how to look 15 years younger

Many “stars” look much younger than their age, without resorting to plastic surgery and beauty injections. How do they do it? Let’s try to reveal stellar secrets!

1. Meryl Streep: gentle care and protection from the sun

The beautiful Meryl Streep is well over 60, but she looks much younger. At the same time, the actress denies that she uses anti-aging procedures. Meryl believes that first of all, gentle skin care helps her look younger than her age: she chooses for herself only high-quality products from famous brands. Also, the actress never sunbathes and always protects her skin from the sun.

Meryl Streep

Perhaps Meryl Streep’s biggest secret that keeps her looking stunning is her relationship to the aging process. The actress claims that she loves all her wrinkles and is not afraid to change with age.

2. Sharon Stone: naturalness and self-acceptance

The Basic Instinct star has a negative attitude towards plastic surgery and assures that she will never resort to surgery to look younger than her age. Looking at the photo of the star, it is safe to say that she does not need anti-aging procedures: at 60, she looks at most 50 years old.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone believes that self-discipline helps her stay young. She always goes to bed on time, after thoroughly cleaning her face from makeup. Another secret is proper nutrition. According to the actress, the beauty of the skin must be maintained from the inside.

When it comes to makeup, Sharon Stone is a minimalist. She applies foundation only on the forehead and nose, and gives the skin freshness with a small amount of peach blush.

3. Demi Moore: leeches and skin hydration

It seems that the actress is timeless: you won’t give her more than 30, although Demi celebrated her fiftieth anniversary long ago. According to viewers, Demi Moore still resorted to the services of plastic surgeons, although she herself denies this, claiming that hirudotherapy helps her stay young. The actress believes that leeches are the best way to renew the blood and cleanse it of toxins, thereby slowing down the aging process.

Demi Moore

However, this is not Demi Moore’s only secret. She carefully cares for the skin, and chooses for herself only products with a simple composition that do not contain fragrances and preservatives. The actress believes that the main secret of youth is moisturizing the skin: she advises all women not to neglect the use of moisturizers and start applying them in the morning and evening from an early age.

4. Halle Berry: Avoiding Sugar and Sports

At the age of 19, Halle Berry learned that she suffered from diabetes. Therefore, the actress had to give up sugar, replacing it with sweeteners. She tries to eat in small portions 5 times a day: the actress believes that thanks to this, at the age of 50, she has the figure of a young girl.

Holly also regularly goes in for sports, with a focus on strength training and cardio training. And the actress’s favorite care product is rose water: she wipes her face with it every time before applying makeup.

5. Laima Vaikule: fasting and self-respect

It is hard to believe that the beautiful Lyme celebrated her sixtieth birthday long ago. She looks at least 10 years younger. The singer believes that regular fasting days help her maintain her appearance in a decent condition. Thanks to this, the body gets rid of toxins and renews itself, becoming younger. Laima Vaikule also encourages you to treat yourself with love and save your resources: to relax more often, spend time with loved ones and learn to please yourself.

Laima Vaikule

Try to take advantage of the advice of stars who manage to look much younger than their age, without resorting to expensive services of beauty salons and plastic surgeons!

Proper nutrition, using anti-aging supplements like Dermal Repair Complex, careful self-care, and self-acceptance will help you stay young, beautiful and energized for a long time.

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