How to clean and wash blinds – vertical and horizontal?

How to clean and wash blinds - vertical and horizontal?Blinds have long and firmly entered our life and even in many apartments they have replaced curtains, tulles and curtains as more functional, more practical and more stylish decor items. In addition, blinds, unlike curtains, allow you to control the brightness of external lighting in a room.

The care of these interior items depends on the material from which the blinds are made.

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  1. Weekly Blinds Care – How Not To Run?
  2. Dry cleaning vertical and horizontal blinds
  3. Wet cleaning of vertical and horizontal blinds

Cleaning your blinds weekly – how to keep them from running?

Like all objects in an apartment, blinds also tend to get dirty and covered with dust. And if they are located in the kitchen, then, in addition to dust, soot and unpleasant fatty deposits accumulate on the lamellas. To return the lamellas to a state of novelty, additional funds will have to be used.

The less often the blinds are cleaned, the more difficult it is to return them to their original appearance, therefore weekly maintenance greatly simplifies the work of the hostess and extends the life of the blinds themselves.

Video: How To Clean Horizontal Blinds: Two Ways To Clean Correctly Without Removing

Basic rules for the care of blinds:

  • Horizontal and vertical blinds can be cleaned in different ways.
  • Each type of blinds (by type of material) has its own type of cleaning. Be sure to read the instructions (recommendations on the packaging are written for a reason) before washing or removing the blinds.
  • Vertical blinds can be washed without removing from the windows (if you are afraid then “not to put them back”). Cleaning horizontal blinds
  • All types of blinds should be cleaned regularly by using a vacuum cleaner with a special attachment.
  • Do not forget to ventilate the room! Most types of blinds absorb all the odors in the room.
  • Do not soak blinds in hot water. Drying with electrical appliances, hair dryers, radiators and other means is also impossible. Drying should be done naturally.
  • Use an antistatic agent for all types of blinds. It is needed to prevent dust from settling on the surface of the lamellas.
  • After washing the blinds, the slats must be separated, otherwise they will stick to each other.

How to wash plastic horizontal blinds

Dry cleaning vertical and horizontal blinds – tools and care products

As we have already found out, each type of material has its own method of cleaning.

for instance, the one that is suitable for plastic is not at all suitable for wood or fabric lamellas. Therefore, consider the properties of the material and the rules for caring for it.

What products and tools can be used to clean the blinds?

  1. Textile gloves. We put them on top of the classic household ones and grab the lamellas on both sides, halving the cleaning time.
  2. Special brushes for cleaning blinds. Such a “comb” is a device that captures several lamellas at once. Cleaning horizontal blindsSpecial fabric attachments on the teeth of such a “comb” attract dust and light dirt from several plates at once. These brushes are most convenient for cleaning plastic blinds.
  3. A vacuum cleaner. We put on a special nozzle and weekly clean the blinds from dust.
  4. Old socks. We put an ordinary old sock on our hand, like a doll from a children’s theater, and gently wipe each lamella. Cleaning horizontal or vertical blinds with a sock
  5. Blinds cleaning pliers. You can even make this device yourself by attaching two soft towel rags to ordinary household tongs.
  6. A classic brush for cleaning surfaces from dust – pipidastr. For fragile plastic panels, it is unlikely to work, but for metal and wood – just right.
  7. Microfiber cloth. This fabric perfectly collects dust and removes dirt, unlike pipidastra, which lifts all the dust into the air, after which it “safely” returns back to the lamellas.
  8. Regular paint brush. We choose the widest one and use it, like the above-described “comb”, capturing several lamellas at once when cleaning.
  9. Wet wipes. Ordinary hand wipes will not work – choose special wipes for office equipment, for example, which remove dust, do not leave streaks, and relieve static stress.

