How to dress for a job interview for a woman to get a job

How to dress for an interviewDo you know girls and women how to dress for an interview? Preparing for an event implies not only working through answers to questions, lines of behavior, but also an impeccable appearance, which will show that the candidate is worthy of the proposed position.

Each applicant knows that only an ideal appearance will create the correct first impression, because he will not be able to show knowledge and skills in the first minutes of the interview.

The content of the article:

  1. Choosing an image
  2. Bow to the desired position
  3. We complement the image with accessories
  4. What should you abstain from?

What to wear for an interview for a woman – the choice of clothes and accessories for the image

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The outfit should be chosen taking into account several factors at once.

First of all, it is important to take into account the time of year and the weather, because it would be rather silly if a woman came to an interview in winter in a light summer dress or in the heat of summer – in a warm sweater and trousers.

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But first things first:

  • During the cold season It’s important to keep in mind that your interview outfit should be both warm and stylish. And the point here is not only that the woman herself is warm, but also that such an attire will show the interlocutor the practicality of the applicant. A trouser suit made of dense suiting fabrics will look perfect. But it must also be chosen so that it emphasizes all the advantages of a woman’s figure. The color does not have to be the classic black, blue or gray. Red, orange, purple, green shades are allowed, which will show that the applicant is not inclined to suffer from winter depression.
  • During the warm season. It is important to find a middle ground here:
    – Show that even in the summer – the vacation period – the applicant is determined as seriously as possible.
    – Show that the applicant knows how to get all the benefits from life, and does not belong to the category of “gray mice”.

That is, you can’t just put on a strict trouser suit, put your hair into a snail and come for an interview. Such an appearance will show that the applicant is an extremely boring person, and is not capable of creativity.

At the same time, an outfit that is too light will give the impression that such an employee will not take work seriously.

How to dress for an interview

So what to wear for an interview?

Here you can experiment. For example – a business dress with a small decoration on the neck, a light trouser suit of light shades and contrasting decorations on the arms and neck, a skirt suit with a light blouse.

A pencil skirt or trousers in bright colors are allowed – and a classic white blouse.

The presence of one or two bright decorations will complement the image and make it stylish and modern.

Interview image

Profession matters – the choice of clothing for an interview, depending on the position and work

This factor plays as important a role as the season of the year when choosing clothes for an interview. It is clear that for the position of the head, as well as for the position of the manager, the outfit should be chosen accordingly.

But here, too, you need to disassemble everything separately:

1. Leadership positions

A candidate for such a vacancy must show that he has everything under control.

Perfectly matched outfit, hairstyle without a single protruding strand, comfortable and stylish shoes, expensive bag, etc. A trouser or skirt suit from the latest fashion collection will prove that the applicant is always up to date.

What to wear for an interview

Hair can be collected in a lush ponytail if the length allows. For short hair, you can make a high-quality styling that will not disappear with a light breeze.

Shoes should be classic business shoes. These can be pumps with thick heels or stilettos. For problem feet, medium heels with a rounded toe are allowed.

The bag can be chosen in strict shades with large finishing elements.

2. Creative professions

Here everything should be exactly the opposite – a bright suit, original hairstyle, comfortable shoes and a bag.

How to dress for an interview

What to wear for an interview

The applicant must show by his appearance that he is a creative person by nature, and such, as a rule, do not follow fashion, but choose the clothes that seem interesting to them.

Even a skirt suit combined with sneakers can be a decisive positive factor when choosing an employee.

3. Office staff

Here it is important to show several qualities of the applicant with the help of an outfit:

  • He has a creative streak that will allow him to creatively and quickly solve office problems.
  • He has serious intentions in relation to work.
  • Work experience in the office.

Choosing a bow for a job interview

In this situation, you cannot come to the interview in an expensive suit – this will be evidence that the applicant is used to spending more than earning. This means that he may have serious complaints about the level of wages. But even in jeans, a woman will have little chance of getting a job.

