How to give a pill or syrup to a newborn baby correctly – instructions

Unfortunately, there are situations when breastfeeding crumbs have to be given medicine. And every mother immediately faces a problem – how to get her child to swallow this medicine? Especially if pills are prescribed. We understand the “tricky” methods “how to feed a baby a pill” and remember the rules …

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How to give a syrup or suspension to a newborn baby – instructions on how to pour the medicine into the child correctly

To give a sick baby a suspension prescribed by a doctor, special skill is not needed. Don’t worry and follow the simple path already beaten by moms:

  • We clarify dosage of medication. In no case do we give the suspension “by eye”.
  • Thoroughly shake the bottle (bottle).

how to give medicine to a baby

  • We measure the right dosage a measuring spoon (5 ml) specially designed for this case, a pipette with graduations or a syringe (after sterilization).
  • If the child stubbornly resists, then swaddling him or asking dad to hold the baby (so as not to spin).
  • We put a bib on the child and prepare a napkin

how to give medicine to a baby

  • We keep the child as in feeding position, but raise the head slightly. When if the baby is already sitting, we put it on our knees and hold the baby so that he does not jerk and knock over the “dishes” with the suspension.

And thenwe give the crumbs the medicine with the most convenient method for you:

  • Measuring spoon. Gently put the spoon on the baby’s lower lip and wait for all the medicine to be gradually poured in and swallowed. You can pour the dose in two steps if you are afraid that the child will choke.

how to give medicine to a baby

  • With a pipette. We collect half of the required dose in a pipette and carefully drip the crumbs into the mouth. We repeat the procedure with the 2nd part of the dose. The method will not work (dangerous) if the teeth of the crumbs have already erupted.
  • With a syringe (without a needle, of course). We collect the required dose into the syringe, put its end on the lower part of the child’s lip closer to the corner of the mouth, carefully pour the suspension into the mouth, with a slow pressure – so that the crumb has time to swallow. The most convenient way, given the ability to adjust the rate of drug infusion. Make sure that the suspension does not flow directly into the throat, but along the inside of the cheek.

how to give medicine to a baby

  • From a dummy. We collect the suspension in a measuring spoon, dip a pacifier into it and let the baby lick it. We continue until all the medicine is drunk from the spoon.
  • With a filled pacifier. Some mothers use this method too. The dummy is filled with suspension and given to the baby (as usual).

how to give medicine to a baby

Several rules for taking the suspension:

  • If the syrup gives off bitterness, and the crumb resists, pour the suspension closer to the root of the tongue. The taste buds are located at the front of the uvula, making the medicine easier to swallow.
  • Do not mix the suspension with milk or water. If the crumb does not finish drinking, then the required dose of the medicine will not enter the body.
  • Does the baby already have teeth? Do not forget to clean them after taking the medicine.

How to give pills to a baby – instructions on how to give a pill or capsule to an infant

There are many medicinal suspensions for babies today, but some drugs still have to be given in pills. How to do it?

how to give medicine to a baby

  • We clarify the compatibility of a medicine with other medicines and food productsthat the baby gets.
  • We strictly follow the doctor’s instructions – calculate the dosage with the utmost discretion, according to the recipe. If you need a quarter, break the tablet into 4 parts and take 1/4. If it does not work exactly, crush the whole tablet and, dividing the powder into 4 parts, take as much as the doctor indicated.
  • The easiest way to crush a tablet is between two metal spoons. (we just open the capsules and dissolve the granules in liquid, in a clean spoon): put the tablet (or the required part of the tablet) in the 1st spoon, put the 2nd spoon in it on top. Press firmly, crush until powder.

how to give medicine to a baby

  • Dilute the powder in liquid (a small amount, about 5 ml) – in water, milk (if possible) or other liquid from a tiny diet.
  • We give the baby medicine in one of the ways described above.… The most optimal one is from a syringe.
  • It makes no sense to give a pill from a bottle. Firstly, the crumb, feeling bitterness, can simply refuse the bottle. Secondly, for the hole in the bottle, the tablet will have to be ground into almost dust. And thirdly, giving from a syringe is much easier and more effective.

how to give medicine to a baby

  • If it is possible to replace the tablets with a suspension or suppositories, replace them. Efficiency is not lower, but the baby (and the mother) suffers less.
  • If the baby refuses to open his mouth, in no case shout or swear – this will discourage the child from taking medications for a very long time. It is strongly not recommended to pinch the baby’s nose to open his mouth – the child may choke! Gently squeeze the baby’s cheeks with your fingers and your mouth will open.
  • Be persistent, but without the harshness and raising of the voice.
  • Try to give medicine while playing, to distract the baby.
  • Do not forget to praise your baby – what he is strong and brave, and well done.
  • Do not sprinkle the crushed tablet into a spoonful of puree. If the baby is bitter, then later he will refuse mashed potatoes.

how to give medicine to a baby

What can not be taken with / seized medicines?

  • Antibiotics should not be taken with milk. (the chemical structure of the tablets is disrupted, and the body simply does not absorb them).
  • It is not recommended to drink any tablets with tea. It contains tannin, which reduces the effectiveness of many medications, and caffeine, which can lead to overstimulation when combined with sedatives.
  • It is also impossible to drink aspirin with milk. The acid, mixing with the lye of the milk, forms a mixture of water and salt already without aspirin. This medication will be useless.
  • Juices contain citrates, which reduce the acidity of gastric juice and partially neutralize the effect antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, sedative, antiulcer and acid reducing drugs. Citrus juice is prohibited with aspirin, cranberry and grapefruit juice – with most drugs.

how to give medicine to a baby

The website warns: all the information provided is given for information only, and is not a medical recommendation. Before using the medicine, be sure to consult your doctor!

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