How to force yourself to exercise – expert advice

“From tomorrow I start running!” Forcing yourself to get up and go to workout is next to impossible. Now you are lazy, now you want to sleep, now you have no time, now you have just eaten, but you cannot eat on a full stomach, etc. In three words, without motivation – nowhere!

Bologny will tell you how to make yourself go in for sports.

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22 tips for motivating you to exercise

  • Determining the goals. A goal is needed in any business. In this case, there can be several goals: a beautiful figure, health, vitality, weight loss, muscle mass, etc. Motivation for sports always begins with goals and desire.
  • Fight depression and stress. The phrase about a healthy body and a healthy mind can be changed in any direction, and the meaning will not change. Because it is important, in general, both the state of mind and the health of the body. But if you are haunted by stress and depression, and you dream of regaining your love of life and optimism, then start with training. Excellent physical shape and a healthy body is the tone that determines your success, your attitude to situations, your love of life.
  • An athletic strong-willed person is more attractive to the opposite sex. No one will be inspired by a loose, blurry creature with a dull look and pessimism in every word. A fit, strong person is initially viewed by the opposite sex as a potential partner with whom you can link your life and continue your family.
  • Sport trains willpower. Physical activity is the need to constantly overcome oneself, fight against vices, and perform daily feats. In the process of training, character is tempered and a strong immunity to laziness is developed. Already after 2-3 months of daily activities, laziness is perceived by the body with hostility. Waking up, I want to get up right away, I feel sorry for the time on TV, I want to replace the chips with something useful. That is, a person begins to control his desires himself, and not they – to control him. Go in for sports and motivate others!
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  • Sports are incompatible with bad habits. Once you start exercising, you will no longer be able to smoke as usual under a cup of coffee – you will have to quit smoking. Moreover, it is not necessary to first quit smoking, and then start training (this is almost impossible with a weak willpower). It’s easier to start training, and only then the realization that sports brings more pleasure and vigor than smoking will come to you.
  • A good motivation is and making your friends aware that you are starting to play sports and plan to achieve certain results. Suffice it to say – “I promise to lose 10 kg in 2 months.” And you will have to work hard every day so as not to be idle talkers and ruin your reputation.
  • Set yourself small goals – no need to immediately rush to the big ones (abs cubes, elastic butt, waist 60 cm, minus 30 kg, etc.). Small goals are easier to achieve. Have you lost 3 kg? Set the next goal – another 5 kg minus. Dumped? Aim for a narrow waist. Etc.
  • Find yourself a good workout company. If you are embarrassed or bored to study alone, invite a friend (friend) – it will be more fun together, and it will be interesting to compete in the results.
  • Buy yourself an expensive beautiful tracksuit. Not just an old T-shirt and leggings, but the most fashionable tracksuit for men to roll up their necks when you run past them. And, of course, the most comfortable running shoe.
  • Find a coach for yourself. You are unlikely to pay for his services all the time, but this period of time will be enough for you to get used to training.
  • If you really, really can’t bring yourself to go for a run or start a workout, go to the pool… Swimming is pleasant in itself, and trains the muscles, and you can parade in a swimsuit.
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  • Take a picture before training. After a month, take another photo and compare the results. The changes that you will see in the photo will motivate you to further deeds.
  • Buy yourself jeans 1-2 sizes smaller… As soon as you can button them on yourself without serious efforts and pulling in the belly, you can buy the following (one size smaller).
  • Try to choose a motivation that is not subject to “inflation”. For example, training with friends is good. But once your friends get bored with activities, you lose your incentive. Therefore, learn not to depend on external circumstances and train for the sake of your health, increasing life expectancy, etc.
  • Music certainly increases the urge to move. But training is one of the reasons to unload the brain from tons of unnecessary information. Therefore, if you cannot resist the temptation to shove headphones into your ears, then at least put on neutral music that allows you to disconnect from your thoughts and focus on exercise.
  • Any business only gives results when it is done with pleasure. If you, clenching your teeth, go out to workout in the morning and already at the exit from the entrance dream of returning home, then such a workout will not bring any benefit. Look for the kind of sport that will bring you joy – so that you are waiting for classes with anticipation, and not go to hard labor. For someone boxing will be a pleasure, for someone jumping on a trampoline, for a third – ping-pong, etc. If only you feel good and your muscles work.
  • Time is short? It only seems that sport takes up a carriage of your useful time, which can be used for more important things – communication in social networks, meetings at McDonald’s with friends, etc. In fact, even 20 minutes of training a day will give results – improve health, strengthen body, will increase your requirements for yourself and your overall mood.
  • Start your path to sports small! Do not rush into many kilometers of races and heats at once, do not set yourself difficult tasks. Start with 20 squats, for example. But every day! After a month, add 20 push-ups to them. Etc.
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  • Morning exercise in the fresh air invigorates better than a cup of strong coffee… And an evening run relieves fatigue and heaviness after work. Just 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes before dinner and you are a completely different person. Cheerful, positive, doing everything and splashing with zest for life. Such people are always attracted to themselves.
  • Don’t try to be like anyone. Someone else’s model of training, life, behavior may simply not suit you. Find your exercise program. Those exercises that will bring you joy and benefit. Even if it’s a “bike” and push-ups from the bed within the bedroom.
  • Can’t stand it when strangers are looking at you? Does the smell of sweat in the gym make you sick? Train at home. And you will save money, and training will be more effective.
  • Have been practicing for two weeks, and the arrow on the scales is still on the same figure? Throw away the scales and keep having fun

Sports psychology – how to motivate yourself to go in for sports

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It all starts with desire. It is unrealistic to motivate a person who does not want to do something. Therefore, if you want to motivate yourself to play sports, start with psychology, or rather with personal orientation. Think about why you need sports. Ask yourself these questions and give a detailed answer to them:

  • What will sports give you?
  • How much effort will you have to put in to achieve athletic performance?
  • Are you ready to put in these efforts?
  • Are you ready to sacrifice your time and energy to achieve athletic performance?

Answering honestly will help you prioritize. If you feel the need to solve your problems (weight, health, tone, etc.) through sports, consider that motivation is in your pocket!

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