The best option would be classic trousers and a blouse with one or two embellishments. Comfortable shoes will show that a woman is familiar with working in the office – and knows that she will not be able to spend the whole working day wearing tight shoes.

How to complement the image for an interview – the choice of accessories, shoes, bags

The opinion that only the knowledge and skills of the applicant are important at the interview to the personnel department is erroneous. Everything is assessed here – knowledge, clothing, and the ability to select accessories for an outfit.

And if the interview is carried out by a woman employee of the HR department, then you can be sure that nothing will be left without attention – even the makeup will be taken apart to the smallest detail.

That is why it is important to choose the right accessories.


More recently, it was believed that the color of the bag should match one of the items of clothing. Today, fashion dictates different rules – a bag can be of contrasting shades, and it will not look funny or stupid.

Interview bag

But the tonality should be taken into account – along with pastel shades, the bag is matched to the same, bright clothes require the same bright bag.

For example, a blue suit is not bad. will combine with a pink handbag, and you can choose an orange or yellow one for a bright red suit.

The style of the bag can be business or urban. In principle, there is no particular functional difference between them – they can be used to carry documents and the most essential personal and work items.

Not allowed small handbag with a long shoulder strap. Such an accessory will give the impression that the applicant just went for a walk and accidentally got into an interview. You should also forget about backpacks – there is not a single accessory that, more than backpacks, would show a person’s frivolity.


In winter, attention should be paid to hats.

Despite the fact that at the interview, the applicant will most likely be without outerwear, he may accidentally bump into a manager or personnel worker in the hallway.

In this case, a fun hat with a fluffy pompom will not bring any advantages to the candidate’s basket for the position.

But a stylish scarf or a fashionable fur hat, in harmony with the fur on the outerwear, will attract attention and create the right first impression.


When choosing a shoe, it is important to consider two factors – style and comfort. If the first allows you to show the interlocutor that the applicant is familiar with the latest trends and knows a lot about new products, then convenience is necessary so that the woman feels comfortable during the interview.

In the wrong shoes, some of her thoughts will be focused on pain in her legs. And it is clear that she will no longer be able to think fully.

Interview shoes

Pumps, loafers, or dress shoes are the shoes you can wear for interviews.

Sneakers, sneakers, sandals, flip-flops and / or flip-flops should not be worn to a meeting with the personnel department or the head of the organization (if it is not about an interview for a creative vacancy, then correctly selected sneakers and sneakers are allowed, as we said above. But, in anyway – shoes must be closed!)

Taboos in clothes and attire for an interview – how to dress, what to avoid

It can take a long time to list the outfits in which you can appear at an interview, but attention should also be paid to clothes in which a potential boss cannot appear.

This includes the following wardrobe items:

  • Mini skirt.
  • Blouse with a deep cut.
  • Pants with too low waist.
  • High-heeled and platform shoes.
  • Long skirt.
  • Jeans.
  • Sweaters, hoodies and sweatshirts in casual style.
  • T-shirts and tops.

In addition, you should pay attention to the following elements of the image:

  1. The perfume should be subtle. Everyone has different tastes, so a scent that is ideal for one may seem disgusting to another, and no one wants to talk to a person who smells unpleasant.
  2. Makeup should be discreet… No glitter on the eyes, bright lipstick and shadows. Red lipstick is allowed, but only with light eye makeup. In turn, bright eyelids can be paired with pale or transparent lipstick.
  3. The manicure should be soft. If the nails are extended, then the length of the free edge should be no more than 2 mm. No bright or black shades. Pastel colors or French nails are perfect for a serious conversation.

And one more thing – not every woman can afford to buy clothes for an interview, but this does not mean that you can give up on her career.

No, because you can pick up an ordinary classic skirt and blouse, iron them thoroughly, polish your shoes, put your hair into a neat hairstyle – and feel free to go for an interview!

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