How to create a Chalice of Plenty to attract good luck in 2022

The Money Chalice or Chalice of Abundance is a set of “lucky” items that will help you attract more money and good luck into your life.

For the Bowl to work, in 2022 place it in the northeastern part of your home or office. This is the area that is responsible for wealth in the Year of the Tiger.

If the bowl is filled with natural stones, it becomes a source of vitality and energy, brings calmness and helps to get out of depression, eliminates negative emotions, and also increases self-esteem.

From a health point of view, the Bowl improves metabolism and strengthens the immune system. On a personal level, it attracts the right people to you and helps you make the right decisions.

How to Create a Cup of Plenty to Attract Good Luck and Financial Stability in 2022
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How to Create the Perfect Cup of Abundance for 2022

First of all, it is a set of feng shui symbols that you choose for yourself. How to do it?

Follow this simple instruction:

  1. Choose a suitable bowl.

This can be a glass bowl or a shallow vase. Ideally, the bowl should be 20 to 25 cm in diameter.

  1. Pick up its content.

Classic Bowls of Plenty are usually filled with the following items:

  • artificial diamonds;
  • gold bars (of course, this can be an imitation of bars painted in gold color);
  • small stones painted in gold and imitating gold nuggets;
  • semi-precious (natural) stones (such as amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, or lapis lazuli);
  • Chinese coins (gold or silver with a square hole in the middle).
  1. Place the Tree of Wealth in the bowl.

This tree is decorated with Chinese coins, natural stones, Turkish eye amulets and even small flowers. Place it in the center of the bowl and arrange the symbols of prosperity described above around its base.

  1. Add the Golden Buddha to the composition.

The Golden Buddha will protect your bowl and enhance the energy of prosperity. The Buddha figurine should be located near the Wealth Tree.

  1. Add your Chinese zodiac sign.

When you place your zodiac sign in the Chalice of Abundance, it will contribute specifically to your financial luck and stability.

How to Create a Cup of Plenty to Attract Good Luck and Financial Stability in 2022
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Now place your Bowl in the northeastern part of the living room, as this is the most favorable place in 2022. Trust us, the Black Water Tiger will definitely appreciate your efforts!

Where should the Chalice of Plenty not be kept?

Don’t put the Cup of Plenty in the bathroom as it is a waste of energy! Likewise, do not place it next to a sink, as gutters are also an energy drain.

It is very important that your Bowl is always clean and tidy – no dust, dirt, or mess around it.

When you cleanse your Bowl, gently move its contents. It would be nice to change their location a little in order to “shake up” the energy. You can even add new or replace old items there.

How to decorate your table with the Bowl of Plenty on Chinese New Year’s Eve

You can create another Cup of Plenty especially for your dinner table for the holidays. It is usually filled with fruits and other wholesome foods and items that symbolize prosperity, happiness, and good health.

How to Create a Cup of Plenty to Attract Good Luck and Financial Stability in 2022
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What can you put there:

  • Pineapple means wealth and prosperity, and onions mean wisdom and good decisions.
  • Garlic attracts constant income and general wealth.
  • Tarot cards are the unity of all family members and relatives.
  • Ginger is Success, Wealth and Power

Prepare a large glass bowl (shallow vase) and fill it three quarters with rice. Place pineapple (wealth) in the center along with garlic (income), ginger (success), and tarot (luck and family unity).

Then place the curled up banknotes there, tied with red thread. And rest assured that happiness and well-being will not bypass you in any way!

What do you do to attract good luck? Share with us in the comments!

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