How to choose an artificial tree, or a beautiful tree that is safe for health

It is difficult even to imagine the New Year without a Christmas tree. Since mid-December, when Christmas trees decorated with garlands and balls are being installed in all shops, in squares and streets, in yards and squares, everything around reminds of the upcoming holidays.

And in almost every house at the very end of December, forest beauties, whether alive or artificial, will take their place of honor.

How to choose the right artificial Christmas tree for the New Year
With the modern development of technology, an artificial tree today practically does not differ from natural, even a coniferous smell is imitated either by a special treatment of branches, or an aerosol specially developed for artificial trees.

Because of this, as well as because of usability, artificial Christmas trees are gaining more and more followers.

How to make an alternative Christmas tree for the New 2014 with your own hands?
How to choose the right artificial Christmas tree for the New Year

Which artificial tree to choose?

Among the huge variety of models, Christmas trees differ:

By assembly type

Christmas trees are divided into two categories:

  • Trunk with attached branches divided into several sections (depending on the height of the tree), which you just need to collect. This type of Christmas tree is very fast and easy to assemble, but the most expensive is the price.
  • The tree is assembled in several stages.: first, the trunk and only then, with the help of special fasteners, the branches are attached to the trunk.

By material of manufacture

  • Cast – each branch is cast separately, and then assembled into a single whole;
  • PVC – not as expensive as cast ones, and have all the advantages of artificial Christmas trees;
  • From fishing line – today they are being supplanted by more modern materials. Eco-friendly, durable, cheap in price.

How to choose the right artificial Christmas tree for the New YearChristmas trees with paper needles we will not consider specially impregnation, since this option has only one advantage – a very low price, but at the same time it is fire hazardous, short-lived, questionable in terms of environmental friendliness and can be hazardous to health. Most often, paper models are made in China using toxic dyes and poor quality materials.

Which tree to choose for the New Year – artificial or real?

A good help in choosing the right artificial Christmas tree will be videosthat can be found on the Internet in large numbers.

Video: How to choose the right artificial Christmas tree for the New Year?

How to choose an artificial Christmas tree correctly – good advice

How to choose an artificial Christmas tree so that the tree really turns out quality and pleased you with its appearance?
How to choose the right artificial Christmas tree for the New Year

  • Run your hand over the needles of the Christmas tree. The needles should be firmly attached to the branches of the tree, not come off when twitching;
  • The needles should be tough to the touch – this is due to the fact that the needles must be made of special fishing line. If the needles are soft enough, there is a danger that you may come across a cheap paper-needled Christmas tree made in China. In this case, it is better to look for another model;
  • The tree is odorless, even light, and even more so – a sharp chemical. Nevertheless, a number of synthetic materials, being extremely harmful to health, have no smell, therefore, this point of choosing artificial trees can be considered conditional;
  • The branches of the Christmas tree should be well fixed on one side, and elastic and mobile on the other. Try to bend the branch if it returns to its original position – the quality of the tree is good;
  • Pay attention to the stand: it must be stable. The material from which it is traditionally made is plastic or metal. It is better to opt for metal as it is more durable.

How to choose the right artificial Christmas tree for the New Year

How to choose and install a live Christmas tree for the New Year?

Mandatory rules for buying an artificial Christmas tree

  • Don’t skimp on buying an artificial Christmas tree! Saving when choosing can turn into big trouble. Low-quality artificial materials, under the influence of temperature, release phenol and formaldehyde – volatile substances that can cause dizziness, provoke headaches, feeling unwell, etc.
  • Be sure to ask the seller for a certificate and a hygienic or sanitary-epidemiological conclusion confirming the safety of an artificial Christmas tree.
  • Better not to buy artificial tree from street fairs. In stores, especially departments specializing in the sale of New Year’s paraphernalia, you are guaranteed to be offered a quality product with all the necessary accompanying documents.

Choosing the right Christmas tree for you – and a Happy New Year!

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