How to get tax refund for paid pregnancy and childbirth – instructions

Every mother knows that the birth of a child is not only the joy of the appearance of the long-awaited crumbs, but also very significant expenses, which should, first of all, be paid for pregnancy management and paid childbirth. Not all parents are aware that part of the funds spent on the listed medical services can be legally returned to their wallet – let’s figure out how to do it right.

What you need to know about social tax deduction and how to get your money back?

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How to get money back for paid childbirth, treatment or examination

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What documents allow you to return the money?

During the preparation for motherhood, the expectant mother should study in more detail the information about her rights, which includes a tax deduction – that is, income tax refund… In a more understandable language, this deduction implies the return from the state to the taxpayer of part of the funds (13%) that were spent on services available in the list approved by the Government of the Russian Federation (resolution of 03.19.2001 N 201)

Tax deduction can be refunded for payment for the management of pregnancy and childbirth, as well as for any examinations within this framework, analyzes, ultrasound studies etc.

However, you must remember: you will be paid no more than what has been paid as tax in the reporting year.

Example: If you earned 100 thousand in 2009, paid 13% of the tax, that is, 13 thousand, then no more than 13 thousand will be returned to you.

There is also a limit on the total amount spent on treatment and training – it is no more than 13% of 120 thousand rubles at the present time (that is, no more than 15,600 rubles can be returned to you).

But – this does not apply to expensive treatment – for example, in case of a complicated pregnancy, complicated childbirth, cesarean section. For expensive treatment you can return the deduction from the entire amount, and therefore it makes sense to look at the list of expensive medical services eligible for tax payments, for example, on the Internet.

Considering that this list includes most of all treatment and examination options, the expectant mother should not ignore this opportunity. But the right to such benefits will only appear for those mothers who can to document the fact of paid management of pregnancy and paid childbirth

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You are entitled to a deduction for maintaining a pregnancy in a paid clinic, paid childbirth under an agreement with an insurance company, if …

  • You are a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  • We used the services in the clinics of the Russian Federation.
  • Spent their personal funds when concluding / renewing a DMO contract that provides for insurance payments.
  • Used expensive medical services during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Your annual income is less than 2 million rubles.

On a note – about the restrictions on the refund of the deduction

The deduction cannot be received if …

  • Funds went to the service conclusion / renewal of a DMO agreement that does not provide for insurance payments
  • Pregnancy management and paid childbirth were carried out outside the Russian Federation

Part of the funds is returned only in cases where if services for paid management of pregnancy and paid childbirth were provided by a licensed institution… Therefore, do not forget in the process of concluding an agreement with the clinic to make sure that there is a license, as well as its expiration date. The ideal option is to immediately ask for a copy of the license from the clinic employee.

How to get income tax refunded for paid services for the management of pregnancy or childbirth – instructions

For your information – part of the amount (for example, for paid childbirth), can be issued to the spouse – if, of course, he worked and paid taxes. To register a part of tax payments for a spouse, you need to take a certificate from a medical institution that provided paid services, where he will be indicated by the payer, and also issue a declaration of income for the period under review for him.

Documents you need:

  • Statement to get a deduction.
  • 2-NDFL (with your own accountant or with accountants, if you worked in different places during the year) and 3-NDFL (annual declaration).
  • Official contract with the clinic, whose specialists carried out paid management of pregnancy or paid management of childbirth (copy) + copy of the clinic’s license. Memo: they are not entitled to request a copy of the license if the certificate for the tax authorities contains the clinic’s license number.
  • Payment document (original only), a certificate of the costs incurred (issued by the clinic that provided paid services for the management of pregnancy and childbirth).
  • Copies of documents of next of kin (if you draw up a deduction for them) – birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc. + notarized power of attorney from a relative.

pay attention to the code in the help from the clinic… During normal childbirth, they put code 01, with complicated (in particular, cesarean section) – 02

Obtaining a tax deduction for paid maternity services provided to you is a few steps that are not particularly difficult.


  • Prepare all documents, including the details of the bank account to which the money is to be received.
  • Certify all copies the necessary documents for the tax authority.
  • Fill in a tax return (form 3-NDFL) on the basis of their documents.
  • To write an application tax refund for paid childbirth and paid pregnancy management.
  • To issue documents to receive a deduction for samples.
  • Submit all documents to the tax authority at the place of registration. The first option is to hand over the package of documents in person (the most reliable way) or by a notarized power of attorney (if you are drawing up a deduction for a relative). The second option is to send a package of documents by mail to your tax office (with 2 copies of the attachment inventory, with a list of all documents, a valuable letter).
  • Wait for the result of the check according to your application.
  • Get money.

What else do you need to remember?

  • License. An insurance company (clinic, maternity hospital) that provided paid services for the management of pregnancy and childbirth must be licensed.
  • The amount of the deduction. This is an individual question. It will depend on the amount you spent on paid pregnancy management and paid childbirth in the chosen clinic.
  • Getting a Deduction – When to Apply? The declaration is submitted in the year that follows the year of direct payment for the service (for example, paid in 2014 – we submit in 2015). A deduction not issued in time can be issued later, but only for the previous 3 years (for example, in 2014, you can return for 2013, 2012 and 2011).
  • Getting a deduction – how long will you have to wait? Verification of documents is carried out within 2-4 months. Based on the results of the verification, the applicant is sent a notification of its results within 10 days (refusal or provision of a deduction to your account). Remember that you may be summoned to clarify the questions that have arisen (doubts about the authenticity of documents or copies, missing papers, etc.), so prepare the documents carefully (save your time).
  • If you are not given a certificate at the clinic or maternity hospital that provided paid services for the management of pregnancy and childbirth, contact the head physician, court or health department. You can request this document not only immediately after the provision of the service (for example, upon discharge from the maternity hospital), but also at any time within 3 years after the provision of the service (according to your application).

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