How to draw arrows in front of your eyes exactly and perfectly

How to draw arrows correctly and evenly in front of your eyes - instructionsArrows are one of the most familiar makeup options for many women. And it’s not in vain: neatly lined eyes already add elegance and light playfulness to the image. Moreover, having honed the skills of drawing arrows, you can draw them in less than a couple of minutes.

When creating such a make-up, there are nuances that will help make it even more effective. The most interesting thing is that taking them into account will not be difficult even for women who have been drawing arrows for themselves for many years. For your convenience, I will describe them in stages.

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1. Shadows

To make the arrows more resistant, it is best to powder the eyelid with beige eyeshadow to match the skin color.

The movable (upper) eyelid, in most cases, is covered with more oily skin than the rest of the face. Applying eyeshadow will help to avoid excessive sebum formation in this area – accordingly, the arrows will last much longer.

Shadows for perfect shooters

2. Space between eyelashes

In other words, this is the eyelash growth line. When drawing arrows, we are only interested in the upper eyelash row.

Have you ever noticed some incompleteness in the makeup with arrows? Perhaps the point is in the poor study of this zone. In this case, the arrow remains as if “suspended in the air.” This is especially true for girls with fair skin and light eyelashes.

Perfect arrows - how to draw correctly

In order to paint over the “inter-eyelash”, it is necessary to slightly pull the eyelid to the side, cover the eye and fill this area with a dark eyeliner. It is not necessary to press hard so that there are no lumps left from the pencil.

3. The choice of eyeliner

With regard to eyeliners, cosmetics manufacturers show a special imagination. What types of this product do not exist! These are liquid eyeliners with a brush, and gel eyeliners in a jar, and felt-tip eyeliners with different types of brushes. Every woman chooses the most suitable form factor for herself.

However, I recommend using a felt-tip eyeliner with a hairbrush. Why with this one? The fact is that their opposite – felt-tipped liners – dry up and deteriorate much faster. Felt material is the most porous, therefore, with frequent use, these pores become clogged, preventing the product from reaching the surface. This does not happen with hair tips, and the eyeliner lasts much longer.

Eyeliner for perfect, straight arrows

The liner-marker, with skillful use, becomes literally “an extension of the hand”, which guarantees high accuracy of application.

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4. Color solution

The black arrows are the most popular. However, for girls with fair skin, eyes and hair, it is better to use a dark brown eyeliner. The difference, it would seem, is only one tone, and the effect will be much better: a brown tint will not make the look heavy, but only emphasize the beauty.

Do not forget about colored arrows as an evening make-up. Emerald, purple and blue arrows look good.

Colored arrows

5. Arrow shape

Let’s go directly to drawing.

The scheme for creating a perfect arrow is pretty simple. It’s important to know the basics and rules.

So, step by step instructions:

  1. Draw the tip of the arrow. It is a continuation of the lower eyelid line. Therefore, continue this line depending on the desired length. The arrow must not be too long. Moreover, the longer it is, the more difficult it is to make exactly the same arrow on the second eye.
  2. We mentally divide the eyelash growth line of the upper eyelid into three equal parts. We draw a line from the beginning of the last third of the century to the middle of the drawn tip. The vanishing point of the lines should be smooth, not sharp.
  3. We draw a line just above the upper eyelid, bring it to the middle of the unfilled triangle obtained in the previous paragraph. It is important not to start the line directly from the inner corner of the eyes: such a mistake will make the eye disproportionate, make the look heavy. Step back a couple of millimeters from the inner corner of the eyes, and only then start drawing.
  4. Fill in the line above the lashes. Everything is simple here: the contour is already there, the main thing is not to step up for it.
  5. Fill in the tip of the arrow.
  6. We complete the makeup: be sure to paint over the eyelashes.

How to draw arrows correctly and evenly in front of your eyes - instructions

6. Follow-up actions

The most important thing remains – to make the arrows symmetrical in both eyes. This skill comes directly from experience, so after an unsuccessful attempt, do not despair.

To make the arrows the same, you can perform each of the steps in turn: first on one, and then on the other eye. This will make it easier to control symmetry in the process – accordingly, it will be easier to immediately correct errors.

If the arrow does not turn out the way you planned to make it, let it dry, and then try to gently erase the slip with a dry cotton swab. If it doesn’t work, dab a small amount of makeup remover on a cotton swab – and try again.

Before the next try, gently walk over the area where you applied the toner to rinse it off. Otherwise, due to residues, for example, micellar water, the arrow will quickly wear off.

It is better to carry a liner and a mirror with you to correct your makeup during the day. And then neat arrows will make their owner even more attractive!

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