How to choose jewelry for clothes – 10 rules from a stylist

Quite often you can see how a beautiful outfit is spoiled by improperly selected jewelry. But it’s not so hard to make the right choice. From today’s article you can learn how to choose the right jewelry for your clothes.

General rules for choosing jewelry – how to choose jewelry with taste?

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To always look stylish and beautiful, when choosing jewelry, you must adhere to 10 basic rules:

  1. The outfit and decorations for it must be chosen according to the event you are going to;
  2. The color of the accessories must be selected according to the type of your appearance. Before choosing jewelry, decide who you are: spring, winter, summer or autumn;
  3. Don’t forget about moderation. Even if you are going to a New Year’s party, remember, you are not a “tree”. There is an unspoken rule that the older a woman is, the fewer accessories she is allowed to wear at the same time;
  4. For weightless graceful outfits, it is best to select fragile jewelry, and for a dress made of dense fabric, massive accessories are suitable;
  5. Materials must match. If earlier it was not recommended to wear silver and gold at the same time, now this rule is ignored by many stylists. The main thing is that the image is designed in the same style;
  6. For a bright outfit, decorations should be discreet, and vice versa;
  7. You cannot combine jewelry with costume jewelry. This is considered bad manners;
  8. Very close placement of accessories spoils the whole image;
  9. Do not add accessories:
    • Shiny dresses;
    • Dresses with: asymmetrical neckline, a bow or drapery in the neck area, flowers, embroidery or stones on the bodice;
    • Outfits with puffs, ruffles and frills.
  10. Accessories are designed to highlight a particular part of your body. Therefore, the selected jewelry can compliment you or ruin the whole day.

How to choose the right jewelry for a dress

Each fashionista has jewelry among her accessories. These are all kinds of beads, rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, etc. Necklaces made from non-precious materials are especially popular with women, since they can be used to revive any outfit.

How to choose the right jewelry for clothes - 10 rules from the Bologny stylist
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Unfortunately, not all women know how to choose the right jewelry for the neckline of a dress or sweater. But incorrectly selected jewelry can ruin the whole image. Therefore, we take out all our jewelry and begin to figure out which neckline is suitable.

  • Neckline – one of the most beloved necklines of modern women. And although many people believe that any jewelry fits such a cutout, in reality it is not. Since the cleavage itself attracts attention, you shouldn’t emphasize it even more. It will look out of place. Unobtrusive graceful jewelry that fits snugly around the neck is ideal for the neckline. The length of the chain for such a cut should be about 40 cm.

  • V-neck also perfectly accentuates the neckline. Long chains are not suitable for clothes with such a neckline. It is best to opt for a neat piece of jewelry with a small pendant. To get a balanced ensemble, the pendant must reflect the geometric lines of the neckline itself.

  • O-neck goes well with massive jewelry. The smaller the neckline, the larger the decoration should be. In this case, the color of the necklace can partially repeat the color of the dress or jacket. Also, a similar outfit can be complemented with all kinds of long chains.

  • High throat… For a dress without a neckline or a golf course, jewelry is a must. For such an outfit, multi-layered long jewelry that needs to be worn over clothing is ideal. Such chains are most often decorated with various decorative elements: small pendants, coins, flowers, bows, etc.

  • High cut can be round or square. But in either case, it necessarily covers most of the chest and ends almost at the very neck. It is best not to add jewelry to clothes with such a neckline. But if there is a thin chain with a small pendant in your box, you can wear it.

How to choose the right jewelry for clothes - 10 rules from the Bologny stylist
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