How to help your child cope with stress: the “3 pictures” technique

Unfortunately, even in the lives of children, a traumatic situation can occur that can affect their entire life.

Severe stress can change the perception of reality, imperceptibly but surely playing its role in the way a child, and then a grown-up person, communicates with other people, with the world and with oneself. Therefore, it is important to help the child get out of this state as soon as possible.

The fact is that the psyche of children is very receptive to new information, and you can change, if not the situation itself, then the attitude towards it.

How drawing can help your child cope with stress

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In psychological work with children, drawings are often used. Of course, without special training and education, it is not worth working on serious topics in this way, but you can help the child cope with the traumatic factor.

For example, invite your child to draw.

First drawing

For the first time, let the child draw a “good” hero and his enemy. Come up with a fairy tale adventure, for this ask him questions:

  • “How will the enemy fight the hero?”
  • “How will the hero defend himself, fight?”
  • “What abilities will help him in the fight?”
  • “Who can the hero turn to for help?”

Involve the protagonist’s friends, good fairies, spider-man, etc. into the process. The final must be with a happyend. At the end of the tale, rejoice with the child in the success of his hero, discuss how he managed to win.

How to help your child cope with stress: psychological technique
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Unobtrusive hints from your side are allowed, but in general, the author should be a child.

Our subconscious mind thinks in images, and this fairy tale does not have to look like a stressful situation, the child can even work through the most painful topics for him.

Second drawing

Next time, better not on the same day, you can draw a fairy tale where the hero is at the mercy of some element. For example, in the rain, snow, frost or hot desert.

Now he also has to get out of an unpleasant situation. Let the child draw what he sees fit:

  • umbrella;
  • cloak;
  • bonfire;
  • well with water.

You are allowed to subtly give him hints and make sure that the ending is happy again.

Third drawing

Invite your child to draw a magical land where there is everything you need to be happy. After he “places” all the objects on the drawing, let him again depict the main character, tell what he is doing in this beautiful country, what miracles are happening here.

How to help your child cope with stress: psychological technique
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With the help of the images in the picture, you can metaphorically create for the child the belief that there are options for a way out of any unpleasant situation, that you can cope with any worries and that a happy life also exists and it is quite real.

How do you help your child cope with stress? Share with us in the comments!

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