How to develop femininity in yourself using the example of Marilyn Monroe

Femininity was Marilyn Monroe’s main weapon. The waist is as thin as possible, the chest as lush as possible, the hips as appetizing as possible. In any, even the most modest outfit, she tried to emphasize female dignity. But it’s not just about clothes – all her movements, facial expressions, timbre of her voice spoke of endless femininity, she was not afraid to overdo it and the men were delighted with it.

Adopting your mother

mother's adoption

The problem of femininity most often arises among those girls who categorically deny their mother and her upbringing methods. They try to find their own way and go through all the most difficult paths, just not to be like their mother, proving something. It is important to understand that at the heart of true femininity is acceptance of your own mother.

Mom gives the child unconditional love – “I love you anyone – without any conditions” and this is the foundation of femininity. Of course, if the relationship with your mother is broken, and there is psychological trauma from childhood in adulthood, then it is very difficult to find your femininity.

The main criteria of femininity on the example of Marilyn Monroe

I invite you to consider the basic criteria of femininity. Marilyn Monroe is a gorgeous woman who still remains the standard of femininity. She understood that external beauty, grooming, gait, makeup and grace can bring everything into a woman’s life. You just need to know how to present yourself competently.

Marilyn Monroe

  1. Confidence. It is this quality that allows you to open your feelings, show emotions and broadcast your feminine position. Based on confidence – you can afford to be different, perhaps even imperfect. But the main thing is by herself. Honestly and openly. No manipulative games.

Marilyn came up with the following formula: imperfection = uniqueness. Despite the fact that the actress herself was considered the ideal of beauty, she was convinced that everything imperfect in a person actually makes him unique and inimitable.

  1. Flexibility. This is your opportunity to see different options. And do not stubbornly follow one path. “Don’t be straight as a rail” – one friend repeated to herself, considering herself too straightforward. Flexibility allows a woman to be wise. And you can even allow yourself to swear for the acuteness of your statements, just do it in a timely manner and in a timely manner. It is flexibility that makes it possible to resolve controversial situations using female tools easily and painlessly.
  2. Tenderness. Be gentle. Monitor your tone and behavior. This is especially true for many working women. Good manners, kindness and attentiveness create a good female image. And tenderness always goes “hand in hand” with sincerity. Tenderness is impossible to play. You have to feel it.

The secret to Marilyn Monroe’s inviting gait was that she sawed off one heel. According to her, thanks to this trick, the body acquired a special attractiveness and magnetism. Men really like it. The main thing is to walk slowly.

Merlin Monroe 2

  1. Charisma. There are many beautiful women, but women with their own zest are few. These are women who allow their individuality to be revealed. A charismatic woman is in no hurry to meet someone’s expectations, she is well-groomed and unique, she knows how to feel and hear.

Marilyn was attractive and enjoyed her good looks. Her appearance was feminine and sexy due to her natural naturalness and spontaneity.

  1. Sexuality. This is your own personal style. You can have any external data, just present yourself confidently and gracefully. Not only a man, but you yourself must understand that you are not just a woman, but a desired sexual object who loves sex and is sincerely interested in it. The prince’s expectation has long since sunk into oblivion. And it is worth reconsidering your concept of endless patience and artificial indifference to sexual pleasures.

“So that a man doesn’t lose interest in you, change your nightgowns more often,” joked Marilyn Monroe, who was crazy about many famous, talented and influential men of the world.

  1. A positive outlook on life This is the hardest part for women. Especially women with low self-esteem in everything try to see the negative and suffer from the soul and for real. A cheerful female position gives a feminine charm to a relationship, in combination with a unique opportunity to perceive negative moments with humor.

Merlin Monroe 3

Marilyn Monroe was a cheerful giggle, very fond of jokes and laughter. She was a “holiday woman”, and as you know, everyone wants a holiday, and no one wants everyday life. Therefore, she attracted to herself like a magnet and diamonds were falling at her feet.

  1. Intelligence. It is important to be able to use this tool. Truly feminine people don’t scream what they know. They don’t strive to be the smartest. Only they do everything with ease. Decent and sparkling answers to unexpected questions make such an interlocutor unforgettable. And it is pleasant to deal with her in all respects.
  2. Sanity. This is the most difficult quality for a woman to understand. Because in the male world, everything is logical. And in the feminine, there is a completely different logic. And more often it happens that a woman suddenly blocks her partner on the phone so that she can wait for a call later! The reason for such harsh behavior may be “prophetic dream”, “female premonition” or “intuition that has never failed.” Unfortunately, she fails more than one woman. And such antics are extremely inconsistent with the image of femininity.

If you are serious about cultivating your femininity:

  • Stop discussing others and gossiping. This is detrimental to your feminine image.
  • Stop rushing through life like crazy. Which woman has her time and her own speed. And to live as if you jump into the car afterwards is unacceptable.
  • Remember that emotional dependence and a victim attitude devours your femininity and you are left with nothing … but long eyelashes.

Merlin Monroe 4

Femininity is a unique quality that is not inherent in every woman. Many women have no idea what femininity is. After all, this is not taught at school. However, this quality can be developed in oneself. We hope that our article was useful to you in this matter.

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