How to clean your carpet at home quickly and efficiently

Nowadays, the choice of flooring is quite wide and varied, compared to what it was about 30 years ago. But, despite this, carpets still remain at the peak of their popularity. Every house has at least one carpet, and no wonder – because carpets create comfort and warmth in the house. Sooner or later, the hostess will have to clean it, and at the same time, it is advisable to use safe means to preserve the ecology of the house.

How to clean your rug at home quickly and efficiently – Bologny’s guide for housewives.

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10 effective folk remedies for cleaning carpets at home

Folk recipes for carpet cleaning is selected according to the type of dirt and pile material.

    1. In winter, many housewives clean the carpet. with the help of snow… To do this, collect snow on the street, spread it on the carpet with a broom and wait until it absorbs the dirt. Then, sweep the snow off the carpet. The procedure is repeated several times to completely clean the mat. After such a procedure, your carpet will smell of freshness and winter coolness.
    2. SaltBy the way, it also effectively cleans the carpet. Sprinkle a generous amount of salt on the carpet. After a few hours, sweep away the salt with a broom dipped in soapy water. The salt will absorb dirt and dust, freshening the carpet.
    3. Vinegar solution will renew the carpet and give it freshness. Vacuum the carpet, and then use a vinegar-based brush to clean the carpet. When everything is done, open the window to ventilate the room from the nasty vinegar smell.
    4. Tea brewing suitable for cleaning dark surfaces. The tea leaves will make the pile silky and shiny. Wrap the tea leaves in cheesecloth, wring it out, scatter over the carpet, leave for a couple of hours, and then sweep away with a broom dipped in warm soapy solution. Then vacuum the carpet.
    5. Surprisingly, it cleans the carpet well sauerkraut… Scatter the cabbage over the carpet and wait. It will begin to darken before your eyes. When the cabbage darkens strongly, sweep the cabbage with a broom, rinse under running water and repeat the process again. Follow the procedure until the cabbage stops changing color.
    6. If you have pets in your house, use with a damp broom or roller for cleaning clothes The wool will stick to them as it gets off the carpet. Hair can be removed from the carpet well with a wet rag or brush.
    7. Light-colored carpet is recommended to be cleaned sawdust… To do this, you need to mix gasoline and detergent (in equal proportions), moisten sawdust in the solution and place them evenly on the carpet. Sweep the carpet after a few hours.
    8. Chalk or talcum powder good for removing greasy stains from carpet. Sprinkle the stain with one of the products, put a piece of paper on top and iron with a hot iron.
    9. There is also a carpet stain remover suitable for all types of stains. The product is prepared from vinegar, detergent and ammonia To prepare the composition, mix 5 tsp. any detergent, 0.5 cups each of alcohol and vinegar. Dilute the composition in 12 liters of water, rinse the carpet with a rag along the nap, moistening it in the product.
    10. Wax, paraffin and gum stains can be removed With using ice… The chilled gum and wax can be easily removed from the carpet. detergent solution, and then wipe with a solution of vinegar. Ammonia removes fruit juice and wine stains. Remove coffee and tea stains glycerin solution (3 tablespoons glycerin in 3 liters of water). Removing fresh stains should be followed according to the rule: rub the stain from the periphery to the centerotherwise it will only get bigger.
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For tough stains and very heavily soiled carpet, you need to go to a dry cleaner.

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