How to get rid of ants in a house or apartment – 10 folk remedies

There is not a single person who does not know who ants are. But what if these little creatures decide to settle in your apartment or house? In such a situation, the main thing is a timely response: you should not wait until they fill all your home. There are many different ways how to get rid of ants at home.

We will tell you about the most effective ones today.

get rid of ants

The best folk remedies for home ants

  1. One of the most affordable and safe remedies for ants in an apartment is medicinal chamomilewhich you can find at any pharmacy. It is absolutely safe, it can be poured in any place where ants appear (bed, things, food and any other place). And most importantly, these insects simply cannot stand it, and leave in a couple of days.
  2. Add some sugar or honey to a glass of water, and place it in places where ants congregate. Insects will crawl to feast on sweets – and drown in the water.get rid of ants
  3. Mix sugar or honey in equal proportions with boric acid. Dilute this mixture slightly with water and place in small droplets on the routes of the ants. Insects will stick around this mixture and will gradually carry it to their nest to the uterus. This way you can destroy the entire colony. Removing ants this way will take you one week, the main thing is not to forget to regularly update the bait.
  4. A good folk remedy for red ants is meat bait. To do this, you need to mix a little minced meat with a little borax. We spread the resulting mixture in places where goose bumps accumulate.
  5. Simmer 3 eggs and 3 potatoes. Then peel the eggs from the shell, remove the protein. Grind the potatoes with the yolks until mashed. Add 1 sachet of dry boric acid and a teaspoon of sugar to the resulting mixture. Mix everything well again. Roll into small balls from this mixture and arrange them in places where ants congregate, or along their paths. This procedure must be done twice, at the beginning and end of the waning moon, that is, with an interval of 10 days. Make sure that during this time the ants have nowhere to drink, leave shells and rags dry overnight.get rid of ants
  6. You will need some yeast, jam, and boric acid. Mix all of these ingredients together. Spread the resulting substance on a saucer or small flat plate, and place it in places where ants congregate. This folk remedy for red and black ants will help you forget about these insects in a few weeks.
  7. In the fight against red ants, the following mixture proved to be very effective: in equal proportions, take glycerin, borax, honey, water sugar – and mix thoroughly. Place this treat in areas where intruders gather. Red-haired invaders will gladly enjoy your treat and share it with others. Within a week you can forget about these insects like a terrible nightmare.
  8. If ants have just appeared in your house, anoint their routes with garlic… They do not like this smell, so they will leave your home rather quickly.get rid of ants
  9. Dissolve yeast in warm water and add a little sugar or something sweet there. Pour the resulting liquid into small containers and place them in places where goose bumps are most often seen.
  10. The most gentle way to get rid of ants is to get them to leave your home. For this, it is necessary to create unfavorable conditions for the life of these insects. They will help you with this. lemon, sunflower oil, parsley, anise, wild mint, cloves, as well as garlic and medicinal chamomilewhich have already been mentioned above. These means are necessary to rub the paths of the creeps and the edges of the dishes.

Attention! Any folk remedy for domestic ants should be used with extreme caution where there are children or pets. Having eaten the bait, they can get serious poisoning.

get rid of ants

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