How to dye eyebrows with henna or paint – step by step instructions

How to dye your eyebrows correctlyBeautiful and well-groomed eyebrows are always relevant. Eyebrow makeup can be time consuming on a daily basis. To avoid this, it will be correct to paint them with henna or paint. Of course, you can turn to the master. However, learning how to do it yourself can save you not only time, but money as well.

So how do you dye your eyebrows as high quality as possible?

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A number of contraindications for dyeing eyebrows at home

Before dyeing your eyebrows with any product (paint or henna), it is important to make sure that it does not harm your health.

It is best to avoid the procedure in the following cases:

  • Frequent eye diseases.
  • Very sensitive skin.
  • Allergic reaction.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

If none of this concerns you, then you can start dyeing your eyebrows. This is a fairly simple procedure, each step of which is reasonable and understandable.

How to paint eyebrows with paint at home?

How to paint eyebrows with paint at home

  1. Correct your eyebrows: shape them and remove excess hairs. It is better for girls with light eyebrows to pluck them after coloring.
  2. Use a light colored eyeliner to outline your brows to keep the paint in the area you want. In addition, lubricate the area around the eyebrows with a greasy product: lip balm, pure petroleum jelly, or a non-water-based cream.
  3. Prepare the composition. Usually, the instructions for any eyebrow dye indicate the required proportions. As a rule, there are about twenty drops of a 3% oxidizing agent for a few grams of dye. The dye will darken after being applied to the eyebrows.
  4. Using a beveled brush, apply the color to your eyebrows. After dipping a brush into the composition, you need to shake off excess paint from its tip. Movements should be slow, but with a tangible pressure. You need to start from the middle of the eyebrow and move to its outer edge.
  5. Then you need to wait up to ten seconds. The dye will absorb a little, and it is after that that you will blow it off to the beginning of the eyebrow. You will have a smooth transition from start to tip. It will look beautiful and natural.
  6. If during staining you went beyond the boundaries outlined with a light pencil, then it is important to urgently remove the composition from these areas using cotton swabs until the paint is absorbed.
  7. Color the second eyebrow in the same way. Do not ignore the required ten second interval after coloring the outer half of the eyebrow.
  8. Leave the color on the eyebrows for 8-15 minutes. After that, gently wash off the paint with wet cotton pads, remove the remains of the pencil with which you built the shape. Lubricate your eyebrows with moisturizer.

If it seems to you that the resulting shade does not suit you, you need to wait 24 hours and then try to wash it off using lemon juice.

Eyebrow tinting with henna – step by step instructions

How to dye eyebrows with henna

  • Henna will allow you to get a more graphic and clear eyebrow pattern; it stains the skin to a greater extent than dye. And she can also dye her eyebrows at home.
  • Remove all makeup and remover residue from your face. The skin of the face and eyebrows must be absolutely clean. Perform eyebrow shaping.
  • Prepare a henna dye composition. Mix 5 g of dry powder with hot, slightly salty water to a consistency similar to sour cream: not thick and not liquid. Let the henna sit for 15 minutes and then add a few drops of lemon juice to it.
  • As with dyeing, protect the skin around the eyebrows from henna. Treat it with petroleum jelly or a rich nourishing cream.
  • Start applying the brow henna from the outer tip (at the temple) to the nose. Movements should be as precise and accurate as possible.
  • Henna takes longer to cure than paint. Keep it on your eyebrows for 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the intensity of the color you want.
  • Remove the compound with a dry cotton pad. Remove starting from the beginning of the eyebrow and working towards the tip. Wait a few minutes and wash the henna completely. Avoid getting moisture on your eyebrows.

Eyebrow care after coloring

Eyebrow dyeing implies follow-up care.

Comb eyebrows

Naturally, it is also performed at home:

  1. Comb your eyebrows, styling them the way you like. Thus, over time, you can change the direction of their growth.
  2. Apply natural compresses to your eyebrows 2-3 times a week for 15 minutes. Saturate the gauze with olive oil, castor oil, wheat infusion, or other nutrients and leave on the brows as needed.
  3. Eyebrow massage improves blood circulation in this area, respectively, the hairs grow healthier. Do it several times a week.

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