Features of cleaning according to the type of lamella material:

  • Wooden. Such blinds deteriorate from moisture. Therefore dry cleaning is preferred. We use dry brushes, vacuum cleaner – for cleaning dust. As for serious dirt, you cannot do without special products for wooden furniture.
  • Plastic. You can’t roll such blinds into a roll, you can’t stuff a washing machine into a washing machine. And given that most plastic panels are extremely fragile, it is recommended to clean them, without removing, right on the window. Blinds cleaning at homeWe mix the cleaning agent with water in a spray bottle or take a ready-made store composition, spray it on all the slats, wait 5 minutes and wipe it with microfiber, cotton sock or other device that absorbs moisture well. Yellowness, for example, nicotine plaque, can be removed with a soda solution, bleach or auto-plastic cleaning spray.
  • Tissue. Dry cleaning is possible only with a vacuum cleaner or pipidastra. This cleaning should be done every week. And once every six months – wet cleaning. However, there is another wonderful modern tool – this is a steam cleaner, thanks to which the fabric slats can not be removed from the window, and at the same time can be cleaned in the most efficient way. A jet of steam will remove all dirt, even without the use of additional products, and at the same time will not harm the blinds themselves. Cleaning the blinds with a steam generator
  • Roller blinds Day-Night… Dry cleaning or light damp cleaning using pH neutral products and a clean sponge is recommended for these fabric roller blinds. After cleaning, the blinds should be unrolled and dried. Stubborn stains are removed with the safest possible stain remover. And some stains can be easily removed even with a classic school eraser.
  • Bamboo… This material is afraid of a strong drop in humidity, so wet cleaning and washing will have to be abandoned. Use brushes and a vacuum cleaner, and in serious cases, wipes for office equipment and cleaning wooden surfaces.
  • Metal lamellas also do not like moisture. Naturally, you cannot “soak” them in water – they will rust and lose their attractiveness. There are enough wet wipes for “wet cleaning”. Also, do not forget to process the curtain rail guides with a special silicone grease once a year.
  • Roller blinds can only be washed by hand… In addition, they must not be ironed or dried vertically or curled up. During drying, the roller blind should be flattened horizontally on a flat surface, not forgetting to carefully straighten all the creases and folds.

Wet cleaning vertical and horizontal blinds – how to clean blinds without removing them?

Fast way for horizontal plastic blinds

Fast, but not cheap. However, once every six months, you can “splurge” on autochemistry.

  • We remove the blinds from the brackets so that later we do not have to wash the glass with the window sill, and we hang it over the bathroom.
  • We apply foam used for non-contact powerful car wash. This foam dissolves all dirt in 2-3 minutes. Even if the blinds were hung in the kitchen next to the stove.
  • We wash off the foam from the shower, wait for all the water to drain, wipe it dry – carefully and delicately – with a microfiber cloth.
  • We spray with antistatic agent – and return the blinds to their place.

Video: How to remove strips of fabric (lamellas) from the eaves of vertical blinds

Wet cleaning of fabric blinds – instructions

  • We remove the textile slats from the fasteners, free them from laces and weights.
  • Next, we put all the slats in a neat pile and roll them up.
  • We collect warm water in a large bucket and, adding the cleaning agent according to the instructions, we lower the lamellas there for 3 hours, having previously folded them into a bag for a delicate wash.
  • Next, we gently clean each lamella separately from soaked dirt with a soft sponge.
  • We rinse it in the bath, hang it up for draining without squeezing, then put the slats back in place and be sure to hang the weights.

Video: Washing vertical blinds

We erase roller blinds Day-Night

  • We remove the curtain from the cornice.
  • We collect warm water in the bath, add a cleaning agent and lower the blinds there for half an hour.
  • After soaking the curtains, wipe the mesh as gently as possible with a soft washcloth.
  • In the process of cleaning, carefully roll the already treated areas onto the holder, if rinsing is not required. Or we rinse in clean water.
  • Next, we wait for the water to drain and return the curtain to its place so that it dries in the already straightened position.

Fabric vertical blinds and Vanish

If, according to the instructions, the use of such products is permissible, then we use Vanish for carpets or another product that provides abundant foam for cleaning.

  • Beat the foam.
  • Without removing the blinds, we apply foam to the lamellas on both sides.
  • After the period specified in the instructions for the product, vacuum the lamellas using a brush, removing dirt along with the remaining foam.
  • Instead of Vanish and foam, you can use a ready-made special store-bought composition for dry cleaning of textile blinds. It is also applied to the lamellas and after a certain time is removed with a sponge with already removed dirt.

Cleaning vertical blinds

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