How to lengthen your legs visually – tricks with clothes, shoes and color

How to lengthen your legs visually - tricks with clothes, shoes and colorAt least half of the girls have thought at least once about how to visually lengthen their legs. Not all girls are born with feet “from the ears”, but everyone wants to look like a model.

Fortunately, there are many ways to visually lengthen your legs with clothing, accessories, and a few more details.

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1) choose the right jeans and pants

If you prefer trousers and jeans, it is important to learn how to choose the right one.

There are a few rules here:

  1. Wear high-waisted models. Thus, you can visually add legs up to 7 cm in length. It is better to refuse trousers with a low rise altogether.
  2. Wear flared jeans. Such jeans are back in fashion, and this cannot but rejoice, because they visually slim and give the legs a few centimeters.
  3. If you don’t like flared jeans, it’s not scary. Skinny jeans are also capable of visually lengthening the legs. But it is important that they are long enough. Skinny must reach the shoe. Avoid models that do not cover your ankle.
  4. For legs to appear longer, trousers and jeans should be the same tone. When it comes to trousers, it is recommended to give preference to dark colors.
  5. Avoid breeches and short jeans altogether. They emphasize the short length of the legs.

How to visually lengthen your legs with jeans and trousers

2. Try to highlight the waist

To make your legs appear longer, fill your wardrobe with clothes that emphasize the waist. Such clothes include fitted blouses, tight-fitting dresses, jackets and coats with a wide belt, and so on.

How to visually lengthen your legs

Such clothes highlight the center of the figure – the waist, which visually lengthens the legs.

3) choose the right shoes

When it comes to short legs, shoes play a big role. Some copies should be abandoned altogether, while some, on the contrary, look advantageous.

Shoes that shorten the legs:

  • Short boots and ankle boots. First of all, you should avoid short boots. Such shoes visually shorten your legs, respectively, if your legs are already short, it is better to refuse this type of shoes. The only exceptions are those cases when the top of the boots is covered with trousers or a skirt.
  • Botfotrts are also among the shoes not suitable for short legs.
  • From summer shoes, it is worth excluding sandals that are tied around the ankle or, even worse, the lower leg.
  • The rule of vertical accents also works in shoes, so shoes with different ankle straps should be excluded. Such shoes visually crush the leg and make it shorter.

Shoes to add to your wardrobe:

  • Platform shoes. This includes both sandals and sneakers. It is worth choosing those models that will add a couple of centimeters to the length of your legs.
  • Shoes with a low heel-glass. But if such shoes are inconvenient, then there are still options.
  • Low cut shoes. For example, ballet flats, in which the neckline reaches the toes, but does not show them.
  • Choose shoes to match the color of tights or trousers. Such shoes will seem to be an extension of the leg, which will visually add a few centimeters. A great option for the summer is flesh-colored shoes. In no case wear shoes that contrast with trousers, this divides the silhouette into parts.

4 vertical emphasis

This rule should always be remembered, it works well in combination with the rest of the tips. If you are tired of plain trousers, trousers with vertical lines are the best solution. The same goes for skirts, dresses and other wardrobe items.

How to visually lengthen your legs with trousers

The vertical line effect makes the clothes look longer.

Note that horizontal accent works exactly the opposite, so avoid clothing with horizontal lines, seams, or stitching.

How to visually lengthen your legs

5 posture

Many do not pay attention to posture at all, but in vain. Correct posture makes the silhouette slimmer, gives grace and self-confidence. Try to suck in your stomach, lift your head and chest, and straighten your shoulders.

Notice how the models walk the catwalk – this is a good example of how taller girls seem with straight shoulders and a raised chin.

6 tanning

Many show business stars have proved by personal example that tanned legs appear visually longer and slimmer. If you cannot get a natural tan, you can use a bronzer.

Short shorts and skirts look especially good on tanned legs.

How to visually lengthen your legs

7 choose the right skirts

An incorrectly fitted skirt can significantly shorten the legs. Therefore, the study of this issue should be treated with special care.

It is strongly not recommended to wear such skirts:

  • Do not wear skirts below the knee under low platform shoes. These skirts shorten the legs considerably. This can be corrected with low-heeled shoes or high platform shoes.
  • Make sure that the length of the skirt does not stop where the leg is widest. Not only will it make the legs visually shorter, but it will also add a couple of extra pounds.

Tips on how to lengthen your legs with skirts:

  • Wear high-waisted skirts. Midi skirts also work well, but be careful not to have oversized pockets on them.
  • Wear short skirts, but don’t forget about the right shoes.
  • Wear skirts with a thigh-high slit. If you have beautiful but not long enough legs, feel free to focus on your thighs with slits. It is not only beautiful and sexy, but also visually makes the legs longer.

How to visually lengthen your legs

8 learn to work with color correctly

The simplest option is clothing of the same tone. Putting on clothes of similar shades, your image becomes a single whole and visually lengthens your legs. In order not to look too monotonous, complement the image with a bright scarf, beads, a handbag and other accessories.

Everyone has long known that black is slimming. Thus, black trousers, as well as brown, dark blue – and so on – are able to lengthen the legs a little. You can complement such an image with a bright top, the attention of others will be directed to the upper part, and the lower one will seem visually longer.

How to visually lengthen legs with color

To make your legs look longer, add pastel-colored trousers to your wardrobe. A particularly good solution is the beige trousers. The same rule works here as with shoes – the pants seem to become an extension of the legs and make them visually longer.

How to visually lengthen your legs with trousers and color

9. Choose the Right Blouses, T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Jackets

Despite the fact that we are talking about the legs, an incorrectly fitted upper can completely crush the silhouette, thereby making the legs visually shorter.

When choosing a top, always give preference to deep V-necklines, they visually stretch the silhouette.

How to visually lengthen your legs

Never wear long sweaters and jackets. If the top is lower than the buttocks, it makes the legs even shorter. Only wear cropped blouses and tank tops.

10 learn to pair your clothes correctly

You can also visually lengthen your legs with the right clothing combinations.

There are several secrets of a harmonious combination of clothes:

  • If the skirt is short, wear a longer jacket, and if the skirt is long, wear a shorter jacket.
  • With wide skirts, only wear blouses and shirts that emphasize the waist.
  • When wearing dresses up to the knee and below, do not forget to get a wide belt.
  • Either only the bottom or only the top can be free. Otherwise, you will look baggy.

11. Asymmetry in clothes

Asymmetrical things can lengthen your legs a little. The main thing is that the elements of asymmetry are located in accordance with the rule of vertical emphasis.

How to visually lengthen your legs with a skirt

If, on such clothes, the elements of asymmetry are located along a horizontal line, then it will split the silhouette and visually shorten the legs.

12. Jewelry also plays a role

Complementing the image with jewelry, you should give preference to long thin chains and beads. The same rule applies here as with vertical lines and deep cuts. Chains stretch the figure and visually slim.

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