How to issue a student’s social card for a child – the advantages of the SKU, opportunities and actions with it

How to get a student's social card for a child - the benefits of the SKUNo one can be surprised with innovations. Every day, new products are created to make our life easier and easier. The social sphere of life is no exception. One of the innovations is the student’s social card (note – SKU), which is a multifunctional tool for a schoolchild or student.

What is SKU, why is it needed, and how can I get it?

The content of the article:

  1. What the student’s social card gives – advantages
  2. Documents for registration of a social card
  3. Registration of SKU through State services, activation
  4. Registration of SKU through the MOS.RU website
  5. 3 ways to check your social card balance
  6. Balance replenishment of SKU

What the student’s social card gives – the advantages and benefits of SKU

Initially, the student’s social card appeared in 2014 in the capital of our country, and then in St. Petersburg. Today, many large cities can boast of this offer.

It is important to note that such a card is issued absolutely free, but you will have to replenish it at your own expense. In addition, we will charge for the re-issue of the SKU in case of its loss or damage.

What is SKU, and why was it invented?

First of all, a social card combines several documents at once, which you no longer need to carry with you.

SKU is a kind of “2 in 1” – a child’s business card and payment instrument. The parents are responsible for replenishing the balance of the card, they also control the expenditure of funds.

SKU is used for …

  • Payment for goods.
  • Fare payment.
  • Payment for meals at school.
  • As a pass to identify the child.
  • Storage of funds.
  • Substitutions of compulsory medical insurance.
  • Call charges (approx. – for MGTS payphones).

The main advantages of a social card:

  1. The scholarship can be transferred to this card.
  2. When buying train tickets, you can save a little (there is a discount from 1.09 to 15.06).
  3. Funds can be deposited to the card from different accounts, or the balance can be replenished through the terminal.
  4. Although taking into account the minimum rate, interest is accrued on the remaining funds on the account every month.
  5. After 18 years of age, using a social card, you can apply for a loan (of course, taking into account the fulfillment of all the bank’s requirements for the borrower).
  6. With the card, you can pay for goods and services – from medicines in a pharmacy and goods in a store to utilities.
  7. An active card user can count on discounts and bonuses (note – their size is determined by trade enterprises).
  8. If you have a card, you do not have to carry an OMS policy with you (note – the data is already in the system).
  9. SKU can be used as a pass through a school turnstile. Moreover, parents can track the time of their child’s arrival at school and the time of leaving it (note – the data comes by e-mail, via SMS or via command requests in the application for smartphones).

How to get a student's social card for a child - the benefits of the SKU


  • No commission is charged at ATMs of partner banks.
  • The limit of the maximum amount on the card and the maximum withdrawal amount is negotiated by the bank. When large amounts appear on the SKU account, the bank has the right to close the account and cancel the card.
  • The validity period of the IMS is 5 years.
  • The card is issued in the same place where the application for its receipt was submitted. Of course, you can get a card only if you have an identity card, as well as a tear-off coupon.
  • The card is issued (important!) with a blocked application, which must be unblocked by contacting one of the Bank’s branches.
  • Card activation is carried out 30 days (no more!) From the moment of its delivery to the place of issue.

Where and how to get SKU

Documents for registration of a student’s social card – where to apply?

The card can be obtained by every student of an educational institution or an institution of federal subordination.

  1. Secondary school students.
  2. Students who receive secondary vocational education.

What does the student's social card give

What documents are needed to issue an IMS?

  • Application form.
  • Passport of the Russian Federation (note – for persons over 14 years old).
  • Birth certificate with a note of citizenship (note – for persons under 14 years old) – a copy.
  • Certificate from the school, university, confirming the learning process for these students.
  • Photo 3×4 meeting the requirements.

Where to get a student's social card

What do you need to know about unlocking the SKU?

  1. An application for unblocking is submitted by one of the parents (you do not need to take the child with you) if the potential cardholder is less than 14 years old.
  2. The application is submitted by the child himself or his parent, if the child is between 14 and 18 years old. The presence of the parents is not required if the child applies himself. But the presence of the child is required if the parent submits an application.

Registration of a student’s social card online, through State services – how to activate the SKU?

To issue an IMS through the State Service website, you only need a computer, Internet access, as well as a personal account on the corresponding website. If it is absent, you need to register (the registration scheme is described on the same website).

Registration of SKU through public services

If you have registration on, then the card is issued in several steps:

  1. We go to the section “Education, study”.
  2. Next, we select the appropriate link “registration of a student’s social card”.
  3. We fill out an application form.
  4. We upload all the specified documents to the site.
  5. We are waiting for the card to be received at the place of our study.

State services of SKU

The information is indicated in the questionnaire …

  • About the recipient himself (name, address, date of birth).
  • About the place of study.
  • About a document that confirms your identity.


  1. The documents are uploaded to the site in the required JPEG format, and in no other.
  2. Uploading documents takes place only after filling out the questionnaire.
  3. Parents can issue a card for a child if the child is not yet 14.

The first action of the owner of the SKU after receiving it is the activation, which must be carried out strictly within 30 daysotherwise it will simply be blocked.

The main ways to activate the SKU

Before activating the card, you should top up its balance by at least 50 rubles.

  • In the subway, at ticket sales points.
  • At the kiosks of Mosgostrans.
  • At the Eleksnet terminals. Or at Kvartoplat terminals (for cards issued outside the capital) – every 6 months.
  • Through the website of the State Service.

To activate the card online, you should …

  1. Enter the numbers 964390 on the State Service website in the appropriate section.
  2. Enter the SKU number indicated under the tape and up to the policy number.
  3. Add 77 at the very end.

“9643890” and “77”, which go, respectively, in front and at the end of the main card number – numbers that are constant for all SKUs.

How to check if the card is activated?

Everything is simple here. If you have not received a message or notification in your personal account that the card is activated, then you can insert your card into the ATM of the bank on whose balance the SKU is.

If activation has occurred, then the owner will be able to get into the card menu without problems.

Registration of ICS through the MOS.RU website – step-by-step instructions

To apply for a card through the portal, you need to follow the instructions below:

  • Select the appropriate section.
  • Indicate information about the educational institution, as well as the data of the applicant and the data of his passport.
  • Upload a photo, again, in a format exclusively
  • Wait for the message about the readiness of the card on the same site in the “notification center” section.
  • Obtain an SKU at school or college by presenting your passport.

SKU card on MOS RU

4 Ways to Check a Student’s Social Card Balance

You can check the funds on the SKU card in one of the following ways:

  1. Through SMS notifications. With the help of this service, you can track absolutely all expenses of the card, as well as its replenishment.
  2. At the branch of the bank through which the card was created.
  3. Through a call to the Bank’s hotline (note – the numbers are indicated on the front side of the IMS).
  4. Or in the terminals of the bank cash-in.

How to put money on a student’s social card – all about replenishing the SKU balance

There are no difficulties in replenishing the student’s card either.

This can be done in the following ways:

  • At the ticket office in the subway.
  • In the terminal.
  • At one of the kiosks at stops.
  • Through the portal of the State Service.
  • Using the Qiwi payment system.
  • Through the “Mobile Bank”.

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