How to do a French pedicure at home

The most versatile and elegant types of pedicure are European and French. The European one differs from the classic pedicure in that it is performed without the use of scissors. It is completely safe, because when the cuticles are removed, the blood vessels are not affected. After this procedure, the skin of the legs becomes moisturized and soft, and the heels acquire a well-groomed and refined look.

The Сolady editors present you with a 6-step French pedicure technique.

How to do a French pedicure correctly

French pedicure
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The procedure for performing a French (European) pedicure consists of several stages:

  1. Apply a special dissolving agent to the cuticle.
  2. After five minutes, when the skin dissolves, move its remnants and remove with a special nail file, which is made from an orange tree.
  3. Then we correct the shape of the nail plate with a nail file and grind the nail bed.
  4. When finished sanding, you can start processing the feet To do this, apply a special solution to the feet. And 15 minutes after application, do a light exfoliation.
  5. After massage, apply a moisturizing cream. Remember to massage the entire leg (from the foot to the ankle), not individual parts of it.
  6. The last stage of the procedure is the application of a French coating. First, to level the surface of the nail plate and protect it from yellowing, apply a colorless base varnish. Then cover the free edge of the nail with white varnish, the line should be about 3 mm. And to secure the pedicure, apply 1-2 coats of matte or clear varnish on top of it. After all the layers are dry, take a white pencil or a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover and bleach under your nails.
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Pros and cons of European (French) manicure


  • This type of pedicure has no contraindications.
  • French pedicure is absolutely non-traumatic and safe.
  • After 5-6 procedures, the cuticle will become thinner and can be performed much less frequently.
  • This procedure has affordable prices.


  • Only with a regular procedure will a good result be seen.
  • In the intervals between sessions, it is not advisable to carry out other types of pedicure, so that skin regeneration is not stimulated and its active growth does not begin.
  • The result of the procedure (thinning of the cuticle and skin of the foot) will be visible only after 5-6 sessions.
  • After the first procedure, your nails will not look very attractive, because to completely remove the cuticles, you need to go through several sessions.
  • The procedure is gentle and gentle, so it is not suitable for neglected feet.

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European (French) pedicure is perfect for thin skin of the feet, which is regularly looked after.

Video instruction

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