How to know if your husband is cheating – the best ways from psychologists

Cheating is one of the most common causes of the destruction of family relationships. More often than not, men turn on the affair on the side. Therefore, it is important for every woman to know whether her husband is cheating on her or not. On what grounds can this be understood?

How to know if a husband has cheated with 100% accuracy

How to Know if a Husband is Cheating - Precise Signs from the Experts
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Before trying to determine if you have a rival, you need to understand if you need this information. What are you going to do if the fact of infidelity is confirmed? Are you ready to forgive her?

Any woman can notice if a man has a mistress if she looks closely at her husband. Often, no matter how the partner tries to hide it, his behavior and attitude towards his wife changes.

The following signs indicate an obvious affair on the side:

  • An unprecedented fascination with the phone and social networks. At the same time, if earlier you could calmly glance at the messages or on the personal page of your husband, now he jealously guards the gadgets. He put new passwords everywhere, does not let go of the phone, gets angry if you try to look into it. Often goes to another room to answer a call or message.
  • Complete change of attitude towards you. If your spouse, who was previously restrained in the manifestation of feelings, suddenly became unusually gentle and caring, or, conversely, cooled towards you, then this may be one of the signs that he has a new love.
  • Decrease in income (“salary was cut”, “bonus was removed”, etc.). A mistress is always an additional cost, which, of course, will certainly affect the family budget. If you have it in common, then you will immediately feel a lack of finance.
  • Refusal of intimate relationships. Even a not very temperamental man needs sex to relieve psychological stress. And if he completely disappeared from your relationship, then he gets it elsewhere. Except, of course, in cases of health problems. But your husband would definitely share them with you.
  • Increased attention to your appearance. If your spouse suddenly decided to lose weight, changed his wardrobe and began to use perfume more often, then this is a clear sign that he has fallen in love with another woman.

Well, the most reliable evidence of adultery is the little things that impatient mistresses often throw (in a car, in a jacket pocket, etc.).

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Signs of how to find out if a husband is cheating

In Ancient Russia, they were very sensitive to various signs, especially to those that helped to find out whether a partner was faithful or not. Many of them have not lost their relevance even now.

How to Know if a Husband is Cheating - Precise Signs from the Experts
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The most reliable of them are:

  • A pimple that jumped off under the nose of a spouse is a sure sign of his betrayal.
  • To receive a rose with double petals as a gift from your husband, to soon betrayal on his part.
  • Itchy left foot portends betrayal.
  • If a woman has any discomfort in the right breast area (itching, tingling, pain, etc.), then she should take a closer look at her partner.
  • If the groom sees the bride in a wedding dress ahead of time, then he will be an unfaithful husband.
  • If during the wedding the groom cannot put the ring on the bride the first time and drops it, then he has a penchant for intrigues on the side.

Of course, one should not accuse a spouse of infidelity based on folk signs alone. Simply, if you suddenly suspect something was wrong, first take a closer look at his behavior.

The best ways to find out if your husband has cheated

There are many ways to find out if your husband is faithful to you. First of all, his behavior changes. But this is not always a sign of treason. It is possible that your partner is actually having problems at work.

To get rid of suspicions, you can use any of the following methods:

  • Make call detailing by phone number. Officially, this will not work if the SIM card of the husband’s phone is issued to him. But there are services that work directly with mobile operators through which it is quite possible to do this.
  • View browser history on your computer.
  • Check the contact list on your phone if you have access to it. You are unlikely to be able to read SMS correspondence, since unfaithful husbands are very careful and carefully monitor so as not to leave any compromising evidence.
  • Create a “left” account and try to start correspondence with your spouse with it.

At the same time, it is important to turn off all emotions, otherwise you can spoil the relationship with your partner in vain.

How to find out if a husband is cheating on a business trip

How to Know if a Husband is Cheating - Precise Signs from the Experts
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If your partner suddenly has a need for business trips that did not exist before, or they have become unreasonably long, then it is likely that he has a new hobby on the side.

In addition, on business trips, he suddenly often finds himself “out of range”, or “forgets” to call you via video link. In this case, it makes sense to check whether he actually has a trip to work.

Expert comments

Elena Tolkacheva, expert psychologist in the field of relations between men and women

How to Know if a Husband is Cheating - Precise Signs from the Experts

Surely almost every woman at least once had the thought, “What if my husband is cheating on me?” Someone has encountered this betrayal before and is afraid of repetition, someone believes in the words of others that “all men cheat, this is their nature,” and involuntarily include total control over their spouse.

Not all men cheat! But it is better not to guess which category your husband belongs to – a faithful and reliable family man or a reveler-casanova, but to check so that he does not even notice. We turn on Sherlock Holmes – and go ahead.

The main thing is, before starting the test, ask yourself the question “Do I want to know, perhaps, the bitter truth?” After all, if the suspicions are confirmed, your relationship will never be the same. Therefore, think over the ways of solving in any final situation in advance.

So, here are 7 signs to recognize:

  1. He comes home, eats delicious borscht, and then sits in the toilet for hours under the guise of indigestion. When he exits, he always puts the phone on silent mode.
  2. He never leaves his mobile unattended or puts it face down. Always naughty.
  3. He literally began to live at work, day and night 24/7. Plus, there were frequent business trips, in which he supposedly gets very tired and goes to bed early.
  4. Irritated for any reason. If earlier he hugged and kissed on the nose, now he can silently leave the house. And if they quarreled, then even at night. He will also say: “You yourself provoked me.”
  5. He cleans the “feathers”, cuts the beard, iron the suit. Clean and tidy, as if going on a first date. And so he began to look every day.
  6. He suddenly began to give gifts and flowers. This is to make amends.
  7. If before the girlfriends were simple ** kami with whom you cannot walk, now he calmly lets go with them even until the morning. And on vacation with children for 2 weeks in the best hotel – you are always welcome.

Natalia Trosheva, certified practicing psychologist

How to Know if a Husband is Cheating - Precise Signs from the Experts

The easiest and most effective way is to ask him directly. Most men confess from the effect of surprise. Especially non-pathological cheaters, for whom cheating is not a common thing, who feel guilt, shame and remorse for what happened.

The cheater can also betray bodily reactions: the eyes widen, the head is pulled into the neck, the body freezes for a moment. He looks away, quickly trying to figure out what his wife knows how to behave correctly. The cheater needs pauses. If the husband answers “No” immediately to the question about treason, then you can calm yourself down, the husband is faithful.

For men prone to cheating, a more subtle approach is needed. Suddenly ask a question in the forehead, without preparation: “What is her name?” Or: “How long have you had this?” Again, carefully monitor his reactions.

What kind of men are at risk for adultery?

  • Men 40-45 years old. At this time, the so-called “midlife crisis” is being experienced. Men at this time are trying to prove to themselves and those around them: “I am still fire!”
  • A man whose wife uses sex as a manipulation.
  • A man who rarely has sex with his wife.
  • A man who, years later, met his old or first love.
  • A man who has a favorable opportunity for treason: an office romance, long business trips, corporate parties.

But before you catch your husband cheating, ask yourself the question: “Why do I need to know this?” In any case, first consider the consequences, then act.

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