How to choose the right bra for your shape – 12 basic models of bras

How to choose a bra according to the shape - bra models, their pros and consNowadays, the choice of a bra is not only the choice of color and material, but, first of all, its model. The more successful a given piece of clothing is chosen, the more effectively disadvantages are corrected and advantages are emphasized.

There are many models in modern stores. How to choose yours?

How to choose the right bra size – tables for choosing the right bra size

Classic bra

It is a closed model with soft cups and no bones. The top and bottom are usually equal in height.

Classic bra

  • Who is it for? The model is ideal for girls with large breasts. However, she is universal, and a woman with any shape can choose her. An excellent option for maintaining saggy breasts after childbirth and breastfeeding.
  • Flaws: lack of “push-up” effect, tight fit to the sternum, expressiveness of the model.
  • Choice of clothes. This model is definitely not suitable for a dress / blouse with a deep neckline or neckline.
  • For which breast shape? Breasts drooping, sagging after childbirth; mammary glands, set wide apart and “looking” in different directions; breasts requiring full coverage.

If you are a girl with large lush breasts and you need maximum comfort, then this model is for you.


  • Features of the model: underwire cups, open neckline, removable wide straps or transparent silicone straps. Angelica
  • Who is it for? A universal model for women with any shape with any body shape.
  • Purpose: supports the breasts from below and gives them a beautiful shape.
  • Choice of clothes. Ideal for any style of clothing, including the V-neck. Not suitable for a dress with a deep neckline or off-the-shoulder dress.
  • Pros: perfectly fixes the chest,
  • Flaws: hard bows in the cups often rub the skin, or even “jump out” of the cups.
  • Who is not suitable? The model will not fit a girl with a pear-shaped figure or with a miniature one, with a wide chest, with widely spaced mammary glands, with an omega-shaped breast. Also, the model is not suitable for those girls who are allergic to base metals.


  • Features of the model: the presence of a short corset made of dense fabric, the location of the bones on the sides and directly under the breast, the absence of shoulder straps (approx. – fastened with lacing or hooks from the back), demi cups, the minimum number of seams. Bustier May have garters, removable straps or decorative elements.
  • Who is it for? Ideal for small and medium-sized breasts, as well as for women with voluminous breasts.
  • Pros: easy tightening of the waist, tight fit of the body, the availability of seamless patterns in stores. Creates a beautiful cleavage neckline and back support.
  • Flaws: the presence of bones, inconvenience when fastening, pinching the chest when tightening the corset too tight.
  • For whom is it not suitable? For a woman with widely spaced mammary glands, with a small waist, with an abdominal circumference that exceeds the circumference of the model’s belt, with a curvature of the spine.

This model perfectly emphasizes the volume of the upper chest and looks sophisticated and expensive. Often it is used not only as underwear, but also as an element of clothing from a whole image.


  • Features of the model: a strong neckline, a “balcony” cup shape, hard cup material and the presence of bones, widely spaced straps with the ability to unfasten, the presence of a special silicone tape (approx. – for a snug fit to the skin and improved fixation). Balconette
  • Who is it for? A good choice for small, firm breasts.
  • Who is not suitable? Women with a solid breast size (approx. – the breast will just jump out of the “balcony”), with sagging and drooping breasts.
  • Pros: supports breasts, provides mouth-watering forms.
  • Choice of clothes: Suitable for almost any look you choose, including a neckline, a large neckline and open shoulders (if the straps are removed), as well as tees and tops.


  • Features of the model: the presence of pockets in the lower part for inserting inserts that visually increase the size of the breast, special fittings, a large number of parts sewn to the side cups (not inserted into the basque). Wonderbra
  • Pros: breast support on the sides and lifts from below, visual breast enlargement, the ability to adjust the straps in accordance with the type of clothing.
  • Who is it for? Women with small and medium breasts.
  • Choice of clothes. The model can be used both for dresses with a cutout on the back and for dresses with a completely open back. The position of the straps changes according to the style of the dresses.


  • Features of the model: the presence of removable / non-removable inserts (approx. – silicone, fabric or foam rubber), widely spaced straps. Push-up
  • Who is it for? A good option for a girl with small breasts or with an average size of high elastic breasts.
  • Who is not suitable? For girls with lowered, “tired”, saggy breasts (breast lift will be insufficient, which will certainly be noticeable even under clothes), with strong breast asymmetry (approx. – additional inserts will be needed here), with size A / AA (approx. – no effect), with widely spaced mammary / glands, as well as sloping shoulders.
  • Pros: visual enlargement of the breast (approx. – by 1-2 sizes), lifting of the breast with the formation of a beautiful hollow.
  • Flaws: in the summertime, the chest in such a model sweats a lot. It should also be noted a certain discomfort – moving in such a bra is not very comfortable, it feels like “harness”.
  • Choice of clothes. This model is not suitable for dresses with a large neckline, neckline, open back, as well as for tight-fitting dresses made of thin fabric (“push-up” will be too noticeable), for tops with a low neckline.
  • Types of push-up models. 1st – slight lift of the chest, provided by the cut of the model. 2nd – breast augmentation by 1-1.5 sizes, thanks to the soft material added to the cups. 3rd – significant breast augmentation with full filling of the cups with soft material.


