How to give a gift to a child for the New Year

New Year is always magic, it is always hope for the best next year, and I want to make this holiday even more magical. How and how to surprise your baby for the new year? – every mother asks this question.

Today we will answer this question. Colorful gift wrapping, exquisite New Year’s interior, originally decorated Christmas tree – this is worth imagining with magazine

How to give gifts to children for the New Year

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Note to parents – how to give a child a New Year’s gift correctly?

  • Think in advance where will the gift be keptso that the baby does not find it ahead of time;
  • If you have hung up socks for gifts – be sure to write or write the names of the recipients of the gifts;
  • Plan all your actions carefullyhow and where to put the gift;
  • If necessary make an agreement with Santa Claus“.

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Children’s gift wrapping – how to make an original New Year’s gift for a child?

New Year’s packaging is always something special. Largely bright red colors with gold and silver embellishments symbolize this holiday, but recently it has become fashionable to choose austere white that goes well with green spruce, harmonization in one style solution is completely your choice.

The role of packaging came to us from the USA, where its importance is placed above the gift itself… The presentation method, the color selection method – special people are working on this to brighten this day.

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How to give gifts to children for the New Year

  • Please note – for several years before the New Year holidays, stores have been opening special small showcases, where the craftswomen “wrap” your gift in various kinds of packaging, bags and packages, decorating with bows, flowers and all kinds of charms.
  • The more you wrap your gift, the more interesting it is for the child. will reveal it. Many different wrappers, bows will enhance the impression of the gift itself.

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How to give a gift to a child for the New Year – original ways

  • The child should know where to look for a gift on New Year’s Eve, because usually after the chimes ring, the kids run as fast as they can under the spruce to check what Grandfather Frost brought.
  • In most cases gifts are put under the New Year tree, but you can also come up with your own specially designated places – by the fireplace or in one of the rooms
  • Some inventors scatter gifts all over the houseso that the baby finds one gift, then another – they stretch the pleasure.
  • You can also draw a diagram of the search for giftsby pre-sealing it in an envelope or putting it under the tree. On the diagram, indicate in detail where to look for gifts – thereby making the search for a New Year’s gift even more exciting.
  • Is there some more long search method – but the main thing here is not to tighten it. The first note should be left, for example, under the tree, where further instructions will be indicated where to look, for example, under the sofa in the room, then leave a second note there, where to look, and so on, a couple of notes will lead the baby to the goal.
  • There is a custom in Europe put children’s shoes on the doorstep or near him, or hang socks by the fireplaceto hide some of the gifts there. Socks are usually hung on the whole family – each one has a sock, on each of which a name is written.

How to give gifts to children for the New Year
New Year, like Christmas, is a family holiday, so on this day you should gather as many people as possible to maintain family relationships and show the child the importance of this event and the family as a whole.

In Russia, every year people begin to understand more that they need each other, therefore teach your child to love his family from childhood, and celebrate the holiday in a large family circle so that there are as many socks hanging by the fireplace as possible.

Santa Claus mail is an excellent accompaniment of a gift for a child for the New Year!

  • Telegram From Santa Claus will also be a great addition to congratulations. Take a real form of a telegram from the post office, fill it out on behalf of Santa Claus in an original but reliable way, for example: ‚ÄúDear Vanyusha, I came in at night and left you a present under the tree. Say hello to Mom and Dad who opened the door for me. Happy New Year.”
  • The telegram can be found “by accident”, after checking your mail in the morning, or you can ask someone from your acquaintances to introduce themselves as a mail employee and bring it.
  • Proof of Santa Claus’s stay can be left in the apartment, for example, by spreading out a piece of beard or leaving a large red mitten that did not belong to any family member. You can also leave congratulations to the rest of the family.
  • Various services for sending postcards to anywhere in the world, such a congratulation can be “blinded” and thus, only it is not known when it will come exactly.

How to give gifts to children for the New Year
Anyway, congratulations from Santa Claus “in person” should greatly impress your little one and raise the power of magic in his eyes.

A secret door is a great way to give your child a New Year’s gift.

If on the 31st your baby did not wait for the chimes to strike, but fell asleep, and I have already decided to look at the gifts in the morning of the 1st, then the secret door is for you!
How to give gifts to children for the New Year
Close the door to one of the rooms, pre-spreading gifts for all family members… Wait until your child wakes up, let him gather the whole family to distribute New Year’s gifts and commanding the parade

Creation of a festive atmosphere for vivid impressions of the holiday and a gift for the child for the New Year

  • Start preparing for the New Year in advance with your baby. Hang the garland over the fireplace or on the wall of one of the rooms.
  • Decorate the tree with your child, believe me – it will be interesting for him to hang the toys on the tree himself.
  • Order a Christmas wreath made from spruce, vine or rattan, decorate it with New Year’s toys and ribbons, or buy it ready-made and hang it on the door.
  • Create an atmosphere of comfort and celebration at home, decorate, fantasize. Actively involve your baby in all kinds of handicrafts.

How to give gifts to children for the New Year

Good To you New Year and Christmas celebrations!

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