How to get rid of bad thoughts – 20 tips from a psychologist

Negative thoughts not only spoil our life and make us suffer when we need to enjoy life in full force – they can completely unsettle us, and then we simply cannot cope with the situation on our own.

If you have come to the understanding that it is time to tune in to the positive and get these “cockroaches” out of your head, then it is time to act. COLADY will tell you how to get rid of bad thoughts and improve your life.

How to get rid of negative thoughts and set yourself up for positive and success - 20 tips from a psychologist
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Why is it important to get rid of bad thoughts?

Negative thoughts are like a sleeping volcano in your head. We hold tight to our experiences, cherish them, fix them with fears and fantasies, which, as a result, leads to powerful stress, and the nervous system collapses like a house of cards. And after it – physical health and all life, because most of the illnesses and failures begin with stress.

  • Negative thoughts are meaningless thoughtsthat prevent you from doing the right thing.
  • Negative thoughts able to materialize. The more we fear, the greater the risk of fear materializing.
  • Negative thoughts – it’s like a toothache in my head… At first – only sometimes, in short “bells”, over time – more and more intense. And then – “gumboil”, which can burst at an unexpected moment and in an unexpected direction. Therefore, it is important to “put seals” or “root out” in a timely manner.
  • If negative thoughts completely take out positive thoughts, the person gets depressed, from which, at times, even a good psychologist cannot bring him out. The true motives of anxiety are known only to the “patient”, and introspection for “curing” is much more effective than outside help.
  • Negative thoughts can lead not only to severe depression, but also to a psychiatric clinic… Not everyone in these hospitals is completely possessed, mentally ill, or Napoleons. Most of the patients are people with various mental disorders, which began with negative thoughts, manias and phobias.

How to get rid of bad thoughts and set yourself up for positive – tips from successful people

How to get rid of negative thoughts and set yourself up for positive and success - 20 tips from a psychologist
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There are a lot of ways to curb your fears and anxieties. Everyone finds the easiest and most painless for themselves. But there are also those who are not able to get out of the “vicious circle”.

    1. First of all, you need to deal with the source of your worries. What exactly is bothering you? Take a sheet, write down your fears and worries. Note – Are they not groundless? And what can you personally do to get rid of your fears?
    2. Don’t try to suppress or escape a negative thought. First, it is unlikely to work. Secondly, it is pointless – a lump of problems accumulated in the subconscious will then sweep you away in one moment.
    3. Learn to distance yourself from negative thoughts. Fighting with your own mind is useless, but you are able to “outwit” it. As soon as a bad thought knocks on your head, immediately switch your attention. Anything (TV, music, calling a friend, work, etc.) – just to switch the brain to another wave. Over time, it will become a good habit, and any disturbing thought will be removed as a “foreign body.” Automatically.
    4. The hardest thing is to deal with internal contradictions. At the moment when it is required to make a decision, we begin to rush through the back streets of our consciousness in the hope of finding the right path. As a result, we get bogged down in details, pros and cons, obstacles and hypothetical choice problems. Fear – making a decision – breeds anxiety that keeps you awake at night. What to do? The first option is to give up the choice altogether and go the other way. Option two is to make the decision that is closest to you, no matter what. Even if this decision turns out to be wrong, it is just a life experience.
    5. Remember: everything that happens to us on this earth is temporary. After a month or a year, you won’t even remember your worries. And it is impossible to insure yourself against all mistakes and falls, spread straws everywhere, save and warm everyone, become good for everyone. From the “point of view of eternity” any problem other than human life and a clear conscience is a trifle.
    6. When making any decision, don’t look for cons – look for pros!
    7. Feelings of guilt are often the cause of depression. There are situations when this feeling is so great that it is impossible to cope with it – a person suffers from remorse for years, losing interest in life, closing in the shell of his thoughts. If you have the opportunity to change the situation, change it. Even if for this you have to “step on your throat.” Action is better than inaction anyway. The feeling of guilt is the tail that will drag on after you endlessly until you chop it off. If there is no way to change the situation, accept it.
    8. Learn to forgive others and yourself. Forgiveness is the key to your freedom of thought. See also: How to learn to forgive offenses?
    9. Do not draw scary scenarios of possible events in your mind. Many sin with this – no, no, let a picture of a potential solution to the problem appear in my head. “I am a realist,” some say, implying the inevitability of failure or failure. Realism has nothing of the kind with pessimism. Realism is a sober assessment of reality, pessimism is worst-case thinking. Be optimistic and “your own filmmakers” – attract positives, not problems and failures.
    10. Give up all activities that do not bring you pleasure. This, of course, is not about the only work of the only breadwinner in the family. Although the job, if desired and persistent, can be changed – even if it does not bring the desired income, it will become a new experience and new impressions. And new impressions are the best medicine for negative thoughts. Find interesting hobbies for yourself, do what you have dreamed of all your life – dancing, clay modeling, painting, travel, etc.
    11. Don’t get locked into your negative thoughts., do not let them guide you – change your life, change yourself, change your social circle. Surround yourself with positive things – positive things and books, positive people, photographs, etc.
    12. Don’t read negative news, do not watch horror films and thrillers, do not look for negativity in people, actions, newspapers and TV. Tune yourself to the wave of “goodness and light”. It all depends only on your desire.
    13. If you’re comfortable in your sink alone with your negative thoughts, and any positive causes you to creak your teeth and a desire to crawl into your sink even deeper – which means that the case is a pipe. From this state – one step to a mental disorder. Urgently creep out into the light, to people and radically change your life. You will be surprised, but life is wonderful!
    14. Stop complaining about life. Friends, relatives, spouse, colleagues, etc. All complaints are taboo.
    15. Stop generalizing and exaggerating. If one doctor turned out to be a “bad person”, this does not mean that there are no normal people left among the doctors. If the husband left for another, this does not mean that “all men are good …”. Any mistake or failure is a special case, experience and lesson for the future. And nothing more.
    16. Do not try to consider in the actions and words of other people anymorethan you were told or shown. You run the risk of coming up with something that never existed.
    17. Find Your Perfect Relaxation Way and make it a good habit. For example, send children to their grandmother on Saturday and drown in an armchair with a cup of coffee while listening to a good comedy or an interesting book. Or buy a subscription to the pool (everyone knows – water is an excellent antidepressant). Or go to a shooting gallery, to the cinema, to theaters, to go out of town, etc. See also: Secrets of positive – how to become a more positive person?
    18. Do not take on more than you can actually carry. If you are unable to place an order alone, there is no need to take it upon yourself (the promised bonus may cost you your health). If your spouse refuses to help around the house, and you have your tongue on your shoulder after work, get a can of sardines for dinner. Learn to love yourself!
    19. Tired of frustrations? Do you think that the whole world is not like that and against you? It’s not about the world, it’s about you. Don’t expect everyone to live by your rules and principles. Everyone has their own ideas – how to live, what to say, how late you can be, etc. Be condescending to people.
    20. Surround yourself with happy people.

Learn to control your mind, look for white in black and smile. A smile suits you very much!

How do you get rid of bad thoughts? Share with us in the comments!

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