How to determine your size for running (training) sneakers?

Vasily, Maya, Rostislav, thank you very much for the resource where you talk about healthy running and proper training, which I became interested in after Milner’s book “I choose to run.”

After your sneaker tests, I settled on Asics and Mizuno. Please pay attention and comment in this thread or in future tutorials on this…

I think an important aspect of shoe sizing is the _room_ of the insole_ in the front of the shoe. Vasily once shared with me that he considers a margin of 1.5cm to be normal for training sneakers. This stock was very suitable for me as the most acceptable. My foot is 29.5 cm. Although at the same time my Gel Kayano 17 have a size of CM29.5, that is, “on the leg, without additional 0.5 cm” – the margin for the insole is 1.2 cm, and Wave Nirvana 6 even with the size “on the leg plus 0.5 cm”, that is, the JPN30 have a margin of about 0.5 cm on the insole, that is, they feel like a little small, as a result, the big toe has formed a box in front under itself and now it is normal with a thin toe. I want to say that with the same size CM30 for Asics and JPN30 for Mizuno, the insoles differ in length by _a_centimeter_. At the same time, I want to share with everyone my discovery that in the amount of EUR Asics and Mizuno completely match the size of the insoles (my experience). That is, my 29.5 cm legs in both firms were rated as EUR 46.5 – 46 2/3.

Thus, I can apply Vasily’s “iron rule” only as a primary guideline for Mizuno and Asics, but his advice about 1.5 cm of margin for the insole came up very well. And in the video you can see that Vasily has a margin for the insole just about this value. I feel comfortable with a margin of 1 cm in the insole. At the same time, I was able to order Asix Kayano clearly according to the size range, as well as a Typical runner (seriously running) my Nimbus with a margin of 1-1.2 cm. But in Mizuno, you have to focus on the size of the EUR, given to the Asics table.

What stock do you need for the insole?

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