How to clean tile joints at home – tips for housewives

Sooner or later, the seams between the tiles become dirty. This is caused by limescale deposits, moisture, grease droplets, soot, mold, poorly rinsed cleaners and detergents. But, nevertheless, the problem of cleaning tile joints can be solved!

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How to clean tile joints

General rules for the care of tile joints:

  • You can use a store-bought product, such as a joint sealant. “Atlas Dolphin”, this tool is used if the seams have not yet had time to get dirty, or with a deep cleaning agent – such as Ultrastripper. Besides popular “Sif”, “Doctor Muscle”, a well-proven viscous disinfectant for cleaning tiles and the joints between tiles BOZO
  • Mold detected in time in a small area is easy to eliminate special markers… The waterproof dye contained in them masks the affected areas of the tile joints.
  • To clean tile seams without resorting to expensive cleaning agents, you can prepare a pasty mixture of bleach and baking soda… This option is suitable for those who have used a grout without color pigments. Otherwise, the bleach will neutralize the color. After mixing the components to a viscous mass, apply with a spatula to the joints of the tiles. Wait until the mixture dries, and rinse with water using a brush. The brush should be used not hard so that the bristles do not leave scratches on the tiles and do not spoil the tile joints. Alternatively, you can use whiteness and a washcloth. Do not forget about protective equipment – rubber gloves are a must. Chlorine-containing products are effective at the initial stage of the appearance of the fungus.
  • Fungus caused by high humidity can be removed table vinegar… A tablespoon of vinegar mixed with a teaspoon of water softener, 2/3 cup warm water, and a tablespoon of ammonia is a good disinfectant.
  • Professionals advise cleaning tile joints in an environmentally friendly way – with steam… The thick hot air destroys any kind of pollution. Experts use equipment that works on the principle of a steam cleaner. The structure of the grout is not disturbed, there are no smudges and streaks. After processing the seams with hot air, you need to wash off the dirt with warm water. At the end of the cleaning, it is recommended to treat the joints and tiles with disinfecting antifungal agents.
  • Fine sandpaper helps to mechanically remove dirt and small fungus from tile joints. By cleaning off the outer layer of grout, dirt is also eliminated.
  • Don’t use soap to clean seams.… The detergent mixture, consisting of alkalis, promotes the spread of mold spores.

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Homemade tile grout recipe:

Now I want to tell you how to make a tile joint bleach with your own hands.

  • First you need to put on rubber gloves, because health comes first!
  • Provide air access to the room.
  • Then mix soda with water in a ratio of 1:14, i.e. for 1 glass of soda – 14 glasses of water, add 2/3 glass of lemon juice and half a glass of vinegar.
  • When mixing soda with lemon juice or vinegar, a corresponding reaction occurs to form a foam. Therefore, this procedure must be done carefully and carefully.
  • Mix the resulting solution and apply with a washcloth to the tile joints.
  • After rinsing, do not rinse the grout from the joints for about 15 minutes.
  • After the time has elapsed, rinse the surface with clean warm water.

Many who have used this recipe are happy with the result.

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How to clean tile joints

It is necessary, first of all, to decide in what way to clean the joints of the tiles. after analyzing the degree of pollution, as well as determining whether there is fungus and stubborn plaque on the surface.

How do you clean the joints between the tiles from dirt and plaque? Share your recipes in the comments below!

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