How to choose CC cream for your skin type?

CC-cream, although it has universal properties, still requires a competent choice.

To do this, you should pay attention to the composition of the cream and the declared characteristics.

CC cream by skin type

Selection of CC-cream for skin type

So, as a rule, CC cream is best suited to owners oily skin, because it contains components that absorb the secreted sebum. Therefore, when used, you will get a velvety matte finish.

If your skin is combination, be sure to include aloe extract and tea tree oil.

Despite the fact that CC-cream has a slight matting effect, this does not mean that it cannot be used by owners dry skin… It’s simple: the composition must contain components responsible for high-quality hydration. These can be berry extracts and organic acids. Alternatively, you can mix CC cream and moisturizer and apply the resulting mixture to your face.

Girls who have normal skin, can be absolutely free in choosing this product, when buying, paying attention solely to the shade. However, it will not be superfluous if useful extracts are present in the composition.

If you have problem skin, a light coverage with CC Cream may not be enough for you. And it is not surprising, because if he copes with color correction, then he is not able to block obvious inflammations due to his texture. In this case, it is better to use the cream as a base for makeup, covering it on top with a layer of dense foundation.

How to choose the tone of ss cream

Choice of shade

If, when choosing a shade of a regular foundation, you can spend a lot of time thinking which of the presented 15 options will look good on your face, then in the case of CC cream, everything is much easier.

As a rule, the manufacturer produces no more than three possible shades.

Apply a drop of the product from the tester to the corner of the lower jaw, blend and see how smoothly the shade merges with the face and neck. Let it sit for a while (about half an hour) and look in the mirror again. If you are satisfied with the result, you have chosen the desired shade: during this time, the CC-cream already copes with the color correction and takes on the final look. As you can see, it takes a little more time than classic tonalans.

By the way, when you squeeze out the product, you will find that it is not flesh-colored, but rather colored. CC cream can be greenish, pinkish, yellowish. But it’s a shade, not a full color, and that’s why it’s easy for him to adjust to skin tone. The packaging usually says which pigmentation correction the specific cream is targeting.

The most difficult thing is to choose the right shade for girls who have the lightest skin tone (porcelain) or, on the contrary, have dark skin.

Choosing a shade of ss cream

When if the purchased shade turned out to be too dark or too light for you, mix it with a drop of tonal lighter or darker shade, respectively. You can also mix it with a moisturizer to brighten.

CC cream: options

CC-creams have a complex effect on the skin, evening out its tone, moisturizing and nourishing it with nutrients. Accordingly, you need to choose it, focusing on what your skin needs most. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, then pay attention to CC cream with an SPF of 30 or more… If you are beginning to show signs of aging, look for anti-aging CC cream

Separately, we can mention CC-creams produced by Korean manufacturers. They are much more likely to contain nutrients that thoroughly care for the skin.

The only problem, the line of shades may be too light, it will be necessary to select it very carefully before buying.

CC-cream from a Korean manufacturer


We have put together a little test for you to determine if you need CC cream. Answer yes or no questions.

  1. Is there light to medium pigmentation on your face: spots, colored areas on the face, pronounced circles under the eyes?
  2. Do you have oily or combination skin?
  3. Do you prefer a light foundation?
  4. Do you love a matte finish on your foundation?
  5. Are the caring properties of foundation important to you?

If you answered “yes” to most of the questions, then by all means get CC-cream!

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