How to do splits in just 7 days. Instructions and reviews.

For many, twine is the ultimate dream and an indicator of flexibility. They dream and dream about him, but at the same time thinking that it is quite difficult to sit on the twine yourself and is worth incredible efforts and long workouts.
This is not entirely true, you can sit on the twine in just one week, but this will require some effort.

Sitting on a split in just 7 days - is it possible?

Achieving the desired result will be quite simple if you follow the instructions and do all the exercises daily for a week.

Recommendations for twine instructions: To make your stretching experience more interesting, turn on pleasant, positive music. When doing the exercises, you should not make sudden movements, as you can get unpleasant painful sensations in the muscles.

What is needed in order to learn how to do the splits in a week?

For classes, you will need light clothing made from natural fabrics that will not hinder your movements.

Twine exercises

Sitting on a split in just 7 days - is it possible?Warm up. Before you start, you should stretch your leg muscles well. For this, active walking for 10-15 minutes is well suited. Jumping in place, running in place, swinging arms and legs.

Stretching. Next, sit on the floor or on a rug and spread your leg to the side. As you inhale, stretch your arms to your legs, while your back should be straight. Reaching out to your toes with your hands, hold for 20-30 seconds, exhale. Repeat this 14 more times. Remember to watch your back and breathing.

Right angle. For the next exercise, you should from a seated position stretch one leg forward and the other to the side at an angle of 90 degrees. If the right angle does not work, then help the leg with your hands in the whole body to stretch out to the right angle. Do 15 sets each and switch legs. Remember to keep your back straight while doing this exercise.

Legs up. For the next exercise, you need to lie on the floor and from this position raise both legs up at a right angle. Then spread your legs to the sides and hold them like this for a second, then bring them together again and lower them to the floor, rest for 10 seconds and repeat this nine more times, on the first day of training. On the following days, increase the number of times at your discretion.

Sitting on a split in just 7 days - is it possible?Swing your legs. The exercise is performed from a standing position, the back should be straight. To begin with, drain with your left leg 20-30 swings forward, then lift your leg at a right angle and hold it for 30 seconds. Repeat the same for the right leg. The number of swings can be varied if desired, but the more the better.

After completing this exercise, swing forward and to the side. First, lift your leg forward, and then take it slowly to the side. It turns out a swing and a delay in weight.

Lunges. The exercise is also performed from a standing position. Lunge hard on your right leg so that your right leg remains at a right angle. Swing for 20-30 seconds. The muscles in the groin area should feel tension while doing this. Then lunge with your left foot. Repeat alternately 12-16 times.

Sitting on a split in just 7 days - is it possible?Leaving the leg to the side. From a standing position, raise your right leg, bend it at the knee, and press it to your chest. Then move your leg as far as possible to the side, while you should feel the muscles stretch. Repeat the exercise for the other leg, doing a total of 15 passes on each leg.

Thrown leg. From a standing position, throw your leg over the back of a chair, table, or windowsill. Then, bending your knee, move your whole body towards your thrown leg. Repeat this movement 12-15 times. Change your leg and repeat the exercise for the other leg the same number of times.

After completing these exercises, you will feel well enough that you have muscles on your legs so that you can relax them by going to the bath after class or having a massage.

What real people say – is it realistic to quickly sit on a split?


I am 18, I got into the twine in 2 months, but I was engaged in a club, under the guidance of an instructor. It’s hard, and it hurts too. If the advertisement says “painless stretching” is a lie, it is not painless in principle. In our group, many people left because of pain. This is an unsafe business. even under the guidance of an instructor, you can make the wrong movement yourself at some point and … there can be BIG problems. I know many women who were obsessed with this idea, but after 1-2 sessions they quit.


By the way, somewhere in the Internet I saw a video, there a guy showed one very interesting stretching technique, he put a stack of books and sat down, so to speak, on a twine on a stack, when you get used to this height, remove one book and sit down again … and so on. Can someone help. Pre-stretching by itself.


52 years old. I do the twine without any problems. I stretch regularly on the wall bars. I do the slopes all the time. I can reach the floor not just with my palms (without bending my legs), but also with my elbows. I don’t do yoga, although I want to. Girls, don’t let yourself go.


I have been doing dancing for a long time. She almost sat down on the twine. And one fine day I sat down without warming up my muscles and very much regretted it. For two days I could not walk, my leg hurt so. A month has passed, I am dragging on, but now it hurts, I can’t sit down to the end.


Well, it all depends on the psyche, you can sit on a twine in 3 days, or in a year. Here you need to endure pain, but there is no other way! It’s also good when someone helps, because you feel sorry for yourself anyway …

For splits, you need to warm up, run, squat, swing legs, etc.

Then we turn on the film about Vandam, sit down on the twine and lean on a chair or armchair, sofa and watch the film for about an hour.

It also helps to stretch well: we lie on our back, and throw our legs on the wall, while the fifth point is firmly attached to the wall, and we spread our legs in different directions, we lie there for 20-30 minutes. then slowly collect the legs.


I went to dances 3 times a week, once we had a lesson dedicated to stretching, and then a month later I sat down on a split, and learned how to make a bridge (or rather get up from it on my own). The warm-up was the main exercise: I sat down on my ass, bent my legs at the knees (left to the left, right to the right, connected my feet and bend forward like this, only very plastically and softly (slowly in the same position, I grabbed my toes with both hands and like this, swing your legs bent (down-up). This exercise is precisely for stretching the muscle that allows you to sit on the split.

Did you do the splits and how quickly?

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