How to Get the Perfect Husband: Life Tips

Life has imperceptibly pushed you to the age when people begin to whisper behind your back that you are still not married. Or maybe you have been at this age for several years, and the prince got lost somewhere on the way to your house.

“When you stop looking, he will find you!” – I personally think that this popular saying is too romantic and frivolous to be true. Perhaps in the past, before the advent of the Internet, this was a reality, but nowadays it is simply stupid to idly wait for your love and happiness at the stove. Therefore, it is time to rise, spread your wings and flutter towards them.

Yeah, it’s easy to say.

But practice shows that for most women on earth the path to a happy marriage is thorny and long. And someone is completely doomed to wander all their lives in anticipation of their beloved man, but in the end to remain alone.

Of course, this is not about you. After all, now fate has brought you to this article, where I, Julia Lanske, love-coach number 1 in the world in 2019 according to the recognition of the international iDate Awards, will show you the right steps and important conditions to find your beloved and only man. Sit down comfortably, keep your ears on top and memorize.

How to get the perfect husband: life advice of Love-coach # 1 Julia Lanske
Julia Lanske – psychologist, author of the article

Why can’t you find your man now?

Of course, it’s not objective to blame only yourself for this. From my experience of working with women, I dare to assume that one or more puzzles are missing in your life, because of which a picture of your personal life does not form.

Perhaps one of the obstacles below is preventing you from finding your man:

  • You are at the level where there are no successful, worthy men. You move in those circles where the representatives of the stronger sex, let’s say, do not fall into the category of those who would become a worthy husband for you. It doesn’t matter what your preferences are in terms of appearance, nationality or profession. The main thing is that the man is stronger and more successful than you. This is a prerequisite for the harmonious distribution of male and female energy in a relationship.
  • You developed as a person, but did not succeed as a woman. This often happens when your priorities were initially shifted to building a career, you have achieved great success in the service field, completely forgetting about your feminine origin. Or men see you as anyone: a friend, a lover, a colleague, a bitch, but they don’t even imagine what a wonderful and loving wife you can be.
  • Men of a high level do not notice you. Often women believe that in order to attract the attention of worthy men, you need to be of almost royal origin, or to have an ideal fashion model appearance. However, the secret of attraction lies not at all there … And we will talk about this in more detail now.


Components of Success on the Path to Successful Marriage

Absolutely any woman can happily get married if she is in conditions favorable for meeting a successful man. These are important steps or steps, none of which can be skipped, otherwise the result may be far from what you dreamed of.

Take away your recipe for the ideal path to your beloved man:

  1. Believe in yourself. Faith gives motivation. And if you want to attract the best man to your destiny, then following him is important and you need to back up with an unbreakable faith in yourself and the result. Sometimes, bumping into various obstacles in the form of stereotypes, false steps, dead ends, unjustified hopes and fears, women lose this faith. And it is logical that after that they often stop halfway or go out of the race. Do not allow anything – especially the imaginary – to block your path to harmony and happiness. Believe in yourself and your result!
  2. Consistent persistent actions “If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run, then go, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, keep moving forward.”– Martin Luther King Jr. once said. As I said, often the path to a man runs through a jungle of doubts, obstacles and difficulties. And more than once circumstances can cause you to have a wild desire to surrender. But imagine. that you are riding a bike and pedaling. You do this systematically and constantly – and until you reach your destination, you will not stop twisting. It’s the same with finding a loved one. If you started the path, do not give up what you started – this is the law of life. One way or another, you will reach your goal.
  3. Competent algorithm and clear tools Nothing happens by itself. When women do not understand the laws and mechanisms for attracting men and building relationships, finding a loved one can hang for years. Or it will lead to wet pillows, wounds on the heart and total distrust of men. Rely on an expert faster and more efficiently. And there is no need to be ashamed of this or question it: just as a teacher helps in studies, a doctor in treatment, a coach in sports, and a matchmaker’s help is always useful in matters of the heart. In the age of dating apps, matchmakers may seem like a relic of the past. However, in spite of everything, matchmaking as a profession is still alive and well in the developed countries of the world. Successful matchmakers have a high level of emotional intelligence and intuition, which guides them in their work. Of course, you can use special apps and filters on dating sites. However, none of them will bring the human factor into the search, which only living experts in the field of relations can do.
  4. Careful choice of a man and building a relationship with him. When it comes to getting married, choosing the right partner is the most important aspect, as marriage is a lifelong commitment. You choose the one with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. I repeat, the rest of my life. But how do women usually choose? Either this is a man whom she met and fell in love with, or someone who fell into the category of “tall handsome (and rich) brunette.” But in fact, the important selection criteria are several candidates, as well as coincidence with a man on 4 levels of connection: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual – and only in this sequence.
  5. Energy state This is your personal transformation into a confident, fulfilled, interesting and sensual woman. Develop, take care of yourself, be filled with femininity and wisdom. Open your heart to men, trust and appreciate them. For some, this is akin to the captain’s notes. Obvious, but it is this stage that women often lack to reach the pinnacle of happiness in their personal lives. You need to be able to broadcast the generous feminine energy, sow love, positive and warmth everywhere every day and every hour. And this, like a magnet, will begin to attract men to you. And then it’s a matter of technology!