  • Features of the model: open cups, opening half of each breast in the center, the upper part of the cups is much smaller than the lower one or is completely absent. Corbeil
  • Who is it for? Ideal model for girls with small breasts.
  • Choice of clothes. The model is usually used for a large neckline.
  • Pros: perfectly supports the chest, adds “charm”.


  • Features of the model: material – silicone, no back fastener and straps, shoulder straps and bones. Fastening to the body with a special adhesive backing. Flesh color. Invisible (Invisible) silicone
  • Who is it for? Girls with breast size A-D.
  • Pros: absolutely invisible under clothes; lifts the breasts, shapes them and shifts them to the center, provides a push-up effect (approx. – increase) by 1 size, and also hides protruding nipples.
  • Choice of clothes. Ideal for a dress / blouse made of thin fabric, for a dress with an open cut on the back (practically with an open back).
  • Flaws: does not support the chest.
  • Who is not suitable? For girls who need extra breast support.


  • Features of the model: general view of the bra – a strip of fabric, the presence of bones (or their absence, the model can be of different types), the absence of straps, the presence of a back / front fastener or none at all. Bando Support by frame / lacing is possible, and it is also acceptable to have a silicone tape around the edge for a more thorough attachment to the skin. Most often flesh color. The material is lycra or nylon.
  • Who is it for? Girls with small high breasts.
  • Who is not suitable? Ladies with curvaceous forms (such a model simply cannot provide the necessary breast support for them).
  • Choice of clothes. Perfect for off-the-shoulder or backless dresses, tops, as well as a sheer blouse or tank top.
  • Pros: the model is often referred to as the “second skin”.
  • Flaws: you have to put it on over your head; if the wrong model is chosen (for the wrong breast size), the bra may slip.


  • Features of the model: lack of seams in the cups; elastic thin material with microfiber, no decorative elements, absolutely smooth surface. Form – classic or “top”. Seamless
  • Who is it for? A woman with firm breasts who do not need extra volume and do not need support. And also to create a more subtle contour of the chest when wearing tight tops.
  • Who is not suitable? A woman with an asymmetric breast, with a very large breast size, with saggy breasts, with uneven fullness.
  • Pros: completely merges with the skin, repeats the shape of the breast, does not cause discomfort, pleasant to the touch, absolute comfort, invisible under clothes.
  • Choice of clothes. The model is suitable for outfits made of stretch fabric, for tight dresses, T-shirts, blouses.
  • Flaws: with a breast size D or more, this model may not fit. This is because the shape of the cups is usually determined by the manufacturer and there is a risk that they will deform under the weight of the breast. However, there is a way out: choose bodices with a 2-layer fabric for the best support.
  • Purpose: for use during breastfeeding. For feeding
  • Features of the model: anti-allergic natural materials (usually cotton), detachable upper part of the cup, wide straps, no rigid inserts, minimum seams, special cut without bones.
  • Pros: created taking into account the anatomical features, practicality and convenience when feeding crumbs; easy opening, comfortable fasteners, snug fit to the body, protection from stretch marks and sagging breasts, milk stagnation.
  • Models for feeding. 1st: top with missing underwire for small breasts. Comfortable but not providing breast support. 2nd: 2-layer bra with circular support, inner lining and zipper, with and without underwire. Option for large breasts. 3rd: with open cups. Provides quick access to milk and bottom support. 4th: with a front fastener between the cups. Adjustable size, full breast opening when feeding, convenient opening. 5th: strap closure. Comfortable and simple, made of stretch fabric, with a drop-down cup. 6th: night. Lightweight, natural, imperceptible. Option for moms with curvy shapes.
  • Purpose: for sports activities and to reduce chest movement during exercise. Sports
  • Features of the model: soft, pitted cups with large coverage, one-piece back, dense elastic material, wide stiff straps, possibly the presence of a seal on the cups (for shaping, visual enlargement of the breast and greater fixation), lack of fasteners.
  • Who is it for? A girl with any breast size.
  • Who is not suitable? A woman who wants to visually increase the volume of her breasts, as well as for everyday wear (due to the fact that the model is not designed to support the breast and protect it from sagging).
  • Pros: fixation of the breast in its natural position, maximum comfort when moving, no squeezing of the breast with bones and a hard edge, absorption of sweat.

Of course, there are many more models of bras.

For instance…

  • Bodysuit (T-shirt with panties with a fastener between the legs).
  • Corset (bust support and accentuated waist).
  • Triangel (lightweight, flat triangular / shaped cups, no bones).
  • Delta Bust (transparent model made of microporous viscose).
  • Modeling with correction effect.
  • Models with the ability to change colors during ovulation.
  • Models inflated with a button.
  • Microchip models for measuring pulse / pressure and even with a radio alert system.
  • Fur models with gel filler.

Whichever model you choose, stop at the one that meets the main selection criteria: health, comfort, high quality. website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback and tips in the comments below.

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