How to make beach waves in your hair – 5 ways at home

Beach waves on your hairSummer is approaching. It’s time to remember how to do the styling, which has been relevant for several warm seasons – beach waves. Light, flowing strands add femininity and playfulness to any look. And one of the significant advantages of such styling is the simplicity and speed of its execution. 5 Effective and Easy-to-Use Ways to Make Beach Waves in Your Hair at Home!

In most ways, as an additional tool, salt spraywhich allows you to make your hair more textured.

1. Braids for a beach wave on long hair

It’s no secret that pronounced beach waves can be obtained using well-known braids.
But here, too, there are many different ways.

Beach Wave Braids

  1. The simplest one is braid your hair on wet hair overnight… The amount, shape and thickness of the braids themselves depends on the volume of the desired waves. To create beach curls, it is best to make the braids as thick as possible, that is, one or two. It is important to wait until the hair is completely dry and only then dissolve the hair.
  2. Next you need spray dry hair with salt spray for better texture, then lightly “beat” them with your fingers at the roots.

However, many girls find it difficult to decide on their future styling the night before. Therefore, braiding pigtails at night is not suitable for everyone. In this case, you can cheat and do the same on dry, clean hair. And then just iron the entire length of the braids… After that, also do not forget to sprinkle the curls with a salt spray and beat at the roots.

Curls with an iron

2. Harnesses for beach waves on obedient hair

If you are the owner of light and manageable hair, then the easiest way is for you to use the following method. To do this, you will need a hairdryer and styling foam.

Iron flagella

  • After shampooing, along the entire length of the hair distribute a small amount of funds and let it soak.
  • Then, starting from the back of the head, dry the strands, first twisting each of them into a tight and elastic tourniquet… Try not to take large strands right away, otherwise nothing will come of it.
  • After drying, lightly spray your hair with hairspray.

For owners of heavy hair this method is categorically inappropriate.

3. An iron to create a beach wave on your hair

An iron will come to the aid of girls with thick and dense hair. Of course, its thermal effect is undesirable in the warm season, when the hair is already fading in the sun. But if you really want to, then you can. There are several ways to use it to create beach waves.


It is more familiar to girls who often wind their curls with an iron. Styling is performed on clean and dry hair.

  1. Set the appliance to the minimum temperature.
  2. Pinch a strand of hair between the two hot ends of the iron.
  3. Fold the device 180 degrees and quickly pull it down the length of the entire strand… Spread it out with your fingers.
  4. Repeat for all the strands on your head, spray your hair with a saline spray.

“Ring” and iron

This method is quite unusual, but I find it very simple.

Rings and iron

  • Take a strand and twist it into a ring on two fingers.
  • Pull your fingers out of the hair ring.
  • Pinch the ring between the hot ends of the forceps and hold for 10 seconds. Straighten the strand.
  • Repeat for all the strands on the head, spray the hair with a saline spray, beat with your hands at the roots.

4. Headband

More recently, the trend has been the “Greek” hairstyle. A dense elastic band was worn around the head, and hair was twisted into it. If you apply this style to wet hair and leave it overnight, you will get amazing beach waves in the morning.


  1. Place the tape around your head.
  2. Starting from the back of the head, wind strands on it so that they are close to the head.
  3. Roll up all the strands, secure with several hairpins if necessary and wait until it dries completely.
  4. Remove the bandage while trying to loosen all of your hair at the same time.
  5. Spray your hair with styling product.

5. Drying with a diffuser

The diffuser is a special attachment for the hair dryer that allows you to create waves even on straight hair. The hair is in contact with special columns, as if twisted around them. The hot air blown by the hairdryer is smoothly distributed, and as it dries, the hair acquires a wavy texture.

Before using the diffuser, it is better to foam the strands… The beauty of such a nozzle before a curling iron or iron is that the waves are more natural.

  1. Pull wet hair down. Bring a hairdryer with a diffuser from below and let your hair “wrap” around the posts… Press the diffuser to your head, lifting the strands up.
  2. Dry on medium speed and temperature.
  3. Apply the diffuser to different parts of the head for an even effect.
  4. Apply a saline spray to your hair.

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