Where are you, darling?

Let’s say you’ve learned the 5 steps above to a happy marriage well. But before you set off, take 3 important search terms with you on the road. They will be very useful to you when men appear on the horizon and want to get acquainted.

Above all, try to surround yourself with men. The more men in your social circle, the higher the chance to meet your own sooner – the math is simple! Look closely to everyone and do not immediately weed out those who, by some (especially external) parameters, do not coincide with the image of your Prince, whom you “visualized”. Let them show themselves in different situations, open up like perfume on the skin – gradually. You look, among those whom you have almost written off, you will find really worthy candidates for the hand and heart!

Communicate and hone your communication skills – this is the foundation for building harmonious relationships. Consider your gender position, look for exciting topics for conversation, collect a piggy bank of witty phrases, compliments and interesting questions – such goodness will never disappear, but it will not be a heavy burden either. And, of course, you should not avoid any opportunity to talk with a man – it is better to learn male psychology in practice. Therefore, if a man writes to you on a dating site or on a social network, use it!

By the way, about sites and social networks! The key to attracting decent, serious men to the online environment is a premium portfolio profile. It should be written in an original and exciting way, to convey your lightness and self-confidence, sensuality and versatility of the image. Check it for hackneyed phrases, directive messages, as well as negativity and exactingness “I want, I need”. Spice it up with your achievements, merits and, of course, dozens of successful, versatile photos that exude your femininity and elegance.

wedding 2

Boils, boils !!!

Finally, I’ll ask you one riddle.

Once a prince-prince decided to find a wife for himself. I arrived in the village, where I met three sisters. The girls were very beautiful and it was difficult for the man to make a choice. And then he came up with something. He gave them three identical teapots, each containing a cup of water. Then he ordered to put them all on the fire and said: The girl’s water will boil faster, she will become my wife.

Who do you think is lucky: senior, middle or junior?

I will not torment and will tell you the answer …

The older girl worried the most. It was already time for her to get married, and from that she circled around the kettle, now and then lifting the lid and looking under it: is the water boiling or not. The second sister, too, already wanted to find a husband, and also a prince, was nervous and almost every minute she opened her kettle. And the third girl was in no hurry. So she sat quietly and waited, leaving the kettle on the fire. Her water boiled before anyone else.

husband and wife

What did I mean by this?

Don’t focus on marriage as an end in itself. Enjoy communicating with men, analyze and slowly look for your own. And while he still wanders somewhere on this planet, enjoy the opportunity to become the best version of yourself and properly prepare for the fateful meeting. And to make it happen much faster and easier, go to my pages on the Internet, pick up hundreds of effective recommendations and use it for good luck!

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