it must be flat and necessarily rigid. The requirements for the seat itself are wide (to avoid groin discomfort) and deep (to reduce the risk of falling out). It is better to choose a waterproof material so that the baby can be in the walker even without diapers. And the cover itself must be removable for subsequent washing.
  • Height adjustable.
    It will allow the walker to grow at the same time as the baby. There can be three or more heights, according to the walker model. Check that it is securely locked in each position.
  • Table top.
    This detail is equipped with everything that a little researcher may need – squeaks, rattles, bottle recesses, etc. It is more convenient when the table top is removable. And if toys are also removable, then be sure to check that there are no cracks under them, into which the crumb can stick a finger.

Remember to ask quality certificate, check the possibility of folding the walker and availability rug for feet (at the time of the stop) or a special platform that turns the walker into a comfortable chair.

Which baby walker have you chosen for your baby? Share your opinion with us!

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