How to iron trousers with arrows – step by step instructions

A business person, be it a man or a woman, should have an appropriate business dress code. Trousers with arrows are perfect for this look. In order for them to always have a flawless look, you need to know how to correctly trousers with arrows. COLADY presents step-by-step instructions for housewives.

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What you need to iron your trousers

  • Iron;
  • Table or ironing board;
  • Gauze or cotton cloth;
  • Safety pins

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Video instruction: How to iron trousers with arrows correctly?

How to iron trousers with arrows correctly – step by step instructions

  1. Prepare your work surface To get the right arrows on your trousers, you need a flat surface without bumps and folds. If you will be ironing on the table, then first put on it a dense fabric folded in several layers or a blanket.
  2. Remember: you should always start ironing trousers from the wrong side.… First the pockets and lining, then the legs and the top of the trousers. After the fabric is evened out, they are turned inside out and ironed on the front side. Remember, on the front side, be sure to iron through a slightly damp thin cloth. It is best to take coarse calico or chintz. This will help prevent shiny iron stains on your trousers.
  3. After you have smoothed the pants well, you can grab the arrows To do this, the trousers must be folded so that the seams on the legs coincide. If your trousers have the correct cut, then the grooves will match. To prevent the fabric from shifting during ironing, it can be fixed in several places with pins. Then smooth the arrows through a slightly damp cloth.
  4. There are two effective waysHow to iron the arrows on the trousers so that they last for a long time:
    • From the seamy side along the arrows, swipe wet bar of soapiron them well from the right side through the fabric.
    • Dissolve 1 tablespoon of vinegar in 1 liter of water… In this solution, moisten the cloth through which you will iron the arrows. Then steam the arrows well until the fabric is completely dry. Some people advise adding a little more soap to this solution. However, we would not recommend that you do this, as soap streaks may remain.
  5. It is not recommended to put on trousers or hang them in the closet immediately after ironing., they quickly wrinkle. Let them cool slightly.

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