How to find a decent man – advice from Alexander Shakhov

Many women, after many years of unsuccessful search for their ideal man, agree either to loneliness or to a relationship “with anyone, just not alone.” Feelings of hopelessness and frustration lead women to believe that they have no choice. But this is not the case. There is always a choice.

In my opinion, a psychologist, in order to attract the best men to your environment and choose your life partner among them, a woman needs to do work on herself and increase her value.

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A woman needs to add value

I believe that sexuality and sensuality are the first things that attract men and provide a woman with the very choice.

A sexy woman, according to men, has a well-groomed pretty face and an hourglass figure. A typical female face has childish features, and this makes men want to take care, protect, please. And the image of a woman with a narrow waist and wide hips is programmed in the male brain by nature itself. In this case, the weight and age of a woman does not matter.

Taking care of herself and working on her figure, a woman can increase her attractiveness in the eyes of men. Men, in turn, also strive to increase their value among women – they are trying to earn more, build muscle, and dress stylishly. And the more status and stronger a man is, the more worthy and chic lady he wants to find for himself.

Therefore, the only way to attract a decent man for a woman is to increase her value and move to a higher level.

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A woman should be able to choose her life partner, and not wait until one of the men does not pay attention to her.

And for this you need to work on yourself and your appearance. This is not the most important quality of a woman, but in order to unfold the candy, you first need to be interested in the wrapper. And when a man pays attention to sex appeal, then a woman will be able to demonstrate to him her other qualities of a real worthy woman.

What else does a woman need, besides looks

In addition to appearance, men appreciate in a woman her ability to interact with the opposite sex, an understanding of the psychology of men, how to behave with them, how to speak, how to inspire. I share more about the fundamental difference in male and female psychology in my free webinars.

In addition, to be able to choose, a woman must be financially independent. Because, due to a lack of money, women often fall into the trap of incomprehensible relationships and suffer disrespect for years just because the man provides financially.

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A woman also should not agree to a civil marriage. This also takes away her choice. A man will use her for years and feed her breakfast. Because he does not want to exchange a relationship without obligations for a stamp in his passport. And the woman will remain in limbo without the right to vote.

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