How to dress overweight women: 9 things that make you slim

With the help of clothes, we not only express ourselves and emphasize our individuality. It is equally important that things from the wardrobe fit well to the figure, hiding flaws and focusing on its merits. We will tell you how to dress overweight women in order to look slim and stylish.

Wrap-around dress

Such a model will correct the problematic area of ​​the abdomen, as well as emphasize the waist, creating a feminine and elegant silhouette. The midi length is most relevant – it suits all body types, looks appropriate in any situation and does not violate proportions.

wrap dress

High rise trousers

Choosing high-rise pants creates a slim, elongated silhouette and adds emphasis to the waist. Try to give preference to loose-fitting models – straight trousers that can be slightly tapered at the bottom, as well as palazzo trousers will create the effect of slender and long legs.


V-neck jumper

Few know, but the type of neckline also greatly influences the visual perception of the silhouette. High collars or round necklines often make the figure plump, while the V-neckline favorably emphasizes the collarbones, visually slightly stretching the silhouette.



An irreplaceable assistant in drawing up a wardrobe that corrects a figure. Monochrome looks always make the silhouette taller and slimmer, so a trouser suit is a real must-have. Pay attention to the jacket with a slightly fitted cut to further emphasize the waist. It is better to give preference to suits made of dense fabric, which will hide all imperfections and keep its shape well.


Belt or belt

The belt can be used in combination with a shirt, dress or jacket. The main thing is to choose models that are medium in width. A belt that is too large can visually make the waist wider, and a thin belt simply will not create the desired effect and will only perform a decorative function.


A-line skirt

Perfectly hides imperfections in the hips and abdomen. We advise you to choose models with a high waist and light fabrics – this way you will get a light and slender silhouette, and the skirt itself will look beautiful when walking.


Vertical stripe

If you want to look slimmer, the most winning print is the vertical stripe. It stretches the silhouette perfectly. When choosing, pay attention that the thing has a good fit. If it is small, the stripes will only emphasize it.

Vertical stripe

Small prints

Patterns such as polka dots, small checks, or goose feet can also add volume. In addition, such prints are classics, which means they will never lose their relevance.

small print

Dark saturated shades

As you know, black is slimming. However, this also applies to other dark shades. Choose the ones that are right for you and you will feel comfortable and stylish